Sunday, December 31, 2006

3000 Killed in Iraq: In the Proper Perspective

Revolutionary War: (Total US population: 3.5 Million)
Killed - 4,435, Wounded - 6,188, Total - 10,623
War of 1812: (Total US population: 7.6 Million)
Killed - 2,260, Wounded - 4,505, Total - 6,765
Mexican War: (Total US population: 21.1 Million)
Killed- 13,283, Wounded - 4,152, Total - 17,435
Civil War: (Total US population: 26.2 Million)
Union: Killed - 359,528, Wounded - 275,175, Total - 634,703
Confederate: Killed - 198,524, Wounded - 137,000, Total - 335,524
Combined: Killed - 558,052, Wounded - 412,175, Total - 970,227
Spanish-American War: (Total US population: 74.6 Million)
Killed - 2,446, Wounded - 1,662, Total - 4,108
World War I: (Total US population: 102.8 Million)
Killed - 116,708, Wounded - 204,002, Total - 320,710
World War II: (Total US population: 133.5 Million)
Killed - 407,316, Wounded - 670,846, Total - 1,078,162
Korean War: (Total US population: 151.7 Million)
Killed - 33,651, Wounded - 103,284, Total - 136,935
Vietnam War: (Total US population: 204.9 Million)
Killed - 58,168, Wounded - 153,303, Total - 211,471
Gulf War I: (Total US population: 260 Million)
Killed - 148, Wounded - 467, Total - 760
Iraq War:
In terms of actual casualties per percentage of the US population (over 300,000,000 people) and considering the 3 and a half year time-frame, the current Iraq war, with 3,000 killed is somewhere between the First Gulf war and well behind the Spanish American War. In other words, a relative minor skirmish by historic standards as far as casualties go, with only a tiny increase above "normal" death rates the military would sustain during routine peacetime operations. In fact, throughout the "peacetime" of the 1980's, military deaths were actually at a higher rate than during today's war-time death rates. Of course, every life lost is an entire world lost, and casualty figures do not prove or disprove anyone’s position on the necessity or validity of the Iraq deployment; however keeping a proper perspective with history as our guild is not too much to ask of those who love to highlight casualty figures for cheep political points.
Joe Gelman

Update: Riehl World makes the point that during the entier Iraq war, it is estimated that over 63,000 Americans were murdered in the United States. Take into account auto accidents and other unfortunate tragic deaths and a more sober and realistic perspective comes into focus.

Muslims Petition to Pray at Historic Cordoba Cathedral in Spain.
In China it's Year of the Pig will Muslim's be offended?,

WESH: Saddam "Assasinated"

Minneapolis Muslims Support Somalia Islamists

Hundreds of Turks injured in Muslim animal sacrifice
Palestinians Mourn Dead Tyrant
Steyn: What we need in New Year is some resolution
Safire: Place your bets for the 2007 office pool

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Galloway Gone Wild

"It was a squalid little lynching in the end...Saddam managed quite predictably, if you knew anything about him, to show rather more dignity in these circumstances than those who were hanging him. filming of the execution must rank as the biggest political blunder since Latin American revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia with US help in 1967... I promise you this, the film of the execution of Saddam Hussein this morning will live in infamy and will haunt those who directed it for the remainder of their lives...The response will be, already has been swift and terrible...It's a milestone already on the road through the gates of hell...Saddam has gained the status of martyr and Arab hero."
Palestinians on Saddam: We lost a leader

Barbara Boxer Get's It Right on CAIR

Sen. Barbara Boxer recalled an award she recently gave to an Islamic activist because of his ties to a major American Muslim organization (CAIR)— that critics say has ties to terrorist activities.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sending a Message


Warning: Expletive Language, Powerful Message

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick....

In this article, 'The end of the West as we know it?', Writer Anatol Lieven of the New America Foundation makes the case that people like me are overly obsessed with Islamic terrorism, which he calls a relative minor nuisance in comparison to the greater threat of global warming. As readers of this site know, I tend to dismiss global warming as a passing religious fad, like the many cults of the 1970's. Of course, since the degree and impact of global warming is largely a wild guessing game that involves grave 'Chicken Little'-like predictions of doom and gloom from folks with a political agenda, I have difficulty signing on to that movement. None the less, since global warming is impossible to definitively disprove (like the Loch-ness Monster and alien body snatchers from outer space), and it is hard to deny that we are currently undergoing a certain warming trend, naturally induced or not. So in that sense, I found Mr. Lieven's article an interesting read and worthy of a post on this site.

