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Exactly How Disgusting is Ron Paul?

To illustrate just how revolting I find Ron Paul and his merry band of cult-worshipers: I would literally vote for Barack Hussein Obama over Ron Paul if it ever came to such a scenario. And people who read this blog know what that means. More than that, I would write a check to Barack Obama, and I would call all of my friends to write checks for Barack Obama. That's how disgusting and despicable I find that creepy old man.

The man literally parrots Osama Bin Laden. A foreign policy videotape from Ron Paul is almost, word for word, like a videotape from Osama Bin Laden himself. He quotes him, he justifies him, he excuses him and he makes the case for him. And his cult-worshiping, merry band of followers are not much better. If you want to find where almost all of the 9/11 conspiracy nut-jobs and creeps are, look no further than in Ron Paul's squalid camp. The man attracts every kook, nut and crazy in this country. Revolting sewer doesn't even begin to describe the man.

Other than that I have no problem with him.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Congressman Brain Baird (D-WA), Fightng Hard For Hamas

I'm sure the good people of the third district in Washington State would be interested in who their congressman is fighting for, because it sure isn't them. He is however a star on Al Jazeera. Let's make sure that his political career doesn't survive the next election cycle, so he can spend all of his time helping Hamas:
UPDATE: Oh, OK. It seems that Congressman Baird is not seeking reelection this term, so he decided to follow his disgusting "values", rather than worry about his reelection, so that explains his Hamas-terror hug.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Senator had sex with staffer, took her on trips, appointed her Judge, divorced his wife, now delivers speech on the Senate floor while Drunk

Further proof that a white guy in a suite can get away with anything in this country.

Why Was the Neocon Express Not Invited to This Party?

TMZ says it has obtained a never-before published photograph which appears to show John F. Kennedy on a boat filled with naked women -- "it's a photo that could have altered world events":
Update: Now The Smoking Gun claims that TMZ have fallen for a hoax, and that the photo was in fact part of a 1967 photo shoot for Playboy. Personally, I like the Kennedy story better. But the hoax is pretty good too.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is On Drugs:

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up the Amsterdam-Detroit flight this week demonstrated that "the system worked."

Asked by CNN's Candy Crowley on "State of the Union" how that could be possible when the young Nigerian who sought to set off the bomb was able to smuggle explosive liquid onto the flight, Napolitano responded: "We're asking the same questions."

Napolitano added that there was "no suggestion that [the bomber] was improperly screened."

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will We Now Have to Remove Our Underwear at Airport Security?

After Richard Reid (no known relationship to Democrat Harry Reid), tried to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic ocean with his shoes, every American has since been forced to remove their shoes at security before boarding an aircraft.

Now that Muslim radicals have invented the stealth underwear bomb, does that mean that we all have to remove our underwear at security? How about some PROFILING So the rest of us can be a little less burdened? Here's some basic, commonsense suggestions. None of these categories are alone enough to trigger suspicion, but surely two or three of categories involving the same person should raise flags?

Traveling alone on a one way ticket
No carry-on
Between the ages of 14 to 40,
Most likely male
Ticket paid for in cash
Travel Originating from a largely Islamic country
Displays nervousness, haste or is overly friendly
Is Muslim

Now notice that being Muslim alone is not enough to trigger suspicions, but being Muslim with two or three additional categories should be enough for secondary inspection. The rest of us can then move along. Is that kind of profiling really discrimination? I don't think so. When the threat fades in the years down the road, so will the profiling.

Friday, December 25, 2009

'Religion of Peace' Operative Tries to Blow Packed US Airliner Out of the Sky - Merry Christmas

It seems the US dodged another bullet today as an Al Qaeda operative tried to blow a packed US passenger liner from the sky. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria is the confirmed attacker. The substance that he was trying to ignite, failed to detonate, thus all the souls on the plane, and lives on the ground, were spared. A Simple case of luck.

UPDATE: Notice how the media are refraining form mentioning the attacker's name, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria. And notice how the media are bending over backwards from mentioning that he is a Muslim. Would anyone receive such deference? To the White House's credit, this time they have not tried to hide the subject of 'terrorism', as they so embarrassingly did after the Fort Hood incident. Obama hasn't even asked anyone to "refrain from jumping to conclusions". Perhaps he learned his lesson from Fort Hood, when he became a laughingstock for describing the incident as everything but terror.

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Mainstream Media Ask Gore the Tough Question...

Will you read your poem to me? Notice the "wow" at the end. Good lord!

The Messiah Has Landed

When you get groupie, cult-worshiping, state-run media turning on you, you know things are bad:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

100 Reasons Why 'Global Warming' Is a Load of Crap

Image: Time Magazine and it's confusion over the years. First it was global cooling, now it's global warming... and tomorrow?
From the UK Daily Express:

1) There is “no real scientific proof” that the current warming is caused by the rise of greenhouse gases from man’s activity.

2) Man-made carbon dioxide emissions throughout human history constitute less than 0.00022 percent of the total naturally emitted from the mantle of the earth during geological history.

3) Warmer periods of the Earth’s history came around 800 years before rises in CO2 levels.

4) After World War II, there was a huge surge in recorded CO2 emissions but global temperatures fell for four decades after 1940.

5) Throughout the Earth’s history, temperatures have often been warmer than now and CO2 levels have often been higher – more than ten times as high.

6) Significant changes in climate have continually occurred throughout geologic time.

7) The 0.7C increase in the average global temperature over the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term, natural climate trends.

8) The IPCC theory is driven by just 60 scientists and favourable reviewers not the 4,000 usually cited.

9) Leaked e-mails from British climate scientists – in a scandal known as “Climate-gate” - suggest that that has been manipulated to exaggerate global warming

10) A large body of scientific research suggests that the sun is responsible for the greater share of climate change during the past hundred years.

