Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sign of the Times, Pig Races on Friday to Premier in Front of Proposed Mosque in Houston Area

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I wish I had music (Maybe the Mission Impossible theme?) to go along with this cool photo of the 'incredible' flying Imams as they walk to catch a new flight after being thrown off a US Airways flight in Minneapolis.
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In what has become a predictable and almost daily declaration by now, Iran’s President Ahamadinejad today declared… again… that Israel will soon disappear from the face of the map. The by now routine statement by the Iranian President has begun to lose its shock value, but should be taken dead seriously none-the-less.

In the meantime, the latest Quinnipiac Poll demonstrates acorss the board support for Israel in the United States, rating it third in positive feelings just behind the UK and Canada. Iran and North Korea come in dead last.

The latest Zogby for the University of Maryland Shows a large divide between Shiites and other communities In Lebanon, indicating a growing and dangerous division in that country.

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