Friday, October 09, 2009

A Study in Contrast; Nobel "Peace" Winners and Losers:

Franklin Roosevelt, Loser: Mohamed ElBaradei, winner:Ronald Reagan, loser:
Jimmy Carter, winner:
Winston Churchill, Loser:
Al Gore, Winner:
Harry Truman, Loser:
Yasser Arafat, Winner:
Mahatma Gandhi, Loser:
Barack Hussein Obama, winner:
John F. Kennedy, Loser:
Le Duc Tho, Winner:
The largest peacekeeping force on the planet... LOSERS:

Of course, without this last organization, all those Norwegians would be speaking German or Russian and marching the goosestep right about now, and there would probably be no peace to be found on this planet. But what do I know? I’m not a Norwegian.

You make the call.

A small sample of those passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize in favor of a sleezy polititian:

Irena Sendler was a Polish Catholic social worker who served in the Polish Underground …in German-occupied Warsaw during World War II. Assisted by others, Sendler saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, providing them false documents, and sheltering them in individual and group children’s homes outside the Ghetto. She was passed over in favor of Al Gore.

Dr. Denis Mukwege (born 1 March 1955) is a Congolese gynecologist. Working in Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, where he specializes in the treatment of women who have been gang-raped by Congolese militia, Mukwege has probably become the world’s leading expert on how to repair the internal physical damage caused by gang rape.[1] He has treated 21,000 women during the Congo’s 12-year war, some of them more than once, performing up to 10 surgeries a day during his 18-hour working days. Passed over in favor of Barack Hussein Obama.

Dr. Sima Samar, is a women’s rights activist in Afghanistan. Dr. Samar publicly refuses to accept that women must be kept in purdah (secluded from the public) and speaks out against the wearing of the burqa (head-to-foot wrap), which was enforced first by the fundamentalist mujahideen and then by the Taliban. She also has drawn attention to the fact that many women in Afghanistan suffer from osteomalacia, a softening of the bones, due to an inadequate diet. Wearing the burqa reduces exposure to sunlight and aggravates the situation for women suffering from osteomalacia. She was passed over in favor of Barack Hussein Obama.

SOS Children’s Villages is an international non-governmental social development organisation that has been active in the field of children’s rights and committed to children’s needs and concerns since 1949. In 132 countries and territories their activities have focused on children without parental care and children of families in difficult circumstances. Passed over in favor of Barack Hussein Obama.


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