11) Politicians and activiists claim rising sea levels are a direct cause of global warming but sea levels rates have been increasing steadily since the last ice age 10,000 ago

12) Philip Stott, Emeritus Professor of Biogeography at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London says climate change is too complicated to be caused by just one factor, whether CO2 or clouds

13) Peter Lilley MP said last month that “fewer people in Britain than in any other country believe in the importance of global warming. That is despite the fact that our Government and our political class—predominantly—are more committed to it than their counterparts in any other country in the world”.

14) In pursuit of the global warming rhetoric, wind farms will do very little to nothing to reduce CO2 emissions

15) Professor Plimer, Professor of Geology and Earth Sciences at the University of Adelaide, stated that the idea of taking a single trace gas in the atmosphere, accusing it and finding it guilty of total responsibility for climate change, is an “absurdity”

16) A Harvard University astrophysicist and geophysicist, Willie Soon, said he is “embarrassed and puzzled” by the shallow science in papers that support the proposition that the earth faces a climate crisis caused by global warming.

17) The science of what determines the earth’s temperature is in fact far from settled or understood.

18) Despite activist concerns over CO2 levels, CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas, unlike water vapour which is tied to climate concerns, and which we can’t even pretend to control

19) A petition by scientists trying to tell the world that the political and media portrayal of global warming is false was put forward in the Heidelberg Appeal in 1992. Today, more than 4,000 signatories, including 72 Nobel Prize winners, from 106 countries have signed it.

20) It is claimed the average global temperature increased at a dangerously fast rate in the 20th century but the recent rate of average global temperature rise has been between 1 and 2 degrees C per century - within natural rates

21) Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection in Warsaw, Poland says the earth’s temperature has more to do with cloud cover and water vapor than CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

22) There is strong evidence from solar studies which suggests that the Earth’s current temperature stasis will be followed by climatic cooling over the next few decades

23) It is myth that receding glaciers are proof of global warming as glaciers have been receding and growing cyclically for many centuries

24) It is a falsehood that the earth’s poles are warming because that is natural variation and while the western Arctic may be getting somewhat warmer we also see that the Eastern Arctic and Greenland are getting colder

25) The IPCC claims climate driven “impacts on biodiversity are significant and of key relevance” but those claims are simply not supported by scientific research

26) The IPCC threat of climate change to the world’s species does not make sense as wild species are at least one million years old, which means they have all been through hundreds of climate cycles

27) Research goes strongly against claims that CO2-induced global warming would cause catastrophic disintegration of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets.

28) Despite activist concerns over CO2 levels, rising CO2 levels are our best hope of raising crop yields to feed an ever-growing population

29) The biggest climate change ever experienced on earth took place around 700 million years ago

30) The slight increase in temperature which has been observed since 1900 is entirely consistent with well-established, long-term natural climate cycles

31) Despite activist concerns over CO2 levels, rising CO2 levels of some so-called “greenhouse gases” may be contributing to higher oxygen levels and global cooling, not warming

32) Accurate satellite, balloon and mountain top observations made over the last three decades have not shown any significant change in the long term rate of increase in global temperatures

33) Today’s CO2 concentration of around 385 ppm is very low compared to most of the earth’s history – we actually live in a carbon-deficient atmosphere

34) It is a myth that CO2 is the most common greenhouse gas because greenhouse gases form about 3% of the atmosphere by volume, and CO2 constitutes about 0.037% of the atmosphere

35) It is a myth that computer models verify that CO2 increases will cause significant global warming because computer models can be made to “verify” anything

36) There is no scientific or statistical evidence whatsoever that global warming will cause more storms and other weather extremes

37) One statement deleted from a UN report in 1996 stated that “none of the studies cited above has shown clear evidence that we can attribute the observed climate changes to increases in greenhouse gases”

38) The world “warmed” by 0.07 +/- 0.07 degrees C from 1999 to 2008, not the 0.20 degrees C expected by the IPCC

39) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says “it is likely that future tropical cyclones (typhoons and hurricanes) will become more intense” but there has been no increase in the intensity or frequency of tropical cyclones globally

40) Rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere can be shown not only to have a negligible effect on the Earth’s many ecosystems, but in some cases to be a positive help to many organisms

41) Researchers who compare and contrast climate change impact on civilizations found warm periods are beneficial to mankind and cold periods harmful

42) The Met Office asserts we are in the hottest decade since records began but this is precisely what the world should expect if the climate is cyclical

43) Rising CO2 levels increase plant growth and make plants more resistant to drought and pests

44) The historical increase in the air’s CO2 content has improved human nutrition by raising crop yields during the past 150 years

45) The increase of the air’s CO2 content has probably helped lengthen human lifespans since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution

46) The IPCC alleges that “climate change currently contributes to the global burden of disease and premature deaths” but the evidence shows that higher temperatures and rising CO2 levels has helped global populations

47) In May of 2004, the Russian Academy of Sciences published a report concluding that the Kyoto Protocol has no scientific grounding at all.

48) The “Climate-gate” scandal pointed to a expensive public campaign of disinformation and the denigration of scientists who opposed the belief that CO2 emissions were causing climate change

49) The head of Britain’s climate change watchdog has predicted households will need to spend up to £15,000 on a full energy efficiency makeover if the Government is to meet its ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions.

50) Wind power is unlikely to be the answer to our energy needs. The wind power industry argues that there are “no direct subsidies” but it involves a total subsidy of as much as £60 per MWh which falls directly on electricity consumers. This burden will grow in line with attempts to achieve Wind power targets, according to a recent OFGEM report.

51) Wind farms are not an efficient way to produce energy. The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) accepts a figure of 75 per cent back-up power is required.

52) Global temperatures are below the low end of IPCC predictions not at “at the top end of IPCC estimates”

53) Climate alarmists have raised the concern over acidification of the oceans but Tom Segalstad from Oslo University in Norway , and others, have noted that the composition of ocean water – including CO2, calcium, and water – can act as a buffering agent in the acidification of the oceans.

