Monday, January 16, 2006


* Calls for Israel to be "Wiped Off The Map"
* Denies the Holocaust
* Convenes "Holocaust Conference""
* Publicly Threatens World Economy
* Announces Plans to Build Two new Reactors
* CNN Banned
* Threatens to Obstruct UN Nuclear Inspections
* Breaks UN Seals on Nuclear Facilities
* Driven By a Radical Messianism
Please notice that all links lead to articles from various published sources from around the world and from all sides of the political spectrum. There seems to be (for now), an unusual consensus on this issue in the international community, with the European powers taking the lead. Will this consensus hold as crunch time approaches?

The Insane Madman

The Iranian issue officially entered the twilight zone today (January 16, 2006) as Iranian Ministers issued public threats about the price of oil and the global economy if any action is taken in response to its nuclear program. Iran then announced that it will allocate an additional $215 million dollars to build two new nuclear reactors. As if all that was not enough, Iran also announced that it will convene a conference to explore whether or not the Holocaust actually happened, because the evidence apparently isn't in yet as far as the Mullahs are concerned. Any person who does not recognize the insanity, the clear and present danger of that regime, has failed to study basic history and should please leave this website immediately for WWW.IAMANIDIOT.COM .

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