Thursday, March 30, 2006

Harvard's Stephen Walt will be Stepping Down in Disgrace After Notorious "Israel Lobby" Paper Published

Academic Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Stephen Walt, will be stepping down from his position as Dean following the publication of a paper that he co-wrote describing a gigantic Jewish conspiracy to control US foreign policy. His paper was immediately endorsed by former Grand Wizard of the KKK, David Duke, and an assortment of Islamic extremist groups. The entire affair as proven a huge embarrassment to Harvard University who have removed the University logo from the paper, posted a strong disclaimer disassociating the school from the paper, and now have announced Mr. Walt’s departure from the Deans desk in the coming months. Mr. Walt released the paper only a few months after Harvard’s Kennedy School received a $20 million donation from Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abd al-Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, and only a few weeks after the departure of Harvard President Larry Summers, who was known to oppose such shenanigans. Harvard denies any connection between Walt's stepping down and the paper in question, any connection between the paper and the $20 million dollar donation from the Saudi prince, and any connection to the timing of Summers departure. You make the call.

Palestinian minister off to bad start: Bolton
Weekly Standard: Harvard, the Israeli Lobby, Prince Charles.
Storm intensifies over Israel Lobby paper
New Republic: SURVEYING THE ISRAEL LOBBY - Oil and Vinegar
Slate-Hitchens: Overstating Jewish Power
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Message to Iran: Check Out Our New Toy!

As Iran defiantly rejects new UN demands that it freeze uranium enrichment, the US announced today that in June it will detonate a 700 ton explosive charge outside of Las Vegas as a test of “deep penetration.” This is a clear message to Iran that the United States has the technological capability of destroying any Iranian deep bunker nuclear facility. Las Vegas residents will be notified, as will the Russians. This will amount to the largest non-nuclear explosion ever conducted, and is expected to create a mushroom cloud visible from Las Vegas.
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Will: Guard the Borders--And Face Facts
Chavez: American Dreams, Foreign Flags
The striking idiocy of youth
Warren: Staring Down Shariah
Israel's Muddled Election

Jill Carroll Released: "I Was Treated Well," Really

Other than the fact that my interpreter was SHOT DEAD, I was kidnapped and held against my will for months, threatened with death and made to go on Al Jazeera and desperately plead for my life and for my government to give into the demands of my captors, I was treated just fine. It was kind of like a cruise to Cabo, yeah I couldn’t get off the ship, but the all-night buffet was really great. I have no idea why I was taken or what behind the scenes expensive deal was cut to gain my release. Two words...: Stockholm Syndrome.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fukuyama Debates Bernard-Henri L'evi on Las Vegas and the Meaning of America

In a fascinating exchange, two of the worlds most recognized and respected intellectuals use Las Vegas as a metaphor to debate the meaning of America. Neo-Conservative Francis Fukuyama, the author of ‘The End of History and the Last Man’; and Frenchman Bernard-Henri Levi author of the new book, ‘In the Footsteps of Tocqueville,’ debate American virtues, vices, neoconservatives, religion, the future of American muscular internationalism, and the role of intellectuals in a free society. Truly a worthwhile read for those with patients.

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US Lawyers Stunned That Anyone Would Go before a Judge or the Media and Tell the Truth

Moussaoui offered to testify against himself

With the Death Penalty at stake, Zacarias Moussaoui proudly incriminated himself yesterday in court by announcing that he and shoe bomber Richard Reid were part of a plot to crash a plane into the White House. His US Lawyers sat stunned in the courtroom as their client revealed his involvement in a conspiracy to decapitate the leadership of the United States. He also announced his pre-knowladge of 9/11 (as it related to the twin towers only). It was only a few weeks earlier that University of North Carolina Student, Mohammed Taher-azar, also with his stunned Lawyer standing next to him, proudly announced that in the name of Allah, he tried to kill as many infidels as possible with a rented SUV. US Lawyers are simply not accustomed to dealing with folks who are not only unashamed of their criminal/terrorist actions, but take pride in them. All of this reveals something interesting about our Lawyers, in addition to the terrorists.

