Wednesday, January 25, 2006

For Pat Buchanan: It's All About Iran vs. Israel

Representing the old Paleo-conservative view, Pat Buchanan has predictably framed the argument in terms of Iran vs. Israel; rather than Iran vs. the world. Buchanan also avoided taking a clear position on the larger Iran nuclear dilemma. His article reads like that of a referee or moderator who spells out the general dilemma and then ends it all with; “over to you Mr. President.” Buchanan seems instinctivly searching for a fight on Iran with the Neocon movment but still hasn’t found a point of contention to sink his teeth into. The Neocon is hoping, and is reasonably confident that Mr. Buchanan will ultimately have no choice but to concede that an Iran armed with Nuclear weapons is a mortal threat to the United States and the free world in general, independent of Israel, which we all know he has never cared for.

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  1. Pat is a good man .. he might be walking a fine line
    Never miss a headline

  2. Above all else Pat Buchanon is a classical American isolationist, everything comes back to that..

  3. Mcrubble,
    I agree in many ways, every time I tend to agree with Buchanan he goes off the deep end.

  4. Yea I'm sure Iran is really a threat to us.

    Give me a break. Iran is, and should be Israel's problem.

    Pat, as usual when it comes to foreign policy, is absolutely right.

  5. The above comment illustrates that some folks simply don't get it. To believe that a nuclear armed Iran is not a US problem shows a scary level of simplicity.


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