Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dennis Ross Already making Excuses For Hamas

The same "expert" who relentlessly promoted Yasser Arafat as the paragon of Peace, the same "expert" who was the primary promoter of the failed Oslo accords in the US, This same man could not wait more than a few hours before popping up on Fox News to excuse the Palestinian vote for the terror group Hamas as a vote not in favor of terrorists, but a vote against PA..."corruption." Implication? the bus-bombing Hamas is more virtuous than the PA. Perhaps Hamas is popular with Palestinians because they kill more Jews and don't recognize Israel's right to exist? Is that a remote possibility Mr. Ross? And that your whole fantasy world of “most Palestinians just want peace” is a naïve joke? Maybe it's not just their incorruptible virtue and social service programs? Huh, what do you think Mr. Ross? It's amazing that this man is still treated as a credible "expert" over at Fox News.

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