Afghan convert vanishes after release from jail
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Syrian leader on U.S. TV: Number of Holocaust victims not important, same thing happening in Palestine

Card out Bolten In: Who Cares

Card Out, Bolton In, Who Cares? Only the inside Baseball crowd. Will this affect your life in any way?

Pipes: Israel Shuns Victory
Cohen: Unfathomable Zealotry: Is this my fellow man?
Sowell: Guests or Gate Crashers?
Krauthammer: Fukuyama's Fantasy
Houston Chronicle: Russia not a strategic partner.
Interpol: Al Qaeda preparing for biological warfare

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Neocon Express Joins STOP THE ACLU Blogroll

Cold Comfort on Islam and Apostasy
The Man Who Knew Too Little
Test: US Agents able to smuggle radioactive materials into U.S.
Update: Afghan who became Christian freed from prison
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Op-ed Of The Day, Krauthammer: What's at stake in the dispute over Iranian nukes? Ultimately, HUMAN SURVIVAL

"With infinitely accelerated exchanges of information helping develop whole new generations of scientists, extremist countries led by similarly extreme men will be in a position to acquire nuclear weaponry. If nothing is done, we face not proliferation but hyperproliferation. Not just one but many radical states will get weapons of mass extinction, and then so will the fanatical and suicidal terrorists who are their brothers and clients.

That will present the world with two futures. The first is Feynman's vision of human destruction on a scale never seen. The second, perhaps after one or two cities are lost with millions killed in a single day, is a radical abolition of liberal democracy as the species tries to maintain itself by reverting to strict authoritarianism--a self-imposed expulsion from the Eden of post-Enlightenment freedom."

FUKUYAMA: A Better Idea
Saudi: Young and Restless
Fund: Mr. Levin, Meet Ms. Rohbar
Economist: Israel's new politics
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Immigration... Security... Solution

By Si Frumkin
With regard to our illegal immigration problems here is a solution. It would not only reduce the pressure on us but would also solve the dilemma of a Europe that is increasingly and relentlessly plagued by the influx of immigrants whose alien culture and religion make assimilation and peaceful coexistence difficult.

Let Europe dedicate funds and effort – possibly with U.S. help – to spread the word in Latin America that Europe needs workers. Their travel would be subsidized – no more tunnels, life threatening treks through the desert or climbing over razor wire fences – just a welcome mat.

It is a fact that the pressure for a better life elsewhere is too strong to be contained by a change of American policy alone. It is also our fortune that the immigrants – legal or not – who come here from Central and South America do not blow up churches, burn cars or bomb railroads. They are too busy working. They would also be a boon to Europe where they would share culture, Christianity and, in many cases, an intelligible language.

The problem with this proposal is that it is far too simple and logical to be taken seriously by our political leaders.
The Neocon finds Si Frumkin's proposal interesting and creative. It can help address Europe's negative birth rate and radical Islam issue simultaneously, while relieving pressure on us and the huddled masses from Mexico yearning for a better economic opportunity for their families.

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Meet the New Jews: AMERICANS

Congrats to Jim Hogland who has an interesting piece in the Washington Post making the case that Americans today are experiencing a classic form of old-school Anti-Semitism, and in essence, in many ways Americans have become the worlds “new Jews.” Envious of our success and economic wealth, with an exaggerated perception of our all encompassing power…it is increasingly easy for demagogues to point to America as “the man,” and if any tyrant, or even just a weak leader wishes to cut out a niche for themselves, what better way to do so than to be seen as standing up to “the man” (Chavez, Saddam, Ahmadinajad…etc..). This is an interesting thesis and certainly worth considering. However, the Neocon completely disagrees with Mr. Hogland’s conclusion about how to deal with this new form of “anti-Semitism.” He talks about the need for America to “Repair our image” as if our success is our own fault, or somethng to be ashamed of (Catholic/Jewish guilt?). As if the ugly demagoguery of others is cause for our own self-adjustment. First, let us loudly place the primary blame where it belongs and that is on the heads of the “new anti-Semites,” and not on their target: America, as imperfect as we may be.
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David Gergen: There is no Israel 'Lobby'
Evangelical Christians have no interest in the U.S. becoming isolationist

