Thursday, December 14, 2006

MSNBC Call James Zogby a "Leading Middle East Expert"

Wow!!! Who is editing these days? I mean calling Zogby a "leading Middle East expert" is like calling David Duke a leading expert on race relations, I mean, yeah, he is familiar with the subject matter...

James Zogby is the head of the Arab American Institute, a pro-Arab Washington lobby., posted a Reuters piece presenting Zogby as a "leading Middle East Expert," kind of like an unbiased neutral observer, just sharing his "expertise". Zogby predictably presents his case for a complete change in US policy because of a recent poll conducted by his brother, John Zogby, which (surprise, surprise) shows that more Arabs hate America these days. Zogby asserts that the poll proves that the US should change its policies to appease the perpetual Arab outrage. He naturally endorses James Baker’s ISG Report.
The shocking issue here is certainly not Zogby's recommendation to adopt an Arabist line, that's his job, it’s why he gets paid and the man deserves to make a living. The shock here is that posted this one lobbyist’s opinion as their LEAD NEWS STORY, and use a poll conducted by Jim Zogby's own brother John as the basis for the entire story. And, oh yeah, John Zogby conducts his polls in partnership with Reuters. None of this was disclosed in the entire article; and all of this smells like part of the Baker-ISG PR campaign in action, curtsey of an un-critical, duped or willing accomplice at

Photo: Pro-Arab lobbiest James Zogby on the left, with his pollster brother John Zogby on the right.

Krauthammer: In Baker's Blunder, A Chance For Bush

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  1. In a video clip, c. 2004, on some site (might be NPR-related) which profiled Zogby and the "Arab-American" vote, it featured an "Arab-American" voter (I use the quotes because: Which country are they most loyal to, anyway?) who had said he'd voted for Bush in '00 but would not do so in '04.

    He wouldn't consider Gore, he said, because of ... "the Lieberman factor." What Lieberman factor? The only "factor" is that he's the most prominent Jewish politician in American history (and also is Orthodox, to boot). There's no other reason why it was a factor.

    Again, I type "Arab-American" in quotes for a reason.


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