Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Missing: The Intellectual Left.

The "deep" thought-process of the typical American Leftist.

Where are the intellectuals of the liberal left? It is hard to find a COHERENT article from a liberal point of view in the United States and I'm not sure that is healthy; Shallow rantings on the leftist and soon-to-be defunct Radio Air America, ACLU lawsuits on behalf of terrorists and child molesters, silly street demonstrations by smelly anti-globalization thugs and burned-out Hippies hiding out as tenured University "Professors". That is the face of the American left today.

On the other hand, Conservative thinkers mostly dominate the op-ed pages (in quality and clarity); talk radio, cable news and the internet have become the conservative home court, with the centrally-controlled and liberal "main-stream-media" drifting towards irrelevance. The Conservatives came to power as rebels, political insurgents, and anti-establishmentarians. The challenge is to maintain the energy of the movement as it matures into the recognized establishment. As is clearly illustrated by the void on the left, a vigorous and dynamic intellectual foundation is the vital component of any political movement. Below is a shining example of Conservative thought from today’s Townhall.com from one of our leading thinkers, Dennis Prager. I strongly recommend this article as today’s example of clarity and truth from a Neo-conservative perspective:

Hamas landslide reveals more about left than about Palestinians
Jan 31, 2006
by Dennis Prager

It is a sad day for humanity when a people choose to elect terrorists as their leaders.

But for those of us who believe that clarity is the prerequisite to moral progress, the landslide victory of the terrorist organization Hamas in Palestine has a silver lining.

First and foremost, it proves what people who perceive reality have been saying for decades: The great majority of Palestinians -- like the majority of Arabs elsewhere and like vast numbers of non-Arab Muslims -- want Israel destroyed. Even granting legitimacy to the argument that the complete moral, financial and political corruption of Fatah was partly responsible for the Hamas victory, those who voted for Hamas did not find that organization's terror, religious celebration of murder or charter calling for Israel's destruction an impediment to their vote.

It is true that in 1933, some Germans who voted for the Nazis did so out of anger at the Versailles Treaty and because of the economic chaos that engulfed their country. Indeed, it is widely agreed among historians that Hitler played down anti-Semitism in the Nazis' electoral campaigning. But every German voter was aware of the ferocity of the Nazis' Jew-hatred. And, whatever the case in 1933 Germany, in 2006 Palestine, Hamas has never played down its anti-Semitism or its support for continuing terrorism.

So the Palestinian vote reveals the falsity of the worldwide Left's view of the Palestinians as committed to peace. It likewise reveals the falsity of the Left's belief that Palestinian terror is supported by a small minority of the Palestinian population.

That is one reason why the Bush doctrine -- we need to spread democracy everywhere possible, including, or even especially, in the Arab world -- is so valid. You cannot deal with any problem in life -- from the most personal to the most macro -- by engaging in wishful thinking and denying reality.

Thanks to this election, the mask has been removed. When given the opportunity to express themselves, most Arabs and many Muslims elsewhere support terror and seek the annihilation of Israel. That is why the Hamas victory is such a defeat for the world's Left -- university professors, news media, socialist parties, the European Union, the United Nations, "peace" activists, editorial writers, and all other apologists for the Palestinians.

A personal anecdote will help illustrate this. Two years ago, thanks to the Hoover Institution at Stanford, I spent a week lecturing at the university. Coincidentally, Israel's Independence Day fell during that same week, and pro-Israel students asked me to speak at their rally honoring Israel.

In my remarks, I mentioned that the primary reason for the Arab-Israeli conflict was that the majority of Palestinians wanted Israel destroyed.

A woman who introduced herself as "a peace activist" walked over to me afterward and said I was wrong, that, in fact, the majority of Palestinians wanted peace with Israel. I asked her to go over to the Arab students who were attending a counter protest against Israel and ask them if they accepted the right of a Jewish state of Israel to exist. I bet her $5 they would say "no." She took the bet.

Fifteen minutes later, she came back to me.

"Well, who won the bet?" I asked.

"I don't know," she responded.

"What do you mean you 'don't know'? What did they say?"

"They all asked me, 'What do you mean?'"

Though not one Arab student answered "yes," she still didn't get it.

This peace activist, like other "peace activists" and just about everyone on the Left, lives in a state of wishful thinking. As director Steven Spielberg, commenting on the Arab-Israeli dispute, recently told Time magazine, "The only thing that's going to solve this is rational minds, a lot of sitting down and talking until you're blue in the gills."

On just about every issue, the Left lives in a childlike fantasy realm. Their views are expressions of what they wish for, not what actually is.

Here is a small sample:

-- Support for terror represents a tiny sliver of the Muslim world.

-- All cultures are essentially morally equivalent.

-- The United Nations is a wonderful institution and the best hope of mankind.

-- Men and women are basically the same.

-- It makes no difference whether children are raised by a loving man and woman or by two loving parents of the same sex.

-- Violent criminals in our society are pushed into crime by socioeconomic circumstances, not because of their own flawed characters and values.

-- War is not the answer.

The list of leftist positions based on a rejection of reality is as long as a list of leftist positions.

That's why it is often said that "a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged." But that, too, is wishful thinking. After some initial cognitive dissonance, the Hamas victory will have little or no impact on most leftists.