Learning About Islam With Imam Ellison
Muslim group Wants Lawsuits for "Abuse of Islam."

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tony Blair on Crack

"To me, the most remarkable thing about the Koran is how progressive it is. I write with great humility as a member of another faith. As an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, much as reformers attempted to do with the Christian church centuries later. The Koran is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and far ahead of its time in attitudes toward marriage, women, and governance.

Under its guidance, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands were breathtaking. Over centuries, Islam founded an empire and led the world in discovery, art, and culture. The standard-bearers of tolerance in the early Middle Ages were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian ones."
Tony Blair

Is an analysis of the bizarre statement above really necessary? The man is all over the map, one day he’s leading the charge in defense of Western Civilization, the next day he’s spouting enemy nonsense and historic revisionism.

VDH: Iran's Ahmadinejad Far Weaker Than He Lets On
Kelly: The Looming Regional Mideast War
Iran more vulnerable to pressure than outsiders suppose
Hit Iran Where It Hurts
A Bigot in Congress?

Al Qaeda leader "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi", killed by US Forces in Iraq has just met the first of his 72 virgins promised by Allah: Only 71 more to go!

How the West could lose

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I know this is rather old news but I found this billboard discomforting because I have a fear of totalitarian-leaning, intolerant ideologies who's more radical members represent a death cult masquerading as a "mainstream" religion.

What's Going On in Somalia?
Muslim world requires a dose of girl power

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

ALLAH AKBAR!!! 1st Muslim congressman thrills crowd in Dearborn

Speaking in Dearborn late Sunday night, the first Muslim elected to Congress told a cheering crowd of Muslims they should remain steadfast in their faith and push for "justice":

“You can’t back down, you can’t chicken out, you can’t be afraid, you got to have faith in Allah, and you got to stand up and be a real Muslim,” Detroit native Keith Ellison said to loud applause.

“Allahu akbar” — God is great — was the reply of many in the crowd.

Coincidentally, these were the same words uttered by a certain group of highjackers before they crashed planes into the World Trade Center. Maybe I’m just “misunderstanding” things. Maybe I need to go to sensitivity training?

Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown - Dead

Returned last night from my trek through the Yucatan and Belize and learned that James Brown died; a cotton picker from the deep South who grew up under the influence of classic gospel music in church; rose to pioneer and master an original American art form; a product of real poverty, prejudice... and the freedoms and unique creative energy found in America. I know that this isn’t of earth-shattering importance in the big scheme of things but I post this great clip in his honor.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Trip to Apacalypto

The Neocon will be traveling over the next 10 days to the Yucatan and Central America. I will have the opportunity to visit a few Mayan ruins which I intend to take advantage of. This, of course, is in no way connected to the current film Apacalypto which depicts the downfall of Mayan civilization, but it will be interesting in light of current events to focus a bit on how the survival of great civilizations is not inevitable and should never be taken for granted. I will likely not be posting during this trip. A Marry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all.

In London they don't even bother to Hide Their Intentions:

CAIR rails against 'right-wing' American media in Saudi daily
Somali leader: al-Qaida gaining ground
Flashback: CAIR says Islamic takeover in Somalia "a positive change"
Let the Muslims fight it out
Glick: Why Deny the Holocaust?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

MSNBC Call James Zogby a "Leading Middle East Expert"

Wow!!! Who is editing these days? I mean calling Zogby a "leading Middle East expert" is like calling David Duke a leading expert on race relations, I mean, yeah, he is familiar with the subject matter...

James Zogby is the head of the Arab American Institute, a pro-Arab Washington lobby., posted a Reuters piece presenting Zogby as a "leading Middle East Expert," kind of like an unbiased neutral observer, just sharing his "expertise". Zogby predictably presents his case for a complete change in US policy because of a recent poll conducted by his brother, John Zogby, which (surprise, surprise) shows that more Arabs hate America these days. Zogby asserts that the poll proves that the US should change its policies to appease the perpetual Arab outrage. He naturally endorses James Baker’s ISG Report.
The shocking issue here is certainly not Zogby's recommendation to adopt an Arabist line, that's his job, it’s why he gets paid and the man deserves to make a living. The shock here is that posted this one lobbyist’s opinion as their LEAD NEWS STORY, and use a poll conducted by Jim Zogby's own brother John as the basis for the entire story. And, oh yeah, John Zogby conducts his polls in partnership with Reuters. None of this was disclosed in the entire article; and all of this smells like part of the Baker-ISG PR campaign in action, curtsey of an un-critical, duped or willing accomplice at

Photo: Pro-Arab lobbiest James Zogby on the left, with his pollster brother John Zogby on the right.

