Monday, January 30, 2006

General Georges Sada: Is He For Real?

The Neocon Express is usually suspicious of former Arab official’s who come to America and claim to be in possession of explosive information about the regime they once served, especially if that person is also now peddling a book. Of course it is always possible that other motives are in play as well, such as immigration or visa issues, or seeking protection or funds in exchange for “information.”
But what makes General Sada’s claims particularly interesting to the Neocon is how simple, and yet how detailed they are. Sada is Saddam’s former Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Air Force; that should be fairly easy to verify. He claims to have first hand knowledge that WMD’s were transferred to Syria shortly before the Iraq war on modified civilian aircraft and a truck convoy. He gives details, dates, circumstances, and claims to have corroborating witnesses in the form of pilots who are alive and can confirm the details.
The Neocon doesn’t have experience in the intelligence field, but common sense would dictate that these claims can be fairly quickly and authoritatively judged to be credible or not, by investigators who can follow the trail wherever it may lead. There are two basic questions to immerge from this: 1) Does the American public deserve to be informed whether our government views these new claims to be credible? Or, 2) should the matter be left hanging out there for the public to wonder? The Neocon goes with #1.

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