The day after the Hamas landslide, the Los Angeles Times editorialized, "Most Palestinians, like most Israelis, want peace." Sure they do. Just not with Israel.

Iran Said to Have Nuclear Warhead Plans

Monday, January 30, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: The Big Powers Finally Agree to Send Iran to Security Council

Blogs are not really the place for "Breaking News", but this is a big one. In a crucial high-level pow-wow of the big powers (USA, China, Russia, EU...) in London, an agreement was reached to refer Iran to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions. The meeting took place in the private home of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. It was attended by Condi Rice and the other Foreign Ministers. The meeting lasted well into the morning hours. In a compromise the Powers agreed to schedule the UN referral for March in order to give Iran a few months to climb down from its current position. The Neocon is supportive of this move, which sends a strong and collective message to Iran, and is hopeful that Iran will respond in a responsible manor. Realistically however, This in only the first step, and much more will likely be necessary with all options remaining on the table. This may also temporarily silence the “do-nothing-about Iran” crowd who view the whole Iran crisis, not as a threat, but as a Neocon “war-mongering” invention.

Rasmussen Reports Bush Approval Rating at 50%

The Rasmussen Poll, a respected and well known polling organization that produced the most accurate polling of the 2004 election, with the final projections hitting spot on at: Bush 50.2% - Kerry 48.5%, the only poll in the country to call the election in advance with exact precision. It is interesting that this latest Presidential approval poll announced today, putting the President at his higest approval rating in months has failed to receive any main-stream media attention.

General Georges Sada: Is He For Real?

The Neocon Express is usually suspicious of former Arab official’s who come to America and claim to be in possession of explosive information about the regime they once served, especially if that person is also now peddling a book. Of course it is always possible that other motives are in play as well, such as immigration or visa issues, or seeking protection or funds in exchange for “information.”
But what makes General Sada’s claims particularly interesting to the Neocon is how simple, and yet how detailed they are. Sada is Saddam’s former Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Air Force; that should be fairly easy to verify. He claims to have first hand knowledge that WMD’s were transferred to Syria shortly before the Iraq war on modified civilian aircraft and a truck convoy. He gives details, dates, circumstances, and claims to have corroborating witnesses in the form of pilots who are alive and can confirm the details.
The Neocon doesn’t have experience in the intelligence field, but common sense would dictate that these claims can be fairly quickly and authoritatively judged to be credible or not, by investigators who can follow the trail wherever it may lead. There are two basic questions to immerge from this: 1) Does the American public deserve to be informed whether our government views these new claims to be credible? Or, 2) should the matter be left hanging out there for the public to wonder? The Neocon goes with #1.

Hamas: Israel Must Change Flag
Rice Urges Nations to Cut Off Hamas Aid
Hamas faces EU threat to cut Palestinian aid
EU:Iran to Halt Nuclear Program, seeks UN Action
A New Face in Iran Resurrects an Old Defiance
Merkel says Iran threatens entire democratic world
US pressures India to vote against Iran at IAEA
Iran's secret team to infiltrate IAEA
Will Israel Blast the Iranian Bomb?
Hamas offers "truce" for withdraw to 67 line & Releases Prisoners
CIA Expands Use of Drones in Terror War
Islamic Group Sues Over "Insult"
Muslims Riot Over Danish Cartoon
Bush's Choice on Iran

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Confronting the Dangerous Religion of the Holy Church of "Liberalisim"

High Priestess Cindy Sheehan and Father Hugo Chavez at the Church of Holy "Liberalisim."

There is an old Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times.” Indeed, for those of us who follow world events closely, these are times that tests men’s soul and in many ways are reminiscent of the 1930’s, when the road to disaster was set in motion, as most people in the West slept.
Islamo-fascism on the march financed by petrol-dollars; an utter dependency on fossil fuels as our primary energy-source; international terrorism combined with suicidal martyrdom and weapons of mass destruction; the reemergence of demagogic South American communist dictators who are quick to align themselves with anything that smells of anti-Americanism. All of these and other threats are in relative infancy and have yet to metastasize to their potential destructive force, yet very few in the know will deny that, left unchecked, these challenges represent a confluence of circumstances that can lead to a disaster for the entire world.
Unfortunately, our defense instincts in the West have been gradually eroded since the 1960’s, weighted down by the emergence of a destructive new religion known as "Modern Liberalism” that is built on the holy commandments of “tolerance of the intolerable”, “multiculturalism,” “relativism,” and moral equivalency.” It is too early to safely say that the United States and the West will rise to the occasion to win the day. The Neocon is dedicated, along with many others who may or may not share all of our views, to raise the alarm as the storm-clouds gather.
Joe Gelman

"Oh Al, Let's Get A Room."

"Oh Hugo, your the man!"

Palestine Is Not Like Canada
Iran Sends Blair Invitation to Holocaust Conference
US Public Support Military Action Against Iran
'Majority of Americans for military strike against Iran'
Mahmoud "the-Holocaust-is-a-myth" Ahmadinejad does not deny his intentions.
Chavez taunts Bush
Chavez: 'Down with the U.S. empire'
BOLIVIA: Chavez and Morales sign agreements
Hamas Not to Curb Militant Groups-Leader
EU shows signs of panic on aid to Palestinians

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Iran Nukes? Islamic Radicalisim? North Korea? Nope; Clinton Calls "Climate Change" Worlds Greatest Threat!