Krauthammer: In Baker's Blunder, A Chance For Bush

Cal Thomas: Loyalty Oaths to Hold Muslims Accountable?

This week, the ''Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding'' is being presented to the European Parliament. According to Gerard Batten, a member of the European Parliament from London, who contributed the foreword, and the charter's author, Sam Solomon, a Sharia law expert, the charter will ''enable Muslims from all strands of belief to make it plain that they reject those extremist interpretations of their religious texts that promote or excuse violence and bring Islam into conflict with the modern world.''
The charter calls upon Muslims to:

* Respect non-Muslim religions and issue a fatwa (an Islamic religious decree) prohibiting the use of force, violence or threats to their followers.

* Respect all civilizations, cultures and traditions and promote understanding of the precedence of national laws over Sharia law.

* Respect Western freedoms, especially of belief and expression and prohibit violent reaction against people who make use of these freedoms.

* Prohibit the issuing of any fatwa that would result in violence or threat against individuals or institutions.

* Request Islamic institutions to revise and issue new interpretations of Quranic verses calling for Jihad and violence against non-Muslims.
Solomon says, ''We call on organizations representing the Islamic faith ... to endorse and sign this charter as an example to all European Muslims.

'' By doing so, they will make it clear that ''Islam is a religion of peace ... and that acts of terrorism committed in its name are the acts of misguided individuals who have misunderstood and misinterpreted its teaching.''

U.S. says al Qaeda radicals lead Somali Islamists state
FBI: Cleric's poor health could spark terror attacks

Powerful imaging over at Frontpage Magazine

Assassination attempt on Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh

The Major news services have not pick this up yet: Palestinian PM’s bodyguard killed, his son, another bodyguard and political advisor wounded when gunmen open fire at their convoy as it leaves Rafah crossing; PA official: "Abbas' presidential guard responsible." This could be the spark that will escalate to an all out civil war in the Palestinian territories between Hamas and the Fatah factions.

New UN Chief denounces Iran on holocaust & Israel comments
Radical Islam winning over Dutch youngsters

Senator Nelson asking Assad of Syria if he wants to Cuddle

A picture is always worth a thousand words. Fresh from his reelection campaign in Florida, Democrat Senator Bill Nelson, living out his Secretary of State fantasy, simply couldn’t think of anyplace that he would rather be than in the company of an anti-American murdering dictator who is undermining our interests in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Israel.

Babbin: Looking to Iran and Syria for help is a joke
Warren: What to Do in Iraq
VDH: Talking to Iran a Mistake for Strategic, Moral Reasons
Jews, Muslims, and the Democrats
Horowitz: Carter is a Jew-Hater, Genocide-Enabler & Liar
Coulter: ISG? Surrender By Any Other Name....
Senator Kerry urges dialogue with Iran, Syria
The real purpose behind the imam publicity blitz

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Clapton Unplugged - Old Love

One of my favorite pieces of music, particularly the lengthy guitar and piano solos that begin a little less than three and a half minuets in, well worth the wait, check it out.

Bolton Supports Bringing 'Incitement to Genocide' Charges against Ahmadinejad as Iran president repeats call to wipe out Israel

FBI Probe "Student" Seeking Truck-Driving HAZMAT License
Saudis and Iran prepare to do battle over corpse of Iraq
The Big Lie About the Middle East
Video: David Duke calls Wolf Blitzer a "Zionist Agent"
Turkish Airlines gets the hump

Peres: Europeans are lazy, don’t have children – that's why they brought Muslims in to do the dirty work and how Islam made its way to Europe

Israeli Vice Premier and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Shimon Peres, said today in a speech to the industrial-commercial club in Tel Aviv that "the European Union is a great success and a great failure. Why? Because the Europeans have become lazy – they don’t have children. There is more old age, less youngsters. In Europe there is work, but no workers. In Africa it's the opposite. That is why they brought the Muslims, and Islam made its way into Europe."