Afghan Christian, Abdul Rahman, May Go Free "For Lack of Evidence"

Lack of Evidence? Wow, does this mean that if there was “evidence” then he would have been stoned to death? Getting him off on a manufactured technicality to avoid a gigantic diplomatic incident is, of course, much preferable than watching him being “pulled to pieces,” as a “moderate” cleric threatened, but this does not solve the basic issue at hand: Why is Islam so intolerant and insecure that the Law would require the DEATH PENALTY of someone who chooses to exercise a different personal religions expression?
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Openly and Proudly: America takes side of Israel

Saturday, March 25, 2006

In Iraq, The Historical Record Will Speak Loudly

As the old saying goes, a lie travels around the world many times before the truth gets out of bed in the morning. The innocents of Saddam Hussein is by now a central theme of moonbat nation. However, the truth has a way of reveling itself over time as historians slowly expose the real record one painstaking document at a time. Such is the case with the massive release of the Iraqi government documents captured during Operation Iraqi Freedom, as described in this interesting expose’ in World Magazine.

Steyn: Will we stick our necks out for his faith?
Hamas features Palestinian children in combat roles
Women go 'missing' by the millions
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Major Paper Confirms Blog Report On Accelerated Iranian Enrichment

A few days following Vital Perspective's report on Iran's accelerated Nuclear activity, posted on this web site and a small group of others, The Los Angeles Times today is confirming the report. This Once again proves that a few people with a computer and good sources can easily out-scoop multi-billion dollar media conglomerates from the comfort of their own home office. How much more proof is needed that Newspapers are dinosaurs?

To Paraphrase ‘An Army of Davids’: To call Journalism a profession, is like calling checkers a sport. Journalism is not a profession, it’s an activity. Engineering is a profession, Architecture is a profession, Medial Research is a profession, Journalism is an activity, and like all activities, some people do it better than others, and some people do it more profitably than others, but unlike a real profession, any minimally educated person can do it, and in many cases quite well.

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Al Qaeda's nuclear option

Friday, March 24, 2006

Islamic Leaders Urge Courts to Ignore West, Hang the Christian


"He is not crazy. He went in front of the media and confessed to being a Christian. The government is scared of the international community. But the people will kill him if he is freed."

"The government is playing games. The people will not be fooled."

"Cut off his head! We will call on the people to pull him into pieces so there's nothing left."

"If he is allowed to live in the West, then others will claim to be Christian so they can, too, We must set an example. ... He must be hanged."

"We are a small country and we welcome the help the outside world is giving us. But please don't interfere in this issue, We are Muslims and these are our beliefs. This is much more important to us than all the aid the world has given us."

"Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die,"

"If the government caves in to Western pressure and frees him, we will incite people to pull him into pieces."

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Chairman of Largest Party in the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering, German MEP and Chairman of the Group of the European People’s Party Declares “Anyone Who Declares War on Israel Declares War on EU.”

Madeleine Albright: Evil? What Evil?

It’s taken for granted these days that LIBERALS are incapable of making distinctions between good and evil or right and wrong. Moral Relativism is the religious foundation of the Left. However, most will not publicly commit to such a mentality in a newspaper article
because they know that it won’t fly with most folks. The Neocon takes our hat off to former Secretary of State Albright for having the reckless courage of her misguided convictions to lay it all out there. Let the debate begin.

Afghan Christian 'likely to be released soon': official
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The Neocon congratulates California State Comptroller Steve Westly today who called on the nation's two largest pension funds - the California Public Employee' Retirement System (CalPERS) and California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) – to review their funds in consultation with the State Department to identify holdings in companies that are subject to U.S. government sanctions for doing business in Iran and to report their findings to the fund's investment oversight boards.

Pipes: The Palestinian-Israeli War: Where It Came From, and How to End It
Israeli elections: anything can happen

CAIR's Lawsuit Against Anti-CAIR: Case Dismissed.