With radical Iranian Mullah’s on the verge of achieving nuclear armaments; with Islamo-fascists mixing suicidal martyrdom, WMD’s and ruthless international terrorism; with a North Korean nutcase armed with Nuclear weapons; With the reemergence of South American Communisim, and with Western resolve and strength weighted down by self-hating liberals; the world seems rapidly headed in a very dangerous direction.

But Bill Clinton has a different take. To him, as announced loudly from that five-star resort in Davos Switzerland, where Yuppies like to go to harmonically converge, the greatest threat to the world at this time is….climate change. Yep, you heard that correctly folks, CLIMATE CHANGE is the real enemy. Of course, how does one argue with that? Maybe the climate is changing, maybe it’s not; and if it is, maybe it’s partially human caused, or completely a natural process, there is no real scientific consensus on any of that one way or the other. But climate change at this critical moment in history is the greatest threat to civilization as we know it?

How in the world will the West find the resolve to confront the rise of real evil emerging in front of our noses, at this very moment, when folks like Clinton obsess over a theoretical thereat which conveniently does not require any life threatening action or real bravery? Now there’s an enemy liberals can love. Unfortunately, the rest of us are burdened with facing the real threats, in the real world, in the here and now.

Hamas and Fatah Clash in The Streets
Iran vows missile retaliation to any attack
Iran warns US, Britain of reprisals
Clock Ticks in Iran Nuclear Standoff
Bush says Free World cannot allow nuclear-armed Iran
US Senate passes resolution condemning Iran
Iran warns “crazy West” against Security Council referral
Gunmen storm Palestinian parliament
'Hamas ready to form Palestinian army'
Analysis: Wave of democracy pits Israel against 'Arab street'

Friday, January 27, 2006

With Hamas Victory; Iran Opens New Front

With the Hamas victory in the Palestinian Authority Elections, an Iranian-style Islamic theocracy comes to power in the West Bank and Gaza. Indeed, for years Iran has funded Hamas and now it expects to reap the rewards of that investment. As in Lebanon, where Iran helped create and fund Hezbollah as a vehicle to confront Israel indirectly, (since it shares no boarder with Israel), Hamas offers an even greater strategic asset for Iran than does Hezbollah to the north.

The fact is that an Iranian backed Hamas regime will now control land and assets within yards of the heart of Israel, something that Hezbollah cannot. Territory overlooking Israel’s main airport, territory within a short drive to the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem, and West Bank territory that is only 12 Kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea through the very center of Israel.

At the moment, Hamas does not have the military assets to fully take advantage of this new reality, but that may only be a matter of time.

The West and Israel are currently exploring the possibility of taming Hamas with the same corrupt carrots that were extended to Arafat’s Fatah in the 1990’s. There will be intense efforts behind the scenes to lure Hamas away for the Iranian grip, and it is not at all clear how successful those efforts will be. With Iran rapidly moving towards nuclear armaments and achieving substantial strategic objectives in the Palestinian-Israeli Theater, the countdown to total confrontation has moved forward substantially. We are currently placing all our hopes in an Iranian-Russian agreement on uranium enrichment outside of Iran, and co-opting Hamas with financial and other carrots. The Neocon at this point tends to believe that these are all band-aids on a growing cancer, a rearrangement of deck-chairs on the Titanic, a postponement of the inevitable, and all the other fitting metaphors.
Joe Gelman

Americans Would Back Military Action in Iran Dispute, Poll Says Oil Surges on Iran Jitters
Prepare yourself for the unthinkable: war against Iran may be a necessityTehran Accuses US, UK and Israel in Plane Crashes
Iran's Gaza Front
Iran trumpets Hamas victory in Palestinian elections
Hamas now on collision course with the West
“We Have No Peace Process”

Hamas, the Mussolini Test and Iran

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Bright Side of a Hamas Victory: CLARITY & TRUTH

It’s very difficult to find anything positive in the recent Hamas terror-group victory in the Palestinian elections. After all, we are talking about one of the most ruthless terror organizations in the entire world with close ties to Hezbollah of Lebanon and the fanatic Mullah’s of Iran. It is truly astonishing and telling that over half of the entire Palestinian electorate felt comfortable voting for this overt terrorist organization that demands Israel’s complete destruction.

Now, the Neocon knows that politically correct folks like Dennis Ross, pencil-pushers at the State Department and others, will undoubtedly describe this election as a vote for “change,” or a vote “against corruption,” or a vote for “improved Social Services.” These are all, of course, laughable grasps at wishful thinking.

So what is the bright side of this election? The Neocon Express, always looking for sunshine in dark places, has been searching far and wide for anything positive that may come out of this election, and finally has found something deep down in the bottom of the barrel: CLARITY & TRUTH.

Until now, it was entirely possible for the PC crowd to perpetuate the pretension that they represented mainstream opinion and that their grand designs were not built on a delusional house of cards. Hamas was portrayed as the lunatic fringe and everyone was assured that the vast majority of Palestinians, like Israelis, were simply interested in Peace if their basic grievances were addressed. Both parties were authoritatively declared to be two sides of the same coin.