This of course is an obvious truth which mostly goes unsaid in polite company, which is what makes the statement so undiplomatic and worth a post on this site. The historic ramifications of this demographic trend in Europe are unprecedented. Mark Steyn covers the subject well in his new book 'America Alone.'

Dershowitz: Is Norman Finkelstein in Tehran?
How Hamas Thrives

Castro Dead?

Pipes: James Baker's Fiasco
Kelly: Failing to Know the Enemy, And Ourselves
A House intelligence problem
Syrian Ambassador Slams US at CAIR-Hosted Conference
CAIR Urges US Muslims to file civil rights complaints

Rumors are circulating on the net that Castro has died. So we post this video clip in his honor:

Is that BAD? Over the top? Dread Pundit Bluto dug this one up, blame it on him.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Neocon Art

A classic expression to be found at Clarity and Resolve Via Pro-Freedom Artists. I do not know who the artist is. No lengthy analysis necessary because the piece speaks loudly, and in many ways.

Ralph Peters: Why the ISG got it wrong
Iran's leader: 'Zionist regime will soon be wiped out'
Glick: Our World: Defending the defensible
US Military exceeds recruiting goals

Call US Airways & Ask Them not to Pay off the Flying Imam's

Debbie Schlussel came up with the solid idea of a phone-in campaign to US Airways to discourage them from paying a single penny to the flying Imam’s in their shakedown efforts. Feel free to call US Airways at 480-693-1227. You will be transferred to the Executive offices where your opinion will be registered. US Airways need to know that it will be a PR disaster for them to pay off the ‘flying Imam’s.’ I was assured by the US Airways representative that they intend to fight this matter to the bitter end and will not be bullied into any payout. Let’s hope that stands.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Fascist

The Rabbi who Stole Christmas?
Below is a clip of O'Reilly interviewing the Rabbi that supposedly stole Christmas in Seattle. This guy got a major bad wrap. As it turns out, the Seattle airport folks are the complete pin-heads in this case! I too went berserk when I heard the original story on Friday, thinking the Rabbi had probably lost his mind. nothing could be further from the truth. A big hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for covering this incident and getting it right.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Scumballs in Teheran

There is little I can imagine to be more yucky than watching a group of “religious Jews" rushing off to Iran to participate in a holocaust denial conference. Personally, I find these folks far more repulsive than the capo Jews that worked as assistants to Nazi concentration camp guards. At least capo Jews were trying to save their own skin under horrible and desperate circumstances. These “Jews” rush off to Iran under no duress to play footies with a holocaust denier who openly wishes to perpetrate another one. Are there no limits?
"Acceptable" Holocaust Denial
Holocaust Denial Is No Joke
Iran: Deniers of the Holocaust

Incoming House intelligence chief botches easy intel quiz. The man didn't even know that Hezbollah is a Shiite terror group, and that Al Qaeda is a Sunni terror group. This is the man that will head up congressional intelligence oversight for the United States. Even the most casual reader of this web site would know that. Good freekin lord!

Bye Bye Kofi:
From the Jawa Report: Fare thee well [Kofi Annan] to the leftwing whoremongering, wholly incompetent, impotent, nepotist-bribe-facilitating, oil-for-food-money-swindling, worm-headed, limp-wristed, scandal-condoning, unaccountable, anti-Semitic, anti-American, rapist-coddling, terrorist-supporting scum-sucking head sh*tbird of the Useless Nitwits.

Jimmy Boy
The Madness of Jimmy Carter: "Jimmy Carter brings a Christian perspective to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Unfortunately, it is the same Christian perspective as a drunken Mel Gibson."
Rich Lowry - National Review

Courageous Iranian students confront Ahmadinejad
'Flying Imam's' Seek Shakedown "settlement" from US Airways
Suspicion about 'flying imams' grows as terror links pile up
Arab states study shared nuclear program
Why Is It Always about Israel?


Sunday, December 10, 2006

David Duke Leads US Delegates at Iranian Holocaust Conference

The growing cancer: American David Duke will give a keynote speech at the Iranian Holocaust Conference in Tehran today. Duke says, "The Holocaust Conference in Iran is truly about respect for intellectual freedom." Duke is a special guest of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. h/t: Gateway Pundit

Terrorists rejoicing over new Baker report
Steyn: Baker is less rational than Ahmadinejad
Israel needs to save itself from Baker surrender monkey

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Iran: What Holocaust?

