Thursday, December 31, 2009

Exactly How Disgusting is Ron Paul?

To illustrate just how revolting I find Ron Paul and his merry band of cult-worshipers: I would literally vote for Barack Hussein Obama over Ron Paul if it ever came to such a scenario. And people who read this blog know what that means. More than that, I would write a check to Barack Obama, and I would call all of my friends to write checks for Barack Obama. That's how disgusting and despicable I find that creepy old man.

The man literally parrots Osama Bin Laden. A foreign policy videotape from Ron Paul is almost, word for word, like a videotape from Osama Bin Laden himself. He quotes him, he justifies him, he excuses him and he makes the case for him. And his cult-worshiping, merry band of followers are not much better. If you want to find where almost all of the 9/11 conspiracy nut-jobs and creeps are, look no further than in Ron Paul's squalid camp. The man attracts every kook, nut and crazy in this country. Revolting sewer doesn't even begin to describe the man.

Other than that I have no problem with him.


  1. After this post: I would rather read BHO's blog, and would rather cut BHO a check.

    Ben Stein is an ill-informed idiot, merely riding his father's laurels. That you would jump to his side just because he called someone anti-semitic (it seems you will support anyone who accuses anyone of this) shows just how deep your reporting goes.

  2. Yes, please do go read another blog, and every Ron Paul cult-worshiping creepo should do the same. There is only one thing dumber than a Ron Paul himself, and that's the whacked-out followers of the holy church of Ron Paul. These people are the absolute bottom of the barral. I suggest that you go join your 9/11 conspirasy nuts and stay away from the rest of us.

  3. I'd be careful criticizing Ron Paul. The lunatics hear his name and the come out of their mother's basements to defend their Messiah. Ron Paul is to LOLbertarians/truthers/ neo-nazis, etc as Obama is to liberals. He's a cult figure. Ron Paul is so stupid, "Why should we stop Al Queda" Also, what Ben Stein means is that line "occupiers" is the same line that Hamas suicide bomb sympathizers/supporters use to excuse their terror against Israel. He is now using the same line to justify terror against the US. He didn't call Ron Paul Anti Semitic, he said "its that same anti semitic line we've heard before" and Ron Paul went batshit crazy. I don't know if Ron Paul is Anti Semitic. Although every Holocaust Denier seems to support him. Odd. And I bet this video will be on Storm Front where all the white trash scum of the world will be attacking Stein and crying crocodile tears over the King of the Lunatic Fringe, the glorious Messiah Ron Paul.


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