Of course, the Palestinian side had never truly been tested as to their real sentiments, that is, until yesterday, when Palestinians went to the polls in their first TRULY CONTESTED election; and now we can all see the results. Now for the first time we can see the real picture, exposed in all its naked uglyness. So much for the two-sides-of-the-same-coin theory.

That, the Neocon believes is the glimmer of positive news to emerge from the Palestinian elections: Clarity and truth. Now we all know, if only for a short period of time until the PC crowd scramble to muddle up the picture as quickly as possible, where true sentiments lay on the Palestinian side. All the talk about a vote for “change,” and a vote against “corruption” and all the other non-sense cannot cover up the plain truth: This was primarily a vote for terror.

The Neocon believes that it is far better to deal with reality than with fantasy. Peace will never be achieved if the truth is not laid out bare for all to see, and to deal with it as it is and not as we wish it were. Clarity will let us see, and the truth will set us free.
Joe Gelman

Dennis Ross Already making Excuses For Hamas

The same "expert" who relentlessly promoted Yasser Arafat as the paragon of Peace, the same "expert" who was the primary promoter of the failed Oslo accords in the US, This same man could not wait more than a few hours before popping up on Fox News to excuse the Palestinian vote for the terror group Hamas as a vote not in favor of terrorists, but a vote against PA..."corruption." Implication? the bus-bombing Hamas is more virtuous than the PA. Perhaps Hamas is popular with Palestinians because they kill more Jews and don't recognize Israel's right to exist? Is that a remote possibility Mr. Ross? And that your whole fantasy world of “most Palestinians just want peace” is a naïve joke? Maybe it's not just their incorruptible virtue and social service programs? Huh, what do you think Mr. Ross? It's amazing that this man is still treated as a credible "expert" over at Fox News.

Anyway You Spin It, It's A Hamas Victory

Here's the front page headline that should be on every paper this morning (the 26th): ALMOST HALF OF PALESTINIANS VOTE FOR RADICAL ISLAMIST-BUS BOMBING TERRORISTS WHO HATE AMERICA AND PUBLICLLY WANT ISRAEL DESTROYED! Instead we can all expect "in-depth" analysis of how the Hamas Terror group has "come of age" and will now be forced to conform to a more nuanced approach to Israel by the reality of the burdens of leadership, responsibility, and all the rest of it. Such non-sense. The Palestinian election exposed a simple truth that most sane people already knew; namely, that vast portions of the Palestinian general population are far more interested in destroying Israel than they are in Peace. Naturally, this basic truth will be swept under the rug in favor of explanations like "the Hamas social services network paid off at the polls." The good news is, that at least with Hamas there is clarity and the pretenses of Palestinian peaceful intentions are exposed for what they are.

Hamas Emerges as Significant Force Despite U.S. Efforts
First terror, now politics: IDF faces two-headed Hamas monster
Hamas will be only Palestinian election winner
Bush refuses to deal with Hamas
US and Israel warn Abbas against Hamas power deal
Palestinian Premier Resigns as Hamas Claims Victory (Update2)
Shooting erupts near Palestinian parliament: witness

As a service to readers of the Neocon Express, I am providing this link to the Hamas Charter, so folks can fully grasp what kind of sicko organization received almost half of all Palestinian votes. It will truly speak for itself

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

For Pat Buchanan: It's All About Iran vs. Israel

Representing the old Paleo-conservative view, Pat Buchanan has predictably framed the argument in terms of Iran vs. Israel; rather than Iran vs. the world. Buchanan also avoided taking a clear position on the larger Iran nuclear dilemma. His article reads like that of a referee or moderator who spells out the general dilemma and then ends it all with; “over to you Mr. President.” Buchanan seems instinctivly searching for a fight on Iran with the Neocon movment but still hasn’t found a point of contention to sink his teeth into. The Neocon is hoping, and is reasonably confident that Mr. Buchanan will ultimately have no choice but to concede that an Iran armed with Nuclear weapons is a mortal threat to the United States and the free world in general, independent of Israel, which we all know he has never cared for.

Jacoby: Don't go wobbly on Iran
24-01-2006: Merrill, JPMorgan raise 2006 US oil price forecasts
Recommended! Human Events: Confounding the Mullahs of Iran

Iran Countdown Continues: Tick...tick...tick...tick...

Quote of the Day:
"if Israel were to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Tehran would respond so strongly that it would put the Jewish state into an eternal coma like that of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."
Defense Minister Gen. Mostafa Mohammad Najjar

Lawmakers Support Sanctions Against Iran
U.S. asks China to step up on Iran
Iran defiant as world weighs action
U.S. Envoy Warns China Over Iran Nukes
Dump Iran or nuke deal will die, US warns India
Newsweek: Countdown to a Showdown
Iran blames Britain and US for bombings
AEI: Iran Means What It Says
The Iranian neo-cons love to hate
(and for good reason)

Tom Bevan: Why a Bit of Fear Is In Order

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday the 24th: Minor Victories, Every Little Bit Counts:

Good news to the North in Canada as liberal US-bashing has finally warn thin up there. Good news on the Supreme Court front as Judge Samuel Alito was approved by the Senate Judiciary committee. These are minor victories in a series of major challenges developing on multiple fronts in the near future: * Iraq, * the Palestinian vote tomorrow, * the Israeli vote in March, * The Abramoff scandal, * and of course, the largest and most substantial challenge of all; the developing Iranian Nuclear Threat.