Germany condemned a planned Iranian conference on the Holocaust and summoned Iran's charge d'affaires to the Foreign Ministry, saying that attempts to question the Nazis' murder of Jews were shocking and unacceptable. "We condemn all past and future attempts of anyone who gives a platform to those who relativize or question the Holocaust," German Foreign Ministry spokesman Jens Ploetner said. The Iranian president has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map," and the Tehran conference appeared to be part of Ahmadinejad's public campaign against the Jewish state. In the meantime, Jim Baker believes that Iran should be "engaged" by the United States.

Security and Defense: Strong winds of war
Olmert not ruling out attack on Iran
Iran's president says Holocaust now up for debate
Iran Expands Uranium Enrichment Program

Feds: Muslim Convert Planned to Blow Up Ill. Mall
Michigan Officials Apologize to Muslim Woman Over Veil
Interview With Al-Jazeera Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Sheikh

What does this tell us about Europe? Egypt deports terror suspects to...Belgium

I truely enjoyed this killer exchange between Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn:

HH: Mark Steyn, I'm getting to you late. It seems to me most of serious America has already vomited back the ISG report. What say you about the Baker-Hamilton commission?

MS: I think it's a joke. Most of it is platitudinous generalities that any half-informed person could come up with. But when it gets specific, I think it gets us into very dark and dangerous territory indeed, because it basically signs onto the pathologies of our enemies.

King of Saudi Arabia: Arab World Ready to Explode

Friday, December 08, 2006


Too Lazy and depressed to blog today.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jim Baker, Making Neville Chamberlain Proud

Hat tip Infidel Blogger and LGF

Jim Baker, Saudi Arabia's lawyer has long been viewed as a “soft anti-Semite” of the old country club or ‘Jimmy Carter' variety. A real WASP's WASP. Far too smooth and sophisticated to be crude about it, he does seem to view the roots of all evil in the world as emanating from Jews, and particularly from Israel. So, if one allows Baker to head up an “Iraq study group”, it’s a pretty good bet that he will find a way to place the burden of what’s going on in Iraq (or any place for that matter), on Israel, which is hundreds of miles away and dosn't even share a border with Iraq. Baker would like to "flip" Syria using Israeli currency in the form of the Golan Heights, much in the way that Chamerlain hoped to "flip" Hitler with Czechoslovakia's Sudatenland, and we all know how well that turned out. A few revolting examples from the Baker study group:

Baker mention of Palestinian "right of return" raises eyebrows
Baker wants Israel excluded from regional conference

RECOMMENDATION 16: In exchange for these actions and in the context of a full and secure peace agreement, the Israelis should return the Golan Heights, with a U.S. security guarantee for Israel that could include an international force on the border, including U.S. troops if requested by both parties.
What does the Iraqi insurgency have to do the Golan Heights? Leave it to Baker to make the connection.

RECOMMENDATION 17: Concerning the Palestinian issue, elements of that negotiated peace should include:

* Adherence to UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 and to the principle of land for peace, which are the only bases for achieving peace.
So for the sake Iraq, Israel should surrender more land from its tiny area to another terrorist regime. Again, leave it to Baker.

* Strong support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to take the lead in preparing the way for negotiations with Israel.

* A major effort to move from the current hostilities by consolidating the cease-fire reached between the Palestinians and the Israelis in November 2006.

*Support for a Palestinian national unity government. (Which includes the terrorist group Hamas).

Grievance theater at Minneapolis International Airport
Probes dismiss imams' racism claim
Iran's Threat Grows
Ahmadinejad to the West: Convert to Islam or Die
LGF: Iraq Study Group Sells Israel Down the River
Gates's shocking thinking on Iran

Professor Kenneth W. Stein resigns from Carter Center over Carters sleezy new book: "President Carter's book on the Middle East, a title too inflammatory to even print, is not based on unvarnished analyses; it is replete with factual errors, copied materials not cited, superficialities, glaring omissions, and simply invented segments. Aside from the one-sided nature of the book, meant to provoke, there are recollections cited from meetings where I was the third person in the room, and my notes of those meetings show little similarity to points claimed in the book. Being a former President does not give one a unique privilege to invent information or to unpack it with cuts, deftly slanted to provide a particular outlook."

