Monday, January 23, 2006

Balloon Floated: Israel should Give Up Nukes in Exchange for Iran Dropping Nuke Program. Translation: 'Israel Should Take One For The Team'

"The only way that the United States and Europe will act against Iran is if they know, if they are absolutely convinced, that Israel itself will act -- even if it means a full-scale war in the Middle East,"
Arieh Eldad,
Member of Knesset
Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

As the nuclear temperature is raised, the largest conference on Middle East issues is currently being held in Hertzelia, Israel. One of the proposals being floated at this influential gathering by a highly respected British Defense expert, is that Israel might consider surrendering it’s nuclear deterrence in exchange for a halt to the Iranian nuclear program; thus defusing for the world an untenable nuclear crisis with extreme economic and security implications for all. Naturally, this proposal was received in Israel like a led balloon. Indeed it is said that a hush fell over the entire conference. The pressure for Israel to “take one for the team,” will undoubtedly increase as the countdown for decision time on Iran draws ever closer. Naturally, the Neocon is highly suspicious of this proposal, doubts that it will work even if adopted, and suspects it to be a ballon floated by certain European players inclined towards appeasement of Iran.
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A quote to Remember:
"an act of inexcusable and short-sighted aggression . . . Israel risks becoming its own worst enemy."
The New York Times lead