Iran: Crisis Ongoing
Iran "Is Making Lunacy Official Policy"
European Union Can't Afford to Go Soft on Iran:
Iran Defends Planned Holocaust Conference
Iran races to defend nuclear facilities
Israeli, Indian NSAs to talk Iran next week
Eight dead in Iran oil city bombings

The 'Washington Note' is Dangerously Wrong.

Steven Clemons of the Washington Note blog believes that this whole Iran thing is the product of Neocon "hysteria" (read Jewish conspiracy). It was only a few days ago that Iran broke the UN seals on their nuclear facilities prompting those "always-hysterical” and "hawkish" Europeans to cancel all further talks and attempt to expeditiously refer the matter to the UN Security Council. Clemons’ website lost no time, immediately complaining about too much anti-Iran hysteria generated by that “Neocon Machine,” such as this site, and proceeded to pooh-pooh any idea that Iran might be close to developing nuclear weapons.

A simple question: Is Steven Clemons a Nuclear Physicist, plugged into the Iranian nuclear program in a way that the CIA might want to pay him a visit? Because if he’s not, what is the basis for his assertion that Iran is far from a nuclear weapon other than his suspicion of Neocon motives? His big source it turns out is a super-duper-secret, exclusive, multiple-sushi-dinner-expensive newsletter from one of those many Washington “consulting” firms. Wow! OK, we can all relax now; Did you hear that Mr. President?

Mr. Clemons bristles about how we got our intelligence wrong in Iraq, and then waives intelligence sources (un-named of course) as presuming that we are five to ten years away from an Iranian bomb. Hopefully he's right. The bigger question is what if he and his supper-duper newsletter buddy are wrong?

Is it really unreasonable to air on the side of caution on such a monumental life or death issue? Is it unreasonable to raise alarms and call for preparedness and planing for possible pre-emptive action when it comes a nuclear bomb in the hands of nutcase-Mullahs with a love of suicidal martyrdom? Or perhaps we should all just take Mr. Clemons and his super-duper newsletter buddy's word for it? I’ll let you the reader make up your own mind without building up all kinds of hidden "intelligence sources" and "Secret newsletter buddies" to reinforce my argument.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Balloon Floated: Israel should Give Up Nukes in Exchange for Iran Dropping Nuke Program. Translation: 'Israel Should Take One For The Team'

"The only way that the United States and Europe will act against Iran is if they know, if they are absolutely convinced, that Israel itself will act -- even if it means a full-scale war in the Middle East,"
Arieh Eldad,
Member of Knesset
Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

As the nuclear temperature is raised, the largest conference on Middle East issues is currently being held in Hertzelia, Israel. One of the proposals being floated at this influential gathering by a highly respected British Defense expert, is that Israel might consider surrendering it’s nuclear deterrence in exchange for a halt to the Iranian nuclear program; thus defusing for the world an untenable nuclear crisis with extreme economic and security implications for all. Naturally, this proposal was received in Israel like a led balloon. Indeed it is said that a hush fell over the entire conference. The pressure for Israel to “take one for the team,” will undoubtedly increase as the countdown for decision time on Iran draws ever closer. Naturally, the Neocon is highly suspicious of this proposal, doubts that it will work even if adopted, and suspects it to be a ballon floated by certain European players inclined towards appeasement of Iran.
Can Iran nukes be stopped?
A Must Read Iranian View: What is the response of Iran to the U.S. or Israelis threat?
UBS says cutting ties with all Iran customers
IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei to US & EU: No Report on Iran.
Detroit News: When all else fails, stop Iran by force
Can Iran nukes be stopped?
Rice says time for talking with Iran is over
Bolton: Bush won't tolerate nuclear Iran
Iran Showdown-Time to act is now

A quote to Remember:
"an act of inexcusable and short-sighted aggression . . . Israel risks becoming its own worst enemy."
The New York Times lead Editorial
In response to Israel's bombing of the Iraqi nuclear Osirak reactor in 1981:
Wow! How will the NYT ever live that one down?

Eye opening quote of the Day:
"Ahmadinejad reportedly believes in the imminent return of the righteous descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, the 12th Imam, whose appearance on Earth will be presaged by war and chaos. A previous Iranian leader mused that only one nuclear bomb would be sufficient to completely obliterate Israel and the largest Jewish population on Earth. A return salvo by Israel could destroy only a fraction of the world's Muslims. Would this madness be within the realm of the conceivable to Ahmadinejad? consider what he said to his own countrymen when a plane crashed into a Tehran building killing 108. "What is important is that they have showed the way to martyrdom which we must follow."
Mona Charen

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Iran Nuclear Test: March 20?

Iran: Origins of the nuclear dispute

UPI: Tehran plans nuclear weapon test by March!
Debka: Tehran plans a nuclear weapons test before March 20, moves Shahab-3 missiles within striking range of Israel
Disclimer on Above Links: Neocon is Skeptical.