54) The UN’s IPCC computer models of human-caused global warming predict the emergence of a “hotspot” in the upper troposphere over the tropics. Former researcher in the Australian Department of Climate Change, David Evans, said there is no evidence of such a hotspot

55) The argument that climate change is a of result of global warming caused by human activity is the argument of flat Earthers.

56) The manner in which US President Barack Obama sidestepped Congress to order emission cuts shows how undemocratic and irrational the entire international decision-making process has become with regards to emission-target setting.

57) William Kininmonth, a former head of the National Climate Centre and a consultant to the World Meteorological Organisation, wrote “the likely extent of global temperature rise from a doubling of CO2 is less than 1C. Such warming is well within the envelope of variation experienced during the past 10,000 years and insignificant in the context of glacial cycles during the past million years, when Earth has been predominantly very cold and covered by extensive ice sheets.”

58) Canada has shown the world targets derived from the existing Kyoto commitments were always unrealistic and did not work for the country.

59) In the lead up to the Copenhagen summit, David Davis MP said of previous climate summits, at Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and Kyoto in 1997 that many had promised greater cuts, but “neither happened”, but we are continuing along the same lines.

60) The UK ’s environmental policy has a long-term price tag of about £55 billion, before taking into account the impact on its economic growth.

61) The UN’s panel on climate change warned that Himalayan glaciers could melt to a fifth of current levels by 2035. J. Graham Cogley a professor at Ontario Trent University, claims this inaccurate stating the UN authors got the date from an earlier report wrong by more than 300 years.

62) Under existing Kyoto obligations the EU has attempted to claim success, while actually increasing emissions by 13 per cent, according to Lord Lawson. In addition the EU has pursued this scheme by purchasing “offsets” from countries such as China paying them billions of dollars to destroy atmospheric pollutants, such as CFC-23, which were manufactured purely in order to be destroyed.

63) It is claimed that the average global temperature was relatively unchanging in pre-industrial times but sky-rocketed since 1900, and will increase by several degrees more over the next 100 years according to Penn State University researcher Michael Mann. There is no convincing empirical evidence that past climate was unchanging, nor that 20th century changes in average global temperature were unusual or unnatural.

64) Michael Mann of Penn State University has actually shown that the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age did in fact exist, which contrasts with his earlier work which produced the “hockey stick graph” which showed a constant temperature over the past thousand years or so followed by a recent dramatic upturn.

65) The globe’s current approach to climate change in which major industrialised countries agree to nonsensical targets for their CO2 emissions by a given date, as it has been under the Kyoto system, is very expensive.

66) The “Climate-gate” scandal revealed that a scientific team had emailed one another about using a “trick” for the sake of concealing a “decline” in temperatures when looking at the history of the Earth’s temperature.

67) Global temperatures have not risen in any statistically-significant sense for 15 years and have actually been falling for nine years. The “Climate-gate” scandal revealed a scientific team had expressed dismay at the fact global warming was contrary to their predictions and admitted their inability to explain it was “a travesty”.

68) The IPCC predicts that a warmer planet will lead to more extreme weather, including drought, flooding, storms, snow, and wildfires. But over the last century, during which the IPCC claims the world experienced more rapid warming than any time in the past two millennia, the world did not experience significantly greater trends in any of these extreme weather events.

69) In explaining the average temperature standstill we are currently experiencing, the Met Office Hadley Centre ran a series of computer climate predictions and found in many of the computer runs there were decade-long standstills but none for 15 years – so it expects global warming to resume swiftly.

70) Richard Lindzen, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote: “The notion of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the Earth or any other planet with a fluid envelope. Such hysteria (over global warming) simply represents the scientific illiteracy of much of the public, the susceptibility of the public to the substitution of repetition for truth.”

71) Despite the 1997 Kyoto Protocol’s status as the flagship of the fight against climate change it has been a failure.

72) The first phase of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which ran from 2005 to 2007 was a failure. Huge over-allocation of permits to pollute led to a collapse in the price of carbon from €33 to just €0.20 per tonne meaning the system did not reduce emissions at all.

73) The EU trading scheme, to manage carbon emissions has completely failed and actually allows European businesses to duck out of making their emissions reductions at home by offsetting, which means paying for cuts to be made overseas instead.

74) To date “cap and trade” carbon markets have done almost nothing to reduce emissions.

75) In the United States , the cap-and-trade is an approach designed to control carbon emissions and will impose huge costs upon American citizens via a carbon tax on all goods and services produced in the United States. The average family of four can expect to pay an additional $1700, or £1,043, more each year. It is predicted that the United States will lose more than 2 million jobs as the result of cap-and-trade schemes.

76) Dr Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, has indicated that out of the 21 climate models tracked by the IPCC the differences in warming exhibited by those models is mostly the result of different strengths of positive cloud feedback – and that increasing CO2 is insufficient to explain global-average warming in the last 50 to 100 years.

77) Why should politicians devote our scarce resources in a globally competitive world to a false and ill-defined problem, while ignoring the real problems the entire planet faces, such as: poverty, hunger, disease or terrorism.

78) A proper analysis of ice core records from the past 650,000 years demonstrates that temperature increases have come before, and not resulted from, increases in CO2 by hundreds of years.

79) Since the cause of global warming is mostly natural, then there is in actual fact very little we can do about it. (We are still not able to control the sun).

80) A substantial number of the panel of 2,500 climate scientists on the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change, which created a statement on scientific unanimity on climate change and man-made global warming, were found to have serious concerns.

81) The UK’s Met Office has been forced this year to re-examine 160 years of temperature data after admitting that public confidence in the science on man-made global warming has been shattered by revelations about the data.

82) Politicians and activists push for renewable energy sources such as wind turbines under the rhetoric of climate change, but it is essentially about money – under the system of Renewable Obligations. Much of the money is paid for by consumers in electricity bills. It amounts to £1 billion a year.

