Monday, November 30, 2009

Charles Johnson is a Low-Life Who Abuses the Holocaust to Make Cheap Political Points

Charles Johnson has proven himself to be a scoundrel and a low-life. I can't believe that I used to respect his work over at LGF. Now he has taken to calling anyone skeptical of 'Global Warming', "deniers". Of course, the term "denier" is meant to conjure up visions of holocaust deniers, the lowest form of humanity. It's hard to imagine a greater abuse of holocaust imagery, just to make a cheap political point.

Of course, it would be easy to turn the argument on Johnson by calling him a "climategate denier", but that would be stooping too low.

Not content with comparing anyone who questions the great Global Warming fraud to Holocaust deniers, Johnson was quick to smear the entire Swiss people for voting to restrict Muslim minarets across Switzerland. He compared the vote to "turning Jews over to the Nazi's", another typical abuse of Holocaust imagery. Muslim minarets (not a requirement of the religion) are tall towers above mosques meant to dominate the skyline, and symbolize the dominance of Islam. They are usually fitted with loudspeakers that blare out Muslim calls to prayer five times a day. Gee I can't imagine why they should be restricted in Switzerland. Remember, Mosques are not restricted, just the minarets. Johnson thinks that's the same as truing Jews over to Nazi's. A truly sick individual who has lost his mind.


  1. How disgusting! Does he use any political outcome he doesn't like as a chance to bring out the Holocaust? How offensive to the victims of the Holocaust that their suffering is compared to those that don't think the lack of swirly mercury light bulbs is the reason the world is doomed. Holocaust imagery is used by leftists any time they are upset by something. Have it be global warming, or gitmo or israel-palestinian conflict, lack of government healthcare, etc. You know Germany its illegal to deny the Holocaust, maybe there should be a law against using the horrific genocide to make a cheap political point while smearing victims and survivors.

  2. Well, he has smeared Geert Wilders as a neo-Nazi...

    The guy is out of control!

  3. The man is a sick puppy. He bitches about religion all day long while defending the worst elements of Islam all day long, and dosn't see the contradiction. Literally blinded by his own stupidity.


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