The Gloves are off: A BUSY DAY FOR WORLD WAR III
Iran threatens to carry out enrichment on industrial scale!
US Senators Discuss Options on Iran's Nuclear Threat
Iran says IAEA emergency session politicized
Iran mocks west over ‘N-weapon design’ request
Iran Sanctions Could Drive Oil Past $100
‘Israel should act against Iran if pushed to the wall’
Lawmakers Push for More Action on Iranian Nuclear Standoff
Iran warns against UN referral
Unstable Iran leader sees "final war" between Islam and West

When the Israeli Military Chief of Staff, Daniel Halutz, was asked how far Israel was ready to go to stop Iran’s nuclear energy program, he said "Two thousand kilometers" – the distance of an air assault (Financial Times (FT) Dec 12, 2005).

If Iran Is Such A Threat (As The Neocon Agrees): The Persident Should Prepare The Nation.

Target #1

The President has been unwavering in his opposition to Iran’s Nuclear Weapons program. He as described it as a threat to the world and is on record as saying that the West will not tolerate an Iran armed with Nuclear weapons. All of this is appropriate and correct. Unfortunately, the President has yet to prepare the American people for what could amount to the inevitable necessity of striking Iranian nuclear facilities. The Neocon understands the reluctance of the President to speak too loudly on this sensitive issue, because of the obvious unhelpful influence such loud rhetoric may have on the short-term price of oil. However, we are reaching the point of decision. What is the greater danger to future generations? Higher oil prices or a nuclear armed Iran? It is the Neocon’s position that a nuclear armed Iran represents the higher danger in the long run. Therefore we encourage the President of the United States to prepare the larger American public for the dangers that lay ahead, and for the approaching necessity of action.

Weekly Standard: How To Stop the Imam Bomb
Mark Styn: Standing small against Iran won't work
Dallas Morning News: Iran's Apocalyptic Vision
CBS: Iran Warns Israel About Attack
Iraq's Sadr says his militia will support Iran
Iran calls Israeli threats a game
A military option for Iran? Yes
Iran extends nuclear plant in secret
Iran: Israeli strike would be ‘fatal mistake’
Iran heats up
Boston Herald: Confronting Iran’s nukes

Saturday, January 21, 2006


UPI: Tehran plans nuclear weapon test by March!
Debka: Tehran plans a nuclear weapons test before March 20, moves Shahab-3 missiles within striking range of Israel

The Neocon believes that the public is completely unprepared for the virtual certainty that military action with profound implications will be necessary in the near future (2006 at the latest) to prevent Iran from obtaining the nuclear bomb. It is hard to imagine that we in the West will sit back and watch the radical Islamic Republic of Iran obtain an arsenal of nuclear weapons which will put it in a position to dominate the immediate oil-rich region and blackmail the entire world. Not to mention the ability to clandestinely hand over nuclear weapons to shadowy, loosely-affiliated proxy terror groups who can then dictate political realities through declared or undeclared threats against entire Western population-centers such as New York, Washington or London. Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran, and its notoriously unstable leader will represent a nightmare greater than the threat Soviet Communism represented in the Cold War era. Radical Islam, with its passion for suicidal martyrdom will be far less containable though the doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), and will present the kind of ongoing dangerous challenge the likes of which this world has never experienced. The Neocon believes that it is highly unlikely that Western leaders will have any other choice but to eventually execute a massive air bombing campaign against multiple Iranian nuclear targets, possibly employing nuclear bunker-buster bombs in order to penetrate deep underground facilities. In any event the only way to slow Iran in its relentless march toward the Bomb is to, at the very least, impose immediate sanctions and employ the threat of military action with the readiness to execute on these threats at the appropriate moment. The consequences of military action against Iran are unknown, but possibly very serious. Iran will likely halt oil exports, causing skyrocketing energy prices and global economic stress for a period of time. There may be an attempt to shut town the Straits of Hormuz which is the world’s most vital waterway for oil transport. Such a move could be effectively countered by the US Navy. Reprisal actions are also likely in the form of international terrorism. Certainly, rocket attacks against Israel from Hezbollah of Lebanon and possibly even from Iran itself are almost a given. But all of these potential consequences and other unforeseen fallouts surly will be dwarfed the negative consequences of Iran acquiring a nuclear arsenal which will radically alter world affairs, for the worse, for generations to come. Barring a sudden and complete Iranian move to halt its march towards nuclear armament, an unlikely scenario, military action on this front seems inevitable to the Neocon.
Joe Gelman
Iran presents a pressing new challenge for the U.S.

ESCALATION! Israel Warns: Iran Faces Destruction!


Israel's Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz proclaimed today that Iran's new President will bring "DISASTER" on the Iranian People. Mofaz, who was actually born in Iran and speaks fluent Farsi is well known to the Neocon and his statments should be taken with the utmost of seriousness by Iran and the world. Although he came short of Chirac's threat of a Nuclear Response yesterday, he certainly implied it.
Iran denounces Chirac's warning of nuclear response
Mofaz: We won't accept Iran's Nuclear threat
Iran views Syria Axis as neutralizing West
Iran Appoints Known Extreemist as Cheif of Air Force


What? What!, It's a cultural thing, OK?