83) The “Climate-gate” scandal revealed that a scientific team had tampered with their own data so as to conceal inconsistencies and errors.

84) The “Climate-gate” scandal revealed that a scientific team had campaigned for the removal of a learned journal’s editor, solely because he did not share their willingness to debase science for political purposes.

85) Ice-core data clearly show that temperatures change centuries before concentrations of atmospheric CO2 change. Thus, there appears to be little evidence for insisting that changes in concentrations of CO2 are the cause of past temperature and climate change.

86) There are no experimentally verified processes explaining how CO2 concentrations can fall in a few centuries without falling temperatures – in fact it is changing temperatures which cause changes in CO2 concentrations, which is consistent with experiments that show CO2 is the atmospheric gas most readily absorbed by water.

87) The Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy contains a massive increase in electricity generation by wind power costing around £4 billion a year over the next twenty years. The benefits will be only £4 to £5 billion overall (not per annum). So costs will outnumber benefits by a range of between eleven and seventeen times.

88) Whilst CO2 levels have indeed changed for various reasons, human and otherwise, just as they have throughout history, the CO2 content of the atmosphere has increased since the beginning of the industrial revolution, and the growth rate has now been constant for the past 25 years.

89) It is a myth that CO2 is a pollutant, because nitrogen forms 80% of our atmosphere and human beings could not live in 100% nitrogen either: CO2 is no more a pollutant than nitrogen is and CO2 is essential to life.

90) Politicians and climate activists make claims to rising sea levels but certain members in the IPCC chose an area to measure in Hong Kong that is subsiding. They used the record reading of 2.3 mm per year rise of sea level.

91) The accepted global average temperature statistics used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998.

92) If one factors in non-greenhouse influences such as El Nino events and large volcanic eruptions, lower atmosphere satellite-based temperature measurements show little, if any, global warming since 1979, a period over which atmospheric CO2 has increased by 55 ppm (17 per cent).

93) US President Barack Obama pledged to cut emissions by 2050 to equal those of 1910 when there were 92 million Americans. In 2050, there will be 420 million Americans, so Obama’s promise means that emissions per head will be approximately what they were in 1875. It simply will not happen.

94) The European Union has already agreed to cut emissions by 20 percent to 2020, compared with 1990 levels, and is willing to increase the target to 30 percent. However, these are unachievable and the EU has already massively failed with its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), as EU emissions actually rose by 0.8 percent from 2005 to 2006 and are known to be well above the Kyoto goal.

95) Australia has stated it wants to slash greenhouse emissions by up to 25 percent below 2000 levels by 2020, but the pledges were so unpopular that the country’s Senate has voted against the carbon trading Bill, and the Opposition’s Party leader has now been ousted by a climate change sceptic.

96) Canada plans to reduce emissions by 20 percent compared with 2006 levels by 2020, representing approximately a 3 percent cut from 1990 levels but it simultaneously defends its Alberta tar sands emissions and its record as one of the world’s highest per-capita emissions setters.

97) India plans to reduce the ratio of emissions to production by 20-25 percent compared with 2005 levels by 2020, but all Government officials insist that since India has to grow for its development and poverty alleviation, it has to emit, because the economy is driven by carbon.

98) The Leipzig Declaration in 1996, was signed by 110 scientists who said: “We – along with many of our fellow citizens – are apprehensive about the climate treaty conference scheduled for Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997” and “based on all the evidence available to us, we cannot subscribe to the politically inspired world view that envisages climate catastrophes and calls for hasty actions.”

99) A US Oregon Petition Project stated “We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind. There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of CO2, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

100) A report by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change concluded “We find no support for the IPCC’s claim that climate observations during the twentieth century are either unprecedented or provide evidence of an anthropogenic effect on climate.”

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This video requires no narration, however, you must be an honest person, and you may need to be above a certain IQ level to get it:

If you are currently in Copenhagen, if you are a "scientist" at East Anglia University, if you think Little Green Footballs is a smart blog, than this may be a beyond your ability to comprehend:

Of course, global warming hysteria is nothing new. Here is some fun global warming hysteria from well over fifty years ago. We're all going to die!

This snake-oil is just an older version of Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth. It's interesting that this version from over fifty years ago uses footage of natural ice cleaving from the same glacier, Perito Moreno, in Argentina, that Gore used in An Inconvenient Truth. Only problem is, that glacier has grown since then.

Incredible Israeli USV, Picked Up By The USN

Not mentioned in this little clip it that this USV is stealth to radar, capable of launching torpedoes against large surface ships, and even has a self destruct mechanism to avoid being captured. Unbelievable.

Video: Outragious Attack on Berlusconi

This may be a case of the far left looking for trouble. And they might find it.

Actual attack here:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Hanukkah

From Ben Yahuda Street In Jerusalem:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Obama: Iran...ooops...I Mean Global Warming, Must Be Confronted

Liberals have finally discovered an enemy that they are "bravely" willing to confront. With this imaginary enemy, no physical risks are necessary, no courage or strength are required... unless you mean strictly in the abstract sense. They will pursue this "national security threat" to the ends of the Earth, or at least to cocktail parties in Copenhagen.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hillary's Fat-cat Pollster Recieved $6,000,000 in Stimulus Funds So His PR Firm Could "Save" Three Jobs.

So you were wondering where the economic stimulus money went to. For a tiny example of how the funds have basically ended up in the hands of political allies and cronies of this administration, look no further than here.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Harry Reid: Republicans Would Support Slavery

History 101:

Apparently Harry Reid does not know that it was the Democrat Party, his own party, that largely supported the institution of slavery, and that the Republican Party was established to put an end to slavery. Harry Reid does not know that the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Harry Reid does not know that it was his party, the Democrat Party, that established and supported Jim Crow laws throughout the South for many decades. Harry Reid apparently doesn't know that every single segregationist in the South, from Bull Conner to George Wallace, were all Democrats. Every one of them. He does not know that almost all of those who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act were Democrats. That is basic History 101. Good lord Harry! It's as if the Nazi party (National Socialists), came back and started blaming the Holocaust on the Christian Democratic Union party in Germany today.