The Neocon Express congratulates Anti-CAIR for standing up to the CAIR lawsuit. The Neocon is aware of numerous people who have been sued by CAIR, an organization that regularly uses the American legal system in an effort to intimidate and silence Americans from exposing CAIR’s ties to terror. Of all these lawsuits, the Neocon has yet to hear of a single case in which CAIR has prevailed. If someone hears of one please let us know. The following is the statement from Anti-CAIR upon the dismissal of the CAIR Lawsuit:

As you know, the Council on American-Islamic Relations filed a $1.35 million libel suit against me because I made the following statements:

* Let there be no doubt that CAIR is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia law in America.”

* CAIR is an “organization founded by Hamas supporters which seeks to overthrow Constitutional government in the United States and replace it with an Islamist theocracy using our own Constitution as protection.”

* “ACAIR reminds our readers that CAIR was started by Hamas members and is supported by terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries.”

* “Why oppose CAIR? CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic terrorists. CAIR is not in the United States to promote the civil rights of Muslims. CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States and convert our country into an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran. In addition,
CAIR has managed, through the adroit manipulation of the popular media, to present itself as the ‘moderate' face of Islam in the United States. CAIR succeeded to the point that the majority of its members are not aware that CAIR actively supports terrorists and terrorist supporting groups and nations. In addition, CAIR receives
direct funding from Islamic terrorists supporting countries.”

* “CAIR is a fundamentalist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the United States Constitution and the installation of an Islamic theocracy in America.”

I am pleased to report the CAIR lawsuit is over, and has been dismissed, as the parties have reached a mutually agreeable settlement.

I want to thank my attorneys who worked hard on my defense, and all of the others who have stood by me these past two years.

The policies and procedures of Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) have not changed in any way as a result of the CAIR lawsuit settlement. ACAIR, and ACAIR’s founder, Andrew Whitehead, will continue to work to expose and present to interested parties any information regarding CAIR that they feel is of importance.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Iran On The Brink:

Vital Perspective's sources (who the Neocon views as reliable) inform us that the IAEA is urgently warning of the need to reassess the timeline on Iran's nuclear program in light of the following:

Iran has assembled and is possibly already operating the 164-centrifuge cascade
Iran has moved canisters of UF6 to the cascade site
Iran has indicated its intention to operate the cascade over a two-to-three week period, and if successful, to move towards assembly of a 3,000 centrifuge unit.
As we have said before, 3,000 centrifuges could produce enough highly-enriched uranium for a bomb. The IAEA also expressed alarm over Iran's technological capabilities, which are more developed then previously assumed, and its willingness to skip phases in the enrichment process.

Unfortunately, as we have been reporting, the pace of diplomacy is not keeping up with Iran's accelerated drive, as the Russians (and Chinese) continue stalling despite repeated attempts by the U.S., Britain and France to soften the Security Council proposals in an effort to reach consensus.

Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Wednesday that American threats are no more than propaganda, and that a U.S. military attack is not likely, especially in view of U.S. requests for Iran's assistance in solving the crisis in Iraq. He also expressed confidence that the Security Council will fail to reach agreement on sanctions. This statement is particularly significant in view of the buzz in Washington regarding a U.S. dialogue with Iran. Mottaki leaves little doubt that Tehran sees U.S. calls for dialogue as a sign of weakness.

Steinberg: What’s So Bad About Torture?
Kalb Upbraids Harvard Dean Over Israel
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Neocon Projection: Palestinians Covering Up Dangerous Bird Flu Outbreak.

Over a week ago Bird Flu broke out on various Israeli poultry farms from areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip, to farms to the east of West Bank Arab population centers, in the Jordan Valley. These are not large distances. Palestinian clarics described the outbrake on Israeli farms as "punishment from Allah." It is difficult to conceive that numerous Israeli poultry farms would be affected, while Palestinian Authority poultry, sometimes only a short drive down the road remain unaffected. Yet since the outbrake the Palestinians have not reported a single case and have taken no action to destroy infected or potentially infected flocks. This is causing a number of Israeli experts to project that the Palestinian Authority is suppressing information of Bird Flu outbreaks in the Palestinian Authority, a development which could have serious, direct health consequences for Israel. Israel will likely, in the very near future, turn to international bodies like the World Health Organization to assume control of Palestinian counter-Bird Flu issues before it is too late.