Iranian President Ahmadinejad and His unidentified "friend."

Victor Davis Hanson has a differenct take from the Neocon on the Iranian President. While the Neocon believes that Ahmadinejad is flat-out crazy, Victor Davis Hanson says he's crazy like a fox. That there is a method to his madness that should not be dismissed. Upon reading his column today in the Chicago Tribune, The Neocon bows to Davis Hanson's superior analysis

Iran's leader asks Europe to take back Jews from Israel
Ahmadinejad meets with Islamic Jihad and Hamas
Ahmadinejad: Islam is at the Dawn of a new era
Iran Pulling foreign reserves from Europe
Iran calls for OPIC oil output cut
Oil Closes In on $70
Dow Jones Tanks 213.32 Points
Syria: Israel assasinated Arafat
Italy: World Must Confront Iran
Questions that Islamic Society should answer

Quote of the Day:
"He (Ahmadinejad) has studied the recent Western postmodern mind, nursed on its holy trinity of multiculturalism, moral equivalence and relativism. As a third-world populist, Ahmadinejad expects that his own fascism will escape scrutiny if he just recites enough the past sins of the West. He also understands victimology. So he also knows that to destroy the Israelis, he--not they--must become the victim, and the Europeans the ones who forced his hand. Ahmadinejad also grasps that there are millions of highly educated but cynical Westerners who see nothing much exceptional about their own culture. So if democratic America has nuclear weapons, why not theocratic Iran? Moreover, he knows how Western relativism works. So who is to say what are "facts" or what is "true"--given the tendency of the powerful to "construct" their own narratives and call the result "history." Was not the Holocaust exaggerated, or perhaps even fabricated, as mere jails became "death camps" through a trick of language to take over Palestinian land?"

We laugh at all this as absurd. We should not.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thurdsay: A Busy Day for WWIII. Bin Laden Adopts Democratic National Committee Talking Points. Or Is It The Other Way Around?

* Bin Laden: We Will Attack You Again
* In Familiar Tactic, Offers "Truce," (Liberals will love that)
* Iran's Big Threat
* Islamic Jihad (Iran Funded) Claims Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing
* Axis of Eivil Declear Unity Against West
* France Threatens to use Nulear Weapons on Terror Nations
* Hillary Tries to Right-Flank Bush on Iran

The Flipside of Tolerance:
Free, open societies are the hallmark of the West – and the United States in particular. Our unwavering commitment to freedom, by its very nature, ensures that we will remain vulnerable to terrorist attacks in the future.

Tolerance, however, is very different from freedom. Radical Islamists exploit the openness of Western societies to operate, but the engine that keeps the terrorist machine running relies in part on the devotion of Western elites to the concept of tolerance and multiculturalism.

We see this manifest across Western Europe - and to a lesser degree in the United States - in a hesitancy and/or unwillingness to employ tactics like common sense profiling, to toughen immigration and visa standards, and to crack down on radicals preaching jihad for fear of violating codes of political correctness or offending the sensibilities of Muslims.

It is one of the great ironies of the current struggle: a group who despises tolerance and whose main goal is to impose a sharia-based Caliphate across vast portions of the globe finds additional protection in the excessive tolerance of the West. One of the traditional cultural strengths of Western society has now become a vulnerability in fighting terrorism.
Tom Bevan - RCP

Axis of Evil Pow-wow Today in Damascus.

It appears that Iran President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is a very short man. Could a Napoleon Complex be in play?

This link to a liberal blogger and his posting; "Bin Laden Has Point...," is to illustrate how the left thinks, and how it identifies with the enemy. I'll let you the reader make up your own mind if you think this fairly typical liberal logic has any intellectual depth, or is it, as I contend, radically shallow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

US EIA chief: 'World can't afford to lose Iran's Oil.' Really? Can we afford a Nuclear Armed Iran More? That's The Real Question.

SURRENDER MONKEY: Chief of the United States Energy Information Administration, Guy Caruso, declared that 'we cannot afford to lose Iran's oil.' Even if true, is that the kind of message that the US Government should be loudly declaring? Mr. Caruso might as well have declared the US a hostage of Iran and beg for mercy. Perhaps Mr. Caruso should check with his boss in the White House before announcing in the name of all of us how weak we are. The real question is what can we afford less: A) oil at $100 a barrel or, B) Iran armed with Nuclear weapons? If that is the choice, the Neocon will take option (A) any day of the week over option (B). Maybe Mr. Caruso has different values.

UPDATE: Responding to Mr. Caruso, Senator John MaCain (R-AZ): "Americans should be prepared to accept higher oil prices that may result from sanctions on Iran, if that is what it takes to stop Iran's nuclear program. These are a set of bad options, but if the price of oil has to go up, then that's a consequence we would have to suffer." MaCain was also quoted today as saying that: "Iran poses a greater danger to the US than Iraq at this point, and must be contained."

Monday, January 16, 2006

Top US State Department official: "WMD Attack Inevitable"

State Department coordinator for counter-terrorism Henry Crumpton.