Don’t Exhale: Hey, let’s tax that stuff that comes out of your mouth when you breathe

The EPA now declares the stuff that every plant on earth needs to survive, a "pollutant". With every breath you take and every move you make, you are polluting the planet and should be taxed. Total control of the individual, and restrictions on individual freedoms is the goal.

Carbon is the 15th most abundant of elements in the Earth's crust, and the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen. It is present in all known lifeforms, and in the human body carbon is the second most abundant element by mass (about 18.5%) after oxygen. This abundance, together with the unique diversity of organic compounds, make this element the chemical basis of all known life.
Now, according to the Obama administration, it is a pollution to be controlled and regulated. Meaning life itself, and every human activity, is to be controlled and regulated by government.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another Homemade Anti-Jihad Video

I'm always amazed at how individuals around the world make their own opinion videos, which in many cases are far more informed than MSM. Here's an example from Romania:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Chris Matthews: West Point is an "enemy camp"

You gotta love it when Liberals say what they really think:

Monday, November 30, 2009

Charles Johnson is a Low-Life Who Abuses the Holocaust to Make Cheap Political Points

Charles Johnson has proven himself to be a scoundrel and a low-life. I can't believe that I used to respect his work over at LGF. Now he has taken to calling anyone skeptical of 'Global Warming', "deniers". Of course, the term "denier" is meant to conjure up visions of holocaust deniers, the lowest form of humanity. It's hard to imagine a greater abuse of holocaust imagery, just to make a cheap political point.

Of course, it would be easy to turn the argument on Johnson by calling him a "climategate denier", but that would be stooping too low.

Not content with comparing anyone who questions the great Global Warming fraud to Holocaust deniers, Johnson was quick to smear the entire Swiss people for voting to restrict Muslim minarets across Switzerland. He compared the vote to "turning Jews over to the Nazi's", another typical abuse of Holocaust imagery. Muslim minarets (not a requirement of the religion) are tall towers above mosques meant to dominate the skyline, and symbolize the dominance of Islam. They are usually fitted with loudspeakers that blare out Muslim calls to prayer five times a day. Gee I can't imagine why they should be restricted in Switzerland. Remember, Mosques are not restricted, just the minarets. Johnson thinks that's the same as truing Jews over to Nazi's. A truly sick individual who has lost his mind.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Iran & Israel Make Peace in the NBA

This was no big deal for the Israeli player, but for the Iranian player it was an act of bravery, because back home in Iran, he could be arrested by the Islamo-fascist regime for such a simple act of humanity. Good for him.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yep, It's Just Another Day in Obama-land

AP Assign Eleven "fact Checkers" to Palin's New Book

Mark Steyn:

AP writers Matt Apuzzo, Sharon Theimer, Tom Raum, Rita Beamish, Beth Fouhy, H. Josef Hebert, Justin D. Pritchard, Garance Burke, Dan Joling and Lewis Shaine contributed to this report.

Wow. That’s ten “AP writers” plus Calvin Woodward, the AP writer whose twinkling pen honed the above contributions into the turgid sludge of the actual report. That’s 11 writers for a 695-word report. What on? Obamacare? The Iranian nuke program? The upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

No, the Associated Press assigned 11 writers to “fact-check” Sarah Palin’s new book, and in return the 11 fact-checkers triumphantly unearthed six errors. That’s 1.8333333 writers for each error. What earth-shattering misstatements did they uncover for this impressive investment? Stand well back:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prejean - Sex Tapes and Conservatisim?

I'm sorry but this woman is a complete idiot and a publicity hound. Those conservatives who signed her on as some kind of spokeswoman were duped (not this site thankfully). Here she is lecturing Larry King about being "inappropriate". I hope her raunchy sex video is posted on YouTube (apparently there are 17 of them). How is that for "inappropriate"?

It's Official: Hell Has Frozen Over....

Via the always titillating Sondra Kay: The lefty-gay Hillbuzz blog is coming clean on Bush. Finally acknowledging that although imperfect like all of us, he is a good and decent man. The trigger was George and Laura's quiet visit to Fort Hood immediately following the terrorist attack, but the reversal is sweeping:

You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and the other political figures we keep in our hearts and never allow anyone to badmouth.

Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, you’ll answer to us.

We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person for all they’ve done, and continue to do. They didn’t have to head to Ft. Hood. That was not their responsibility.

The Obamas should have done that.
Read the entire thing. Read the comments. I was absolutely floored and moved. These guys clearly have integrity.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

America Has Lost It's Collective Mind

I hate to say this, but Americans are collectively proving to be about as dumb as dumb gets. David Horowitz explains:

A Muslim fanatic with an Internet site praising Islamic suicide bombers as defenders of their comrades is a Major in the U.S. Army with access to military intelligence and lethal weaponry. And it’s not as though the army didn’t know that he was a Muslim fanatic and supporter of the Islamic jihad against the West. He was under investigation for six months because of his anti-American, jihadist rantings. He did not want to be deployed. He wanted to be discharged.

But despite his identification with America’s enemies, the army kept him in its officer corps. How in God’s name was this possible? But it was. And so, after calling America the “aggressor” in Afghanistan and Iraq this Muslim jihadist traitor army officer picks up his semi-automatic weapons and heads for the center at Ft. Hood where soldiers are being deployed to fight the jihadists in Afghanistan to conduct his massacre. Yet this morning the Fox News Channel chiron says “Investigators search for a motive in the Ft. Hood killings.” Is everybody out of their mind?
The President of the United States no less, declares that we "should avoid jumping to conclusions" about a man shouting Allahu Akbar while massacring US soldiers. That we should all keep an open mind about a Jihadist who worshipped at the same mosque as three of the 9/11 hijackers. Lets remember that even during WWII, US soldiers were never massacred in the United States. It was the worst terror attack in America since 9/11, yet the media have taken to pretending that they have no idea what may have motivated the Muslim fanatic to kill US soldiers. Even worse, they broadcast excuses for his actions. Laughably, they refrain from even suggesting what is obvious to any person with any degree of intelligence.

