Saturday, January 28, 2006

Iran Nukes? Islamic Radicalisim? North Korea? Nope; Clinton Calls "Climate Change" Worlds Greatest Threat!

With radical Iranian Mullah’s on the verge of achieving nuclear armaments; with Islamo-fascists mixing suicidal martyrdom, WMD’s and ruthless international terrorism; with a North Korean nutcase armed with Nuclear weapons; With the reemergence of South American Communisim, and with Western resolve and strength weighted down by self-hating liberals; the world seems rapidly headed in a very dangerous direction.

But Bill Clinton has a different take. To him, as announced loudly from that five-star resort in Davos Switzerland, where Yuppies like to go to harmonically converge, the greatest threat to the world at this time is….climate change. Yep, you heard that correctly folks, CLIMATE CHANGE is the real enemy. Of course, how does one argue with that? Maybe the climate is changing, maybe it’s not; and if it is, maybe it’s partially human caused, or completely a natural process, there is no real scientific consensus on any of that one way or the other. But climate change at this critical moment in history is the greatest threat to civilization as we know it?

How in the world will the West find the resolve to confront the rise of real evil emerging in front of our noses, at this very moment, when folks like Clinton obsess over a theoretical thereat which conveniently does not require any life threatening action or real bravery? Now there’s an enemy liberals can love. Unfortunately, the rest of us are burdened with facing the real threats, in the real world, in the here and now.

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  1. Clinton knows about as much about Islam as I did 10 years ago. There is something wrong with our leaders who refuse to research and read the critical writings about Islam. It's Karen Armstrong or nothing! Maybe nothing is better.

  2. Interesting Comment by John Sobieski


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