Thursday, October 08, 2009

Global Warming: Chicago Expecting Earliest Snowfall in Recorded History

Chicago is expecting snow this Sunday, making it the earliest snowfall in the area in recorded history. The mindless "global warming" cult will probably have some sort of explanation, you know... "warming actually means cooling"..."local measurments mean nothing"... that sort of thing. Bottom line? Most Americana's aren't buying it. The weather is simply refusing to play along with the scam.

UPDATE: BBC: What the hell happened to "Global Warming".

A first: Major leauge baseball game is snowed out! Too cold for the boys of summer:


  1. You are confusing global climate with local weather - a rookie mistake so common among the neocons. As Chicago has record early snowfall, New Orleans has record high temperatures... the fact that these weather abberations occur more and more frequently should alarm any thinking human.

  2. ... and no, I am not a "liberal" - just a conservative scientist and patriot who doesn't care for fringe hyperbole or the use of sarcasm as rhetorical argument. Let's stick to the science shall we? Check out Scripps studies on ice cores, which give us thousands of years of atmospheric and climatological history. Correlate CO2 content, ocean temperatures with industrial expansion in the fossil fuel age, and then, after honest reflection, tell me that there isn't anything to it.

  3. Are you kidding me? ‘Global Warming’ cultists have been pushing these kinds of local examples for years, when it’s convenient, but complaining about it when they get the exact same kind of pushback. They point to melting glaciers in one region while failing to point to growing glaciers in another. Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ showed naturally cleaving ice from the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, but failed to mention that Perito Moreno is a growing glacier. And on and on…

    Now that ‘Global Warming’ as become a punch line to a joke, GW cultists have changed the name to ‘Climate Change’. Well, we all know that our climate changes all the time. 20,000 years ago, there were glaciers in New York. So obviously there is climate change, and there always has been.

  4. To quote 'A Short History of Nearly Everything':

    "It is mildly unnerving to reflect that the whole of meaningful human history - the development of farming, the creation of towns, the rise of mathematics and writing and science and all the rest - has taken place within an atypical patch of fair-weather. Previous inter-glacials have lasted as little as eight thousand years. Our own has already passed its ten thousandth anniversary.

    The fact is, we are still very much in an ice age: it's just a somewhat shrunken one - though less shrunken than many people realize. At the height of the last period of glaciation, around twenty thousand years ago, about 30 percent of the Earth's land surface was under ice. Ten Percent still is - and a further 14 percent is in a state of permafrost. Three-quarters of all the fresh water on Earth is locked up in ice even now, and we have ice caps at both poles - a situation that may be unique in Earth's history. That there are snowy winters through much of the world and permanent glaciers even in temperate places such as New Zealand may seem quite natural, but in fact it is a most unusual situation for the planet.

    For most of it's history until fairly recent times the general pattern for Earth was to be hot with no permanent ice anywhere. The current ice age - ice epoch really - started about forty million years ago, and has ranged from murderously bad to not bad at all. Ice ages tend to wipe out evidence of earlier ice ages, so the further back you go the more sketchy the picture grows, but it appears that we have had at least seventeen severe glacial episodes in the last 2.5 million years or so - the period that coincides with the rise of Homo erectus in Africa followed by modern humans."

  5. There a literally thousands of scientist who laugh at the 'Global Warming' crowd. One of my faivorate is MIT's professor of meteorology, Richard Lindzen.

  6. 'Global Warming' is a mental disorder suffered by people who are under the infantile assumption that there is such a thing as perfect weather. They cannot grasp that the earth is constantly changing, and that eventually another ice age, or another extreem warming episode will occur no matter what, as it always has in the past.

    They cannot fathom that such change may be out of our control and are sparked by natural forces beyond our current ability to fully understand, such as minute changes in the rotational axis of the earth, sun spots, and a million other factors. 99.99% of every living creature to ever have materialized on this earth over billions of years, are extinct. Things change. Human survival is not a forgone conclusion, and the evolutionary track-record of living organisms on earth indicates that humans will one day be extinct as well. Deal with it.


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