Thursday, January 26, 2006

Anyway You Spin It, It's A Hamas Victory

Here's the front page headline that should be on every paper this morning (the 26th): ALMOST HALF OF PALESTINIANS VOTE FOR RADICAL ISLAMIST-BUS BOMBING TERRORISTS WHO HATE AMERICA AND PUBLICLLY WANT ISRAEL DESTROYED! Instead we can all expect "in-depth" analysis of how the Hamas Terror group has "come of age" and will now be forced to conform to a more nuanced approach to Israel by the reality of the burdens of leadership, responsibility, and all the rest of it. Such non-sense. The Palestinian election exposed a simple truth that most sane people already knew; namely, that vast portions of the Palestinian general population are far more interested in destroying Israel than they are in Peace. Naturally, this basic truth will be swept under the rug in favor of explanations like "the Hamas social services network paid off at the polls." The good news is, that at least with Hamas there is clarity and the pretenses of Palestinian peaceful intentions are exposed for what they are.

Hamas Emerges as Significant Force Despite U.S. Efforts
First terror, now politics: IDF faces two-headed Hamas monster
Hamas will be only Palestinian election winner
Bush refuses to deal with Hamas
US and Israel warn Abbas against Hamas power deal
Palestinian Premier Resigns as Hamas Claims Victory (Update2)
Shooting erupts near Palestinian parliament: witness

As a service to readers of the Neocon Express, I am providing this link to the Hamas Charter, so folks can fully grasp what kind of sicko organization received almost half of all Palestinian votes. It will truly speak for itself

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