In Short. Americans have collectively decided to either play dumb, or are in fact the dumbest collection of people on the planet, led by a leader who encourages the willful stupidity. What a disgrace, what an embarrassment.

UPDATE: In the most bizarre exercise in intellectual gymnastics, TIME Magazine asserts with a straight face that it was "secondary trauma" that caused the radical Islamic shooter to yell Allahu Akbar and murder everyone in site. The 'Twinkies defense' is no longer the most absurd excuse in American history.

UPDATE: Local Texas Muslim interviews on the BBC. Remember, Obama said that we should not jump to conclusions: You see, in any normal society, this person would be hiding for his own safety. Instead he openly mocks the average American, justifies the killings and basically states that Americans are too dumb and naive to confront his ideology. He feels perfectly comfortable stating this to mainstream media, giving his real name. And then people wonder why things like this happen.

Friday, November 06, 2009

It Must Have Been a Swedish Grandmother who Attacked Fort Hood

You can call him "French youth", or a Swedish grandmother, or someone suffering from "PRE" traumatic-stress disorder. He is certainly the victim because somebody may have called him a bad name at some point in his life. The President of the United States even says that we should "not jump to conclusions" about a man shouting "allahu akbar" and murdering everyone in site. We should all keep an open mind about that. Of course, any reference to the 'religion of peace' would be discrimination... and God forbid that we should discriminate between good and evil.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wouldn't be great if everyone could afford to ride out the Obama administration like this. It's the kind of bailout I could go for:

Monday, November 02, 2009

THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 1968, 41 years ago - Astonishing!

You probably don't remember the name Eric Hoffer. He was a longshoreman who turned into a philosopher, wrote columns for newspapers and some books. He was a non-Jewish American social philosopher. He was born in 1902 and died in 1983, after writing nine books and winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His first book, The True Believer, published in 1951, was widely recognized as a classic.

Here is one of his columns from 1968 -- 41 years ago! Some things never change.

ISRAEL'S PECULIAR Eric Hoffer - LA Times 5/26/68

The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews. Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland and Czechoslovakia did it.

Turkey threw out a million Greeks, and Algeria a million Frenchman. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees. But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees.

Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single one. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis.

Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious, it must sue for peace. Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world. Other nations, when they are defeated, survive and recover but should Israel be defeated it would be destroyed.

Had Nasser triumphed last June [1967], he would have wiped Israel off the map, and no one would have lifted a finger to save the Jews. No commitment to the Jews by any government, including our own, is worth the paper it is written on.

There is a cry of outrage all over the world when people die in Vietnam or when two Blacks are executed in Rhodesia. But, when Hitler slaughtered Jews no one demonstrated against him. The Swedes, who were ready to break off diplomatic relations with America because of what we did in Vietnam, did not let out a peep when Hitler was slaughtering Jews. They sent Hitler choice iron ore, and ball bearings, and serviced his troops in Norway.

The Jews are alone in the world.

If Israel survives, it will be solely because of Jewish efforts. and Jewish resources. Yet at this moment, Israel is our only reliable and unconditional ally. We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us.

And one has only to imagine what would have happened last summer [1967] had the Arabs and their Russian backers won the war, to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West in general.

I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish, the Holocaust will be upon us all.

H/T: Arnold Steinberg

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Purge of Jews from Arab countries continues.

Purge of Jews from Arab countries continues as the US State Department evacuates Jews from Yemen today. Few people know that over a million Jews have either fled or were expelled from Arab countries since 1948. Along with their descendants, they outnumber all Palestinian refugees. But nobody calls them "refugees" because they are Jews. There are no UN resolutions, no "Naqkba Day", and liberals are literally to stupid or anti-Semitic to even be aware of this silent ethnic cleansing that has been going on for decades. History will record that 2,500 years of Jewish life in Yemen is now over, without a peep from a single liberal.

Good News - Average Jordanian citizens rush to assist elderly Israeli tourists injured in a bus crash.

Well, this is good news. it's a small indication that the hatred is not so ingrained as to erase peoples basic humanity. I realize that it's not some earth shattering revelation, but I'll take any good news I can get.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Test: How Long Will It Take YouTube to Shut Down This Video? You Make the Call:

Well, certainly, radical Islamists will find this video offensive. Go to the YouTube site where it is posted to read the comments, they are truly fascinating.

Larry David over HBO thinks that he's cutting edge for peeing on a portrait of Jesus. Of course, Larry David is too much of a pussy to piss on a portrait of Mohammad.

UPDATE: Breaking News: Detroit imam, leader "a highly placed leader of a nationwide radical fundamentalist Sunni group" killed in FBI raid in Detroit.

Greatest Version of this classic ever!

I can't help myself. It starts off a little weak, but quickly builds. Sit through it. It is well worth it for anyone even slightly appreciative of this genre:

NEA Vomit Alert

Rocco Landesman is President Obama's handpicked chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. Last week he gave the note address to the 2009 Grantmakers in the Arts Conference:

"This is the first president that actually writes his own books since Teddy Roosevelt and arguably the first to write them really well since Lincoln. If you accept the premise, and I do, that the United States is the most powerful country in the world, then Barack Obama is the most powerful writer since Julius Caesar. That has to be good for American artists."


Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Islam Day in Washington: "Kill all Homosexuals"

OK, Islam day in DC was a few weeks ago but I just came across this video:

Columbia "Journalisim" Students Bash Fox News - Gee, I wonder where they got that idea from?