* Calls for Israel to be "Wiped Off The Map"
* Denies the Holocaust
* Convenes "Holocaust Conference""
* Publicly Threatens World Economy
* Announces Plans to Build Two new Reactors
* CNN Banned
* Threatens to Obstruct UN Nuclear Inspections
* Breaks UN Seals on Nuclear Facilities
* Driven By a Radical Messianism
Please notice that all links lead to articles from various published sources from around the world and from all sides of the political spectrum. There seems to be (for now), an unusual consensus on this issue in the international community, with the European powers taking the lead. Will this consensus hold as crunch time approaches?

The Insane Madman

The Iranian issue officially entered the twilight zone today (January 16, 2006) as Iranian Ministers issued public threats about the price of oil and the global economy if any action is taken in response to its nuclear program. Iran then announced that it will allocate an additional $215 million dollars to build two new nuclear reactors. As if all that was not enough, Iran also announced that it will convene a conference to explore whether or not the Holocaust actually happened, because the evidence apparently isn't in yet as far as the Mullahs are concerned. Any person who does not recognize the insanity, the clear and present danger of that regime, has failed to study basic history and should please leave this website immediately for WWW.IAMANIDIOT.COM .

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Driven By a Radical Islamic Messianism:

Zhirinovsky; On The Neocon Watchlist:

As if further proof is needed, Zhirinovsky, in his latest outburst against Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a colorful illustration of how this world is filled with dangerous characters that constantly need to be monitored, opposed, confronted, and if necessary contained with the use of force. Numerous dictators who were originally viewed as harmless pests have eventually found their way to power to cause immeasurable damage.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Robertson Apologizes to Sharon and to Israel

Christian Evangelist Pat Robertson issued a formal apology to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the people of Israel for stating on the Christian Broadcasting Network that Sharon's stroke was punishment for Sharon's willingness to "divide and give up parts of the land of Israel."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Day 3: Fireworks! Dem-McCarthyite Bullies Cause Alito's Wife to Burst out in Tears and Flee the Room!

In a sickening display of bullying that would have put Joe McCarthy to shame, one Democrat Senator after another used gossip, innuendo, vague implications, guilt-by-association, slander and every other low-down underhanded scummy tactic to smear Judge Samuel Alito. With no sense of decency or shame, in front of the Judge's entire family present at the hearing and in front of the entire nation on television, these Senators relentlessly associate Judge Alito with racists, bigots, sexists, homophobes and every other evil imaginable, to the point where Judge Alito's wife burst out of the hearing room in tears. Have you no shame Senator Kennedy? Have you no have Senator Schumer? Have you no shame Senator....

Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito: Day One: Culture War:

The Neocon believes that Judge Samuel Alito hit a home run in his opening remarks. The most interesting and telling moment came when Alito referred to his middle-class upbringing with "wonderful memories" of loving parents and baseball games and great friends from the neighborhood. A real Norman Rockwell Americana. Alito then changed tones and described how he entered Princeton University in the late 1960's which seemed like "another world," where he witnessed "privileged youth acting irresponsibly". Wow! A real moment of clarity. One could sense the chilling discomfort of Democrats who still tend to glorify the sixties, and many have modeled their entire value-system on that turbulent decade. Alito’s words were a real arrow to the heart of liberalism.


Company claims to have produced a Nanotechnology material that is five times stronger than steel. Applications? Stronger body armor for our troops, stronger, more protected tanks and other armored vehicles. A massive increase in our technological qualitative edge. And those are just a few possible military applications. Civilian applications are probably vast and mostly yet known.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A lovely Pair, Perhaps They Should Get A Room?

Harry Belafonte, the AARP's "Man of the Year" has fallen off the deep end, and not for the first time. This time he snuggles up to Venezuelan Socialist strong-man and anti-US extremist, Hugo Chavez and calls president Bush the "greatest terrorist". Chavez of course just came under fire for broadcasting vehement anti-Semitic remarks on Venezuelan television. What a pair!
If he's not hanging out with Belafonte, he's chill'en with that fuzzy Iranian President.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Prince of Darkness

As millions of Arabs live in abject poverty, this billionaire Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talat uses his vast wealth to infiltrate and influence key Western institutions. From Harvard University "Islamic studies" to Fox News shares, the goal is through strategically directed donations and investments to weaken Western resolve in the clash of civilizations (a clash that supposedly dosn't exist).

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Neocon Wishes Ariel Sharon Well:

Naturally, the Neocon wishes Ariel Sharon a quick recovery, although things are looking fairly bleak for him at this time. We have chosen an Image of Sharon from the 1973 Yom Kippur war, studying a map shortly before leading his Armored Division across the Suez Canal under heavy fire to surround the entire Egyptian 3rd Army, thus assuring Israel a stunning military victory in a war that could have gone either way.

There are many questions surrounding the events of the past few weeks relating to Mr. Sharon's health. Why was the Prime Minister not kept in the hospital longer for further observation after his initial stroke days before? Why did surgeons wait three weeks to schedule minor surgery to correct the congenital hole in his heart. Were the blood thinners he was prescribed the best choice? Why was Sharon driven from his ranch to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem when there were a number of closer hospitals? Why was he not helicoptered to the hospital instead of driven for over an hour? The answers to these questions will have to wait for the next few days or weeks, as will the answers as to how all this plays out politically in Israel and the Middle East in general.