UPDATE: Neocon's cover-up suspisions premature: Bird Flu announced today in Gaza on PA farms (likely belatedly announced by a week): "the discovery of bird flu in Gaza changes everything. We are so close to them, and I do not know if they will deal with the problem like it should be dealt with. It definitely complicates things." Israeli veterinarians met with their Palestinian counterparts to discuss how best to deal with the problem. With Hamas set to take over, these types of contacts could halt, complicating counter-Bird Flu efforts acorss the region.

VDH: Our Country and This Old House
Albany Terrorist Suspect's Calls to Syria Were Monitored
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"Moderate" Muslim Clarics: "He confessed to being a Christian...This is humiliating for Islam... Cut off his head!!!"

Islamo-facists Can't handel it! From Clarity and Resolve

Four senior clerics interviewed by The Associated Press in their mosques in Kabul said Christian convert Abdul Rahman deserved to be killed for his conversion.
"He is not crazy. He went in front of the media and confessed to being a Christian," said Hamidullah, chief cleric at Haji Yacob Mosque. The government is scared of the international community. But the people will kill him if he is freed."
"He is not mad. The government is playing games. The people will not be fooled," said Abdul Raoulf, cleric at the Herati Mosque. "This is humiliating for Islam. ... Cut off his head." Raoulf is well known and considered a moderate cleric in Afghanistan. Help save this mans life: call the Afghan Embassy at 202-483-6410 to express your view.

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Update: Rice Calls Karzai on Converted Christian
For Afghans, Allies, A Clash of Values
Free Abdul Rahman

"Peace" Creeps Will Not Thank US & British Military for Rescue and Saving Their Lives

Acting on an intelligence tip, members of the United States & British Military risked their lives to rescue 3 Western leftist “peace” activists. Another member of that group, Mr. Tom Fox was discovered dead, tortured and riddled with bullets only a week earlier. Any thanks for the Military and the young men who risked their lives to save the activists? Nope. Only this: "We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity which led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering…” Perhaps they should have left them there to rot.

Steyn: Down with stability
Goldberg: Right invasion, wrong explanation
Vive la France! Vive le 'joblessness'?
Does Abdul Rahman Foreshadow a Bigger Problem?
Outrage in Afghanistan
ABC: Iraq Archive Document Describes Bin Laden Meeting
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Frontpage: Harvard's Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

First Oliver Stone uncovered the secrets of the JFK assassination, then Hillary discovered the “vast rightwing conspiracy...” now Harvard (via two academics, Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, with the full backing of... David Duke, "PhD.") have dug deep and discovered the “Vast Israel Lobby Conspiracy” (VILC). So who’s in on this secret? A tiny cabal... of 40 million Evangelical Christians; secretive Neocons like this difficult-to-access web page; an army of secretive think tanks, newspaper columnists and mysterious media moguls; 5 million Jooooos; millions of other average Americans; both Republicans and Democrats too stupid and duped to know better: This tiny, secret group of... millions are conspiring together to manipulate our government to act against our own interests by using shady tools such as… the US constitution, democracy and "free speech," to petition the government. Now we know the TRUTH. Thank you Mr. Walt and Mr. Mearsheimer for finally breaking the code and sorting all this out after years of at last.

PS: the Next Vast Israel Lobby Conspiracy (VILC) meeting, will take place on April 1, 2006 at the San Francisco TransAmerica Building, suite 462 at 10:36 AM in the conference room (This is on a need to know bases only).

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Study Decrying “Israel Lobby” Marred by Numerous Errors
Walt, Mearsheimer and Academic Malpractice
Harvard Backs Away from "Israel Lobby" Professors; Removes Logo from Controversial Paper
A reply to Mearsheimer and Walt
Israel Lobby: By RUTH R. WISSE

The Neocon Does China - The Forbidden City, Beijing

  Posted by Picasa
The Neocon is always amazed by the rapid development in China. Cranes everywhere, impressive engineering capabilities, massive development with a robust economic environment. Yet stepping out of the main cities is like going back 300 years in time. God help us if they decide one day to throw their weight around.

