Saturday, December 26, 2009

Will We Now Have to Remove Our Underwear at Airport Security?

After Richard Reid (no known relationship to Democrat Harry Reid), tried to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic ocean with his shoes, every American has since been forced to remove their shoes at security before boarding an aircraft.

Now that Muslim radicals have invented the stealth underwear bomb, does that mean that we all have to remove our underwear at security? How about some PROFILING So the rest of us can be a little less burdened? Here's some basic, commonsense suggestions. None of these categories are alone enough to trigger suspicion, but surely two or three of categories involving the same person should raise flags?

Traveling alone on a one way ticket
No carry-on
Between the ages of 14 to 40,
Most likely male
Ticket paid for in cash
Travel Originating from a largely Islamic country
Displays nervousness, haste or is overly friendly
Is Muslim

Now notice that being Muslim alone is not enough to trigger suspicions, but being Muslim with two or three additional categories should be enough for secondary inspection. The rest of us can then move along. Is that kind of profiling really discrimination? I don't think so. When the threat fades in the years down the road, so will the profiling.

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  1. It's discrimination,no matter how many attempts are made to paint it as otherwise. I'm not suggesting here that the option of this should be ruled out. I'm just saying that this is discrimination, plain and simple. So let's not pretend otherwise. I suspect that once in place, it will likely be decades before such powers (once in place) will be dropped (if ever).


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