Sunday, January 29, 2006

Confronting the Dangerous Religion of the Holy Church of "Liberalisim"

High Priestess Cindy Sheehan and Father Hugo Chavez at the Church of Holy "Liberalisim."

There is an old Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times.” Indeed, for those of us who follow world events closely, these are times that tests men’s soul and in many ways are reminiscent of the 1930’s, when the road to disaster was set in motion, as most people in the West slept.
Islamo-fascism on the march financed by petrol-dollars; an utter dependency on fossil fuels as our primary energy-source; international terrorism combined with suicidal martyrdom and weapons of mass destruction; the reemergence of demagogic South American communist dictators who are quick to align themselves with anything that smells of anti-Americanism. All of these and other threats are in relative infancy and have yet to metastasize to their potential destructive force, yet very few in the know will deny that, left unchecked, these challenges represent a confluence of circumstances that can lead to a disaster for the entire world.
Unfortunately, our defense instincts in the West have been gradually eroded since the 1960’s, weighted down by the emergence of a destructive new religion known as "Modern Liberalism” that is built on the holy commandments of “tolerance of the intolerable”, “multiculturalism,” “relativism,” and moral equivalency.” It is too early to safely say that the United States and the West will rise to the occasion to win the day. The Neocon is dedicated, along with many others who may or may not share all of our views, to raise the alarm as the storm-clouds gather.
Joe Gelman

"Oh Al, Let's Get A Room."

"Oh Hugo, your the man!"

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