The West Must Refuse Aid to Palestinians
Intelligent People Need Some Pessimism About Iran and Bomb
The Jewish Left unrolls the red carpet for Hamas
Dershowitz: 'AIPAC study is ignorant propaganda'

Volokh Takes The Neocon to Task on Harvard Culpability in Walt-Gate

UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh takes the Neocon to task for the recent post “Harvard Running From its Own Dean’s Report”. Volokh, whom I have known for years and have the highest respect for, does not disagree with the Neocon’s analysis of Mr. Stephen Walt’s paper, however, he strongly disagrees with my assessment of Harvard’s culpability in the matter as an institution. The Neocon must bow to Professor Volokh’s Superior knowledge in this area, although I do put up a good fight. Below is the exchange:

Joe, I share your skepticism about the report, but I think much of this analysis is quite mistaken. Faculty work is generally published on university web sites; that's part of the perks that universities give faculty. The presence of the logo doesn't affect things much, either; for instance, most of my paper correspondence is on UCLA letterhead, but that conveys my affiliation with UCLA, not UCLA's endorsement of my message. Harvard is simply trying to convey to the public what people familiar with academic practices already know -- faculty members generally speak for themselves, not for the university (and in fact different faculty members at the same university will often express diametrically opposed viewpoints, and even expressly debate each other).

So I'm pleased that you're criticizing the report, but I don't think it's accurate to say that "Harvard University released [the] report," or that "Harvard [now] basically announces that the Dean ... is an idiot." It is true that Harvard is making clear that it doesn't want to be seen as *endorsing* his writings, but that's true of most professors' writings. I'm sure UCLA wouldn't want to be seen as endorsing my writings, even though they're hosted at

Keep the e-mail coming, though -- I've often found your items quite helpful, and blogged about them. Thanks,

Of course, you are technically correct. However it is fair to point out a few things. 1) There was a certain level of fanfare associated with the release of this report which is one of the reasons it became so public, so quickly. This was not some obscure, low-profile, non-controversial, non-political academic paper where it matters not. 2) It was (purposefully in my view) released with the Harvard logo giving it the full weight of academic credibility and authority associated with Harvard, but that logo has now been suddenly removed in the past 24 hours, if it's no big deal, why remove the logo at all? 3) 24 hours ago there was no disclaimer disassociating the institutions from the paper, now there is this front page disclaimer that was not there before. If it's not a big deal, why the sudden need for a disclaimer?

My view: These folks knew what they were doing, they knew this would be a high-profile, controversial, and non-routine paper. They used the symbols and credibility of the institution not innocently as a routine matter, but as a way of pumping up the credibility of the report in the eyes of others, and as a shield for themselves. Harvard's credibility has suffered as a result, they know it, and that explains the sudden attempts to disassociate. Where am I going wrong here?
Well, if I'm technically correct, then it seems to me that you folks need to clarify matters to make them more precise. Two thoughts in the meantime:

(1) All professors try to get as much fanfare for their reports as possible. That doesn't mean that the institution endorses the report.

(2) As I said before, logos on professors' papers are means of providing identification, not endorsement by the university. They do add credibility, because they identify someone as having the credentials needed to be hired by Harvard, UCLA, etc. But that's the source of the credibility, and not any endorsement by the administrations.

(3) As to your "why the sudden need for a disclaimer?," or for the logo removal, I take it the answer is "Because the university recognized that some members of the public might not understand what academics take for granted" -- which is that academics speak for themselves, not for the university. Usually, that goes without saying. But when something becomes controversial enough, and critics (erroneously) assert -- or seem likely to assert -- that the university endorsed the material, the university might want to make as sure as possible that people understand what, as I said, is the standard academic norm.

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Update: Harvard Running from Its Own Dean’s Report

It was only a few days ago that Harvard University released a report about the “Israel Lobby,” co-authored by the Dean of Academics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government no less, Mr. Stephen M. Walt. The report carried the full weight and authority of the prestigious academic institution under its official logo, and published on a Harvard addressed web site.