A bunch of spoiled rich kids, who's parents are paying tens of thousands of dollars every year for them to study something that is more like an activity than a real profession, rap about the big bad Fox News:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama, Like Chavez, Is Openly Trying to Stifle Freedom of the Press

If he thought he could get away with shutting down Fox News, is there anyone out there who believes that he wouldn't? If he thought he could get away with using the US military to shut down opposition, is there anyone who believes he wouldn't? Even the left wing media is beginning to realize who they are dealing with. This is what he is doing now, what happens when he begins to feel a little more comfortable?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Debate on Iraqi TV about whether the Earth is flat.

"Koran science proves the Earth is indeed flat":

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Unvarnished, Absolute Truth:

UK Prime Minister: We Have 50 Days to Fix Global Warming Or We're All Going to Die

COUNTDOWN TO DEATH? Further proof that "global warming" is a mental disorder:
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! The UK faces a "catastrophe" of floods, droughts and killer heatwaves if world leaders fail to agree on a deal on climate change, the prime minister has warned. Gordon Brown said negotiators had 50 days to save the world. He then stressed that there was "no plan B".

Oba-Mao Clothing Now Available

Just what you have been waiting for...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

NewsCorp Interested in Buying NBC-Universal - as White House Declares War on Fox News

Good lord, what will Keith Olbermann do? What will all of those red-doper-diaper-babies over at MSNBC do? Can anyone imagine the Obama administrations Justice Department letting such a deal go through, and not blocking it with "anti-trust" red herrings? As is, the White House declared war on Fox News today in an attempt to suppress freedom of expression, Venezuela style. This is going to be an absolute delight to watch. Keep it up Mr. Murdoch.

Friday, October 09, 2009

A Study in Contrast; Nobel "Peace" Winners and Losers:

Franklin Roosevelt, Loser: Mohamed ElBaradei, winner:Ronald Reagan, loser:
Jimmy Carter, winner:
Winston Churchill, Loser:
Al Gore, Winner:
Harry Truman, Loser:
Yasser Arafat, Winner:
Mahatma Gandhi, Loser:
Barack Hussein Obama, winner:
John F. Kennedy, Loser:
Le Duc Tho, Winner:
The largest peacekeeping force on the planet... LOSERS:

Of course, without this last organization, all those Norwegians would be speaking German or Russian and marching the goosestep right about now, and there would probably be no peace to be found on this planet. But what do I know? I’m not a Norwegian.

You make the call.

A small sample of those passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize in favor of a sleezy polititian:

Irena Sendler was a Polish Catholic social worker who served in the Polish Underground …in German-occupied Warsaw during World War II. Assisted by others, Sendler saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, providing them false documents, and sheltering them in individual and group children’s homes outside the Ghetto. She was passed over in favor of Al Gore.

Dr. Denis Mukwege (born 1 March 1955) is a Congolese gynecologist. Working in Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, where he specializes in the treatment of women who have been gang-raped by Congolese militia, Mukwege has probably become the world’s leading expert on how to repair the internal physical damage caused by gang rape.[1] He has treated 21,000 women during the Congo’s 12-year war, some of them more than once, performing up to 10 surgeries a day during his 18-hour working days. Passed over in favor of Barack Hussein Obama.

Dr. Sima Samar, is a women’s rights activist in Afghanistan. Dr. Samar publicly refuses to accept that women must be kept in purdah (secluded from the public) and speaks out against the wearing of the burqa (head-to-foot wrap), which was enforced first by the fundamentalist mujahideen and then by the Taliban. She also has drawn attention to the fact that many women in Afghanistan suffer from osteomalacia, a softening of the bones, due to an inadequate diet. Wearing the burqa reduces exposure to sunlight and aggravates the situation for women suffering from osteomalacia. She was passed over in favor of Barack Hussein Obama.

SOS Children’s Villages is an international non-governmental social development organisation that has been active in the field of children’s rights and committed to children’s needs and concerns since 1949. In 132 countries and territories their activities have focused on children without parental care and children of families in difficult circumstances. Passed over in favor of Barack Hussein Obama.


Yuck: Obama Wins the Nobel "Peace" Prize

If the Messiah wasn't so vain, he would turn it down as an insult to his, and everyone's intelligence. He now joins Yasser Arafat, Mohamed El Baradei, Le Duc Tho, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and the notorious Anti-Semite Mary Robinson, at the bottom of the Nobel "peace" prize barrel. A fake prize, for a fake president, for fake accomplishments.

Here is a little YouTube clip showing how a "senior White House official" calls a TV host "an a#&hole" for bursting out in laughter after hearing the news:

UPDATE: Barack Obama adviser says Sharia Law is misunderstood.

Tommy De Seno's Note: Although President Obama had only been in office for 12 days before the nominations for this year's Nobel Peace prize closed the entire process actually takes a full year. According to the official Nobel Prize Web site invitation letters are sent out in September. Every year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee sends out thousands of letters inviting a qualified and select number of people to submit their nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The deadline to submit nominations is February 1. -- Two hundred five names were submitted for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, 33 of which are organizations. A short list of nominees is prepared in February and March. The short list is subject to adviser review from March until August. At the beginning of October, the Nobel Committee chooses the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates through a majority vote. The decision is final and without appeal. The names of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates are then announced."

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. Over the last decade the only requirement to win the prize was that the nominee had to be critical of George W. Bush (see Al Gore, Mohamed El Baradei and Jimmy Carter).

President Obama has broken new ground here. Nominations for potential winners of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ended on February 1. The president took office only 12 days earlier on January 20.

Let’s take a look at the president’s first 12 days in the White House according to his public schedule to see what he did to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize:

January 20: Sworn in as president. Went to a parade. Partied.

January 21: Asked bureaucrats to re-write guidelines for information requests. Held an “open house” party at the White House.