The Un-restrained, real title of Jimmy Carters new book: H/T: Lundesigns

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mort Zuckerman: The Mullah Menace

Question: What's the most dangerous geopolitical development in the 21st century? Answer: Iran's emergence as the Middle East regional superpower. Why? Because it places the center of the world's increasingly stretched energy resources more and more under the influence of an oil-rich, fundamentalist, pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic regime that has not only nuclear ambitions but the means to realize them.

Some say we should accept that Iran will become a nuclear power and seek consolation in the doctrine of mutual deterrence that worked in the Cold War. Such advice fails to account for the vehemence of the religious and ideological fanaticism that motivates Iran. Think of a country where thousands of young Iranian Shiites volunteered in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88) to charge across Iraqi minefields, knowing they would die. There may be hundreds of thousands–even millions–willing to join suicide brigades. The fundamental assumption of mutual deterrence–that both sides value their lives–simply doesn't apply here. So, clearly, we must stop Iran from going further down the road toward nuclear weapons.

The West will have to decide what is more dangerous–to attack the infrastructure of the Iranians sooner rather than later or to deal with an Iranian nuclear capability after the fact. The choices are not between good and bad but between bad and worse–and the longer we delay, the more dire those bad and worse choices will become.
Mort Zuckerman
US News and World Report

Muslim boys urinated on Bible - No riots ensued
Gates does not rule out nuclear attack on Israel

Prager Responds:

I Raised the Issue? "It was Keith Ellison who raised the entire issue of taking an oath on a Koran rather than a Bible. He did not make his announcement in the hopes that it would be ignored but to make a statement. I was responding to that statement. Critics who are unhappy with it becoming an issue should direct their ire at Mr. Ellison."

Racist? "I wrote in my column that I apply the same standard to Jews, Scientologists and everyone else. Those who make this charge merely cheapen the word racism..."

Islamophobic? "I wrote not a word against Islam or the Koran and made it clear at the beginning of my column that nothing I write is specific to Islam or the Koran."

Bigoted? Bigoted against whom? Against non-Christians? I am a non-Christian. Am I bigoted against myself?

"I am for no law to be passed to prevent Keith Ellison or anyone else from bringing any book he wants to his swearing-in, whether actual or ceremonial. But neither I nor tens of millions of other Americans will watch in silence as the Bible is replaced with another religious text for the first time since George Washington brought a Bible to his swearing-in. It is not I, but Keith Ellison, who has engaged in disuniting the country."

Ahmadinejad Issues Warning on Sanctions
Russia Balks at Broad Iran Sanctions
Islam gets concessions; infidels get conquered
Tehran's Holocaust Denial Conference
Gaffney: Will George Bush Become Sherman or Chamberlain?
CAIR's Pro-Hamas Press
Hezbollah: "Death to Siniora" at "Martyr of Unity's" Funeral
Tale Of Fibbing Imams
ASI Passes Resolution Against Flag Stomping
Veiled woman to give UK's C4's speech
Muslim woman cites gym after interrupted prayer

Monday, December 04, 2006

CAIR Targets Dennis Prager Over Koran Oath Comments

Apparently CAIR wants Dennis Prager off of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum Board because of Parger’s opposition to the use of the Koran in government swearing-in ceremonies for US elected officials. The juicy irony of a Muslim extremist group like CAIR being concerned about who serves on the rather obscure board of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum seems lost on them.

A quick reminder: The President of the world’s most influential Muslim nation, Iran, completely denies that the Holocaust even happened and is threatening to “wipe off the map” the only Jewish country in the world, where is CAIR on that?: The Mufti of Jerusalem and father of Palestinian nationalism was a strong supporter of Nazi Germany during WWII and the holocaust. The anti-Semitic ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ is a best-selling book throughout the Muslim world, etc… CAIR’s response? That’s all less important than columnist Dennis Prager expressing his opinion.

Prager’s Position: "It has to do with the fact that it's not the Bible," he said. "If a Mormon-American decided to substitute the Book of Mormon for the Bible, I would have the same problem. If a scientologist wanted L. Ron Hubbard's 'Dyanetics' to be the book, I would have a problem," Prager said. "George Washington began this movement. He was the one to bring a Bible and swear on it. Every president except one, Teddy Roosevelt, because it was right after the assassination of James McKinley and they didn't have time for a Bible. And every president has done this."