What a difference a few days make. In less than 24 hours the paper was publicly endorsed by David Duke, the KKK and just about every other racist and Islamic extremist group on the planet, causing great embarrassment to the institutions in question. Additionally, more serious academics across the country lost no time picking it apart and easily destroying the basic premise upon which the entire report rests, exposing the authors as bumbling bigots. Undoubtedly, the authors will blame all this on scheming Jews and the hidden powers of the "Israel Lobby."

In a minor Neocon scoop; we observe that Harvard has instructed the Dean of their own School of Government to remove the Harvard logo from atop the report, and place the following disclaimer:

“The two authors of this Working Paper are solely responsible for the views expressed in it. As academic institutions, Harvard University and the University of Chicago do not take positions on the scholarship of individual faculty, and this article should not be interpreted or portrayed as reflecting the official position of either institution.”

WOW! Harvard basically announces that the Dean of its own School of Government is an idiot and that they want nothing to do with his writings. If I were Stephen Walt I would resign in shame and move to Idaho. It's nice up there

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Neo-Nazis threaten to massacre Muslims at World Cup in Germany

This little piece of information can't be helpful

Francis Fukuyama and the neoconservatives
The Hope of Spring
White House Nonchalance
Stephen Walt's War with Israel

Man Faces Death Penalty In Afghanistan for Converting to Christianity: Call Afghan Embassy at 202-483-6410

This is an easy one: The Taliban are gone, but some things remain the same. A man by the name of Abdul Rahman decided to convert from Islam to Christianity. He was tried and convicted to DEATH in an afghan court for this "crime". Where is the ACLU? Where is the Christian Coalition?....WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on this outrage? It should be fairly easy to organize a spontaneous campaign of phone calls to the Afghan Embassy....

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David Duke: Harvard Has Finally Vindicated Me!!! (This is not a Joke)

Thank you Harvard University. Now every bottom feeding racist in the country is wrapping themselves in your brand new report that announces that the United States is controlled by a conspiracy of international Jooooooooos. Quick, send the paper over to Saudi to see if you can generate a few more Petrol-dollars. The sickness never ends at our Universities.

David Duke: "It is quite satisfying to see a body in the premier American University essentially come out and validate every major point I have been making...." Duke added that "the task before us is to wrest control of America's foreign policy and critical junctures of media from the Jewish extremist Neocons that seek to lead us into what they expectantly call World War IV."

Mr. Stephen Walt, academic dean of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and co-author of the paper said last night, "I have always found Mr. Duke's views reprehensible, and I am sorry he sees this article as consistent with his view of the world." SORRY? Not very intelligent for an "academic dean" at Harvard. First he writes a report that Duke could have written himself (the American version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion), and then he's SHOCKED...SHOCKED!!! that David Duke adopts him and Harvard as the latest poster-child for the KKK.

The report has also earned high praise from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, The Palestine Liberation Organization and others. Dear Harvard: Who your friends are is a reflection on who you are.
Please note that this report is issued only months after Harvard announced it had received a $20 million gift from Saudi prince, Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud. Complete coincidence? You make the call.

Check Atlas Shrugs for more
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Iraq is no "distraction" from al Qaeda
In full pursuit of democracy
Socialism Makes People Worse

Monday, March 20, 2006

Slow News Day, Can't Think of a Single Thing to Blog About

  Its been a slow news day and I can't think of a single thing to blog about; maybe I'm lazy, so I post this image of the Neocon at the No Spin Zone, and a few links to interesting articles and call it a day. Posted by Picasa
A mature response to terror
Hitchens: My Ideal War
Barnes: Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove need new jobs
Bush warns Iran on Israel

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Moderate Syrian poet Adonis interviewed on Al Jazeera

Syrian Poet Adonis [Ali Ahmad Said Asbar] delivers an excellent interview on Al Jazeera. Although far more cautious than Dr. Wafa Sultan, thus likely avoiding a Fatwa on his head, non-the-less it is refeashing to see that 1) There are a few "moderate" voices in the wilderness of Islam, and 2) That Al Jazeera took the time to interview him between airing Osama bin Laden tapes and beheading vedios. Transcript. Hat tip: MIMRI.