January 22: Signed Executive Orders: Executive Branch workers to take ethics pledge; re-affirmed Army Field Manual techniques for interrogations; expressed desire to close Gitmo (how’s that working out?)

January 23: Ordered the release of federal funding to pay for abortions in foreign countries. Lunch with Joe Biden; met with Tim Geithner.

January 24: Budget meeting with economic team.

January 25: Skipped church.

January 26: Gave speech about jobs and energy. Met with Hillary Clinton. Attended Geithner's swearing in ceremony.

January 27: Met with Republicans. Spoke at a clock tower in Ohio.

January 28: Economic meetings in the morning, met with Defense secretary in the afternoon.

January 29: Signed Ledbetter Bill overturning Supreme Court decision on lawsuits over wages. Party in the State Room. Met with Biden.

January 30: Met economic advisers. Gave speech on Middle Class Working Families Task Force. Met with senior enlisted military officials.

January 31: Took the day off.

February 1: Skipped church. Threw a Super Bowl party.

So there you have it. The short path to the Nobel Peace Prize: Party, go to meetings, skip church, release federal funding to pay for abortions in foreign countries, party some more.

Good grief.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Global Warming: Chicago Expecting Earliest Snowfall in Recorded History

Chicago is expecting snow this Sunday, making it the earliest snowfall in the area in recorded history. The mindless "global warming" cult will probably have some sort of explanation, you know... "warming actually means cooling"..."local measurments mean nothing"... that sort of thing. Bottom line? Most Americana's aren't buying it. The weather is simply refusing to play along with the scam.

UPDATE: BBC: What the hell happened to "Global Warming".

A first: Major leauge baseball game is snowed out! Too cold for the boys of summer:

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well, This Little Tune Pretty Much Explains The Current Economic Crisis:

Creepy Child Exploitation for Political Purposes

Exploiting children, and brainwashing children is the hallmark of any insecure regime bent on domination. That a media outlet would willingly play along with this type of exploitation of children is even more troubling.

Israeli-American Tycoon, Haim Saban Makes bid for Al Jazeera

Israeli-American Tycoon, Haim Saban, already owns Univision, the largest Spanish language television outlet in North America. He is the owner of iconic children's characters like Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and Power Rangers. He also owns a controlling interest in Israel's largest communications company, Bezek, and is ranked #78 on the Forbes 400. Now Saban has set his sights on acquiring Al Jazeera, the largest and most popular Arabic language television broadcaster in the world, owned by the emirate of Qatar. If the deal goes through, it will be a first, and a huge revolution in Arab language broadcasting. It will not likely turn into Fox News overnight, but if will certainly make a difference in how the rest of world is portrayed in the Arab world.

Calling on All Israel-Haters to Boycott new Antibiotics when they get sick

A big congrats to Israeli scientist Ada Yonath and the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot for winning the Nobel Prize for chemistry today! The Nobel Academy pointed out that her research has led to the development of new antibiotics, "directly assisting the saving of lives and decreasing humanity's suffering". Maybe the Israel-haters should consider boycotting these antibiotics when they get sick.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Evening Theater With Obama Youth

61% of Americans Back Military Force to Disarm Iran

As the Obama administration continues to accommodate Iran's nuclear program. A growing majority of Americans support the use of Military force to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear arms. A full 64% do not believe that talks with Iran will lead anywhere, and even a majority of Democrats (51%), say it is more important to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons even if it means taking military action. The all-important independent voter shares that view by a margin of 66%. Even 56% of notoriously naive US Jews support taking out Iran's nuclear program.

Only 24% of US voters say it is more important to avoid a military conflict with Iran, if it means that the country may develop nuclear weapons.

UPDATE: Obama defunds Iranian human rights group.

Monday, October 05, 2009

At the UN, the Obama administration backs limits on free speech

The new UN resolution, championed by the Obama administration, emphasizes that the exercise of the right to freedom of expression carries with it "special duties and responsibilities . . . which include taking action against anything meeting the description of negative racial and religious stereotyping. It also purports to "recognize . . . the moral and social responsibilities of the media" and supports "the media's elaboration of voluntary codes of professional ethical conduct" in relation to "combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance."

This new UN resolution is co-sponsored by the US and Egypt, and the language was formulated following the Danish Cartoon "crisis". The Egyptian Ambassador Hisham Badr is delighted. He praised the development by telling the Council that "freedom of expression . . . has been sometimes misused," insisting on limits consistent with the "true nature of this right" and demanding that "the media must . . . conduct . . . itself in a professional and ethical manner."

Good lord.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Whine About Polanski While doing Business with, and Apologizing for, the Biggest Promoters of Pedophilia on Earth

I love these people who can't stop talking about a disgusting incident involving Polanski 32 years ago, when in fact, an entire religion of over one billion people, namely Islam, is the biggest promoter of pedophilia on this planet right now, every day. The prophet Mohammad himself married Aisha when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Laying the foundation for the legal justification of pedophilia in Islam to this day. Every single day brings new horror stories of the abuse of young girls from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia to Morocco, not 32 years ago in a single incident, but as an institutionalized, legalized system of abuse involving MILLIONS of little girls, right now.

Yet, the United States and every other Western country maintain positive and very lucrative relationships with these countries where pedophilia is perfectly legal, and do not say a word about it. Even Western "woman's rights" groups are outrageously silent on the matter, while whining about the Polanski incident from 32 years ago. It's really something to behold.

Racist IOC Members Diss the Messiah

Stunned Liberal news outlets in state of absolute shock. Isn't the Messiah the most popular person on earth? There is only one possible explanation, and you know what that is...

Drudge: The Ego Has Landed

Worshipers at the holy church of Obama are stunned:
Good news: Jubilation in Rio de Janeiro - A beautiful people.
In the end, why would the IOC vote to hold the Olympics in a country where its President trashes his own country at every opportunity?

Hey, I'm a citizen of the world now... just like you know who.