CAIR’s Position: "No one who holds such bigoted, intolerant and divisive views should be in a policy-making position at a taxpayer-funded institution that seeks to educate Americans about the destructive impact hatred has had, and continues to have, on every society. As a presidential appointee, Prager's continued presence on the council would send a negative message to Muslims worldwide about America's commitment to religious tolerance."

Wow! Is that an invitation for Muslims "worldwide" to riot? Because we all know how closely folks in the Muslim world follow who is on the Board of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. For a Muslim Extreemist group like CAIR to lecture anyone on "tolorance" is a bit much.

Mosque to get police guard for bikini rally
Franchising Jihad
Bush accepts Bolton's U.N. resignation
The Rape of Europe
Iran blocks access to top websites
'US won't launch preemptive strike against Teheran'
Gingrich: The 1st Amendment Is Not a Suicide Pact

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Denise Miller and the Flying Imam's

What is it with Minnesota and Jihad?

The unlikely state of Minnesota is slowly gaining a name for itself in the struggle between Western values and Islamo-Jihadies. First we had the controversy of Minneapolis Muslim taxi drivers who refuse to pick up any passengers carrying alcohol because it’s against their religion. Then the first Muslim in history was elected to the United States Congress to the cries of “Allah Akbar” …from the State of Minnesota. Shortly there-after, the flying Imam’s pulled their stunt at the Minneapolis International airport, getting kicked off a US airways flight after attending an “Imam conference" in Minneapolis.
Update: I am reminded by reader Leo Pusateri that 9/11 "20th highjacker" Zacarias Moussaoui was arrested guessed it, Minnesota. Is Minnesota to Jihad what Florida is to the hanging chad?
Arabs may one day miss George W. Bush
The Iranians' ultimatum
Niall Ferguson: The New Demagogues
Steyn: Iraq is just test of will for America
Excellent interview with Mark Steyn at Power-line

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sign of the Times, Pig Races on Friday to Premier in Front of Proposed Mosque in Houston Area

Jim Baker's Munich Report
The Islamic Genocide Plan
Warren: 1054 & All That
A 1991 Kurdish Betrayal Redux?
The Iraq Study Group has reached a consensus: Failure
GARRY KASPAROV: Chessboard Endgame
Hezbollah Anti-government protest swamps Beirut
Jaw-dropping Inteview with Saudi Government Executioner
Gaddafi in Nigeria airport drama
Islamism and liberalism face off
‘I Bought Nuke Poison, And You Can Too!’
Talk To Our Foes?
Gaza women warned of immodesty
Meet The Incredible Flying Imams:
I wish I had music (Maybe the Mission Impossible theme?) to go along with this cool photo of the 'incredible' flying Imams as they walk to catch a new flight after being thrown off a US Airways flight in Minneapolis.
More 'Flying Imam'Protests
Flying Imam's Police Report
Imam's Seek special Prayer Room for Muslims at US Airport
Just Saying Prayers? Not Exactly...

In what has become a predictable and almost daily declaration by now, Iran’s President Ahamadinejad today declared… again… that Israel will soon disappear from the face of the map. The by now routine statement by the Iranian President has begun to lose its shock value, but should be taken dead seriously none-the-less.

In the meantime, the latest Quinnipiac Poll demonstrates acorss the board support for Israel in the United States, rating it third in positive feelings just behind the UK and Canada. Iran and North Korea come in dead last.

The latest Zogby for the University of Maryland Shows a large divide between Shiites and other communities In Lebanon, indicating a growing and dangerous division in that country.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Scientific Study: Liberals are Far Less Likely to Give to Charity

Professor of Public Administration, Author C. Brooks of Syracuse University, a world renowned expert on charitable giving has concluded the most extensive study done on the subject and the results are in: “…conservatives are far more charitable than secular liberals, and that those who support the idea that government should redistribute income are among the least likely to dig into their own wallets to help others.”

This substantiates what most of us have known for years: Liberals in general are, among many other things, likely to be compassionate only when it comes to other people’s money, not their own. They judge “compassion” almost exclusively through the lens of public policy, as long as it does not affect them directly. This allows the Liberal to wrap himself in the mantle of compassion without actually having to be compassionate. To look caring without having to actually be caring. To "give," without actaully having to give.

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