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Ports: Nation's security is at stake
Sayed and de Man at Yale
Bush's Enduring Foreign Policy Framework

Hollywood Blowhard Calls Himself More Qualified to discuss Iraq than "Uneducated" Troops in the Field.

From Atlas Shrugs comes the story of Hollywood blowhard-actor Richard Belzer who Proclaims himself better qualified to talk about Iraq than "uneducated Soldiers" risking their lives in the field. When Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen contended Friday night, on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, that servicemen she's met in Iraq are “saying 'we're proud of our mission, we know what we're doing over here. We don't want you guys in Washington to lose it over there,'” actor/comedian Richard Belzer condescendingly fired back, claiming that to “ask them” is “bullshit” since, apparently unlike him, “they don't read twenty newspapers a day.” Ros-Lehtinen cited the knowledge of her Marine officer stepson, but Belzer, who plays “Detective John Munch” on NBC's Law & Order: SVU, retorted: “That doesn't mean he's a brilliant scholar about the war because he's there.” A quite agitated Ros-Lehtinen sputtered: "Oh, you are though! You are though? Okay." To which Belzer affirmed: "Well I have more time...” Host Bill Maher (another Hollywood genius) interjected that Belzer's point was that a 19-year-old is in the army “because he probably couldn't find other employment." The Republican Congresswoman from Florida countered that her stepson is a college graduate, leading Belzer to snidely denigrate the military: "You think everyone over there is a college graduate? They're 19 and 20-year-old kids who couldn't get a job.”

Ros-Lehtinen mocked him: "Yeah, you know because you've been there." Belzer rudely lashed back: "What, I don't fucking read!? Don't do that!" He went on to argue: "It's this patronizing thing that people have about if you're against the war everyone's lumped together. You know, the soldiers are not scholars, their not war experts." Shallow, Hollywood arrogance never fails to amaze.
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Man faces death over Christianity

Condi Does Australia: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize of Freedom

"The Australia-US alliance is extremely important to the US. It's one of our most important and enduring alliances. It's important because we have economic ties, it's important because we have ties of friendship and values, and it's important because whenever there's been a need to defend freedom throughout the decades the US and Australia have done it together. This is an extremely important relationship to us and one we value greatly."
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University Prostituting for Islamo Petrol-Dollars, Goes After Jews

Bottom-feeding for Islamo Petrol-dollars, a University produces one of the most despicable documents ever generated by a University in this country: two academics (John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt), one from Harvard and one from University of Chicago have produced the American version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Their general thesis is that since 1967, all US Presidents and the United States Congress have been hijacked; have knowingly, or have been duped into surrendering US interests to a conspiracy of international Zionist Jews who have taken control of US foreign policy through a scheming and secretive lobbying organization in Washington (AIPAC). This lobby, according to the report has forced policies on whimppy US elected officials that are contrary to our national interest. Wow!

In the minds of the authors, US government support for Israel couldn’t possibly be a reflection of the overwhelming majority of the American public, who in every poll done on this matter, support Israel; a tiny nation surrounded by a sea of totalitarian, hostile, backwards, religious fanatics who represent the antithesis of every basic Western value, and who's more extreem elements would in the name of Allah blow up Washington DC (and Harvard) in a heartbeat if only given the chance.

This sick document is particularly disturbing because it wasn’t written by a few nut-jobs hiding up in Idaho, but is instead wrapped in the “respectable” cloak of academia, under the logo of Harvard University no less, an institution that just fired its President for opposing this kind of nonsense. Harvard has been the recent recipient of very large petrol-dollar donations from totalitarian Islamic-Arab regimes, and clearly, it's payback time.

Far from being a secret; AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby in America operates openly with over 100,000 dues-paying members and millions of supporters who are US citizens, from many backgrounds and religions, from all 50 states. Any US citizen is welcomed to join, sign up for their newsletters, can visit their web site at ,, where their operations and objectives are open for all to see. In fact, you are encouraged to sign up and exercise your God given constitutional right to participate in petitioning your government to support the strategic relationship between the United States and Israel, if you choose to do so.
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