Friday, December 25, 2009

'Religion of Peace' Operative Tries to Blow Packed US Airliner Out of the Sky - Merry Christmas

It seems the US dodged another bullet today as an Al Qaeda operative tried to blow a packed US passenger liner from the sky. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria is the confirmed attacker. The substance that he was trying to ignite, failed to detonate, thus all the souls on the plane, and lives on the ground, were spared. A Simple case of luck.

UPDATE: Notice how the media are refraining form mentioning the attacker's name, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria. And notice how the media are bending over backwards from mentioning that he is a Muslim. Would anyone receive such deference? To the White House's credit, this time they have not tried to hide the subject of 'terrorism', as they so embarrassingly did after the Fort Hood incident. Obama hasn't even asked anyone to "refrain from jumping to conclusions". Perhaps he learned his lesson from Fort Hood, when he became a laughingstock for describing the incident as everything but terror.


  1. Joe-So far we know this beast is not Buddist, Catholic, Jewish, member of PETA, et al. Another close call, for sure. However, how many close calls do we win before one of these barbarians slips through and his side wins--and Westeners and Americans are slaughtered?
    Let's get serious in USA and do what Mother Israel does--screen these beasts multiple times before they step foot on aircraft. It's not called profiling, it's called sanity.
    US Media should interview some Muslims and ask, "Are you disappointed Abdul didn't succeed in hurting the Great Satan?" It should be good for a few laughs and insight into the "fringe, few, hijackers" of today's Islam.

    F. Garvin

  2. Apprently the man was known to be affiliated with Islamic terrorists, although was never officially placed on the 'no fly list.' He was a single male, flying alone on a one way ticket, originating out of a heavily Muslim country. Gee, I'm not sure that any dots could have been connected. The West is on a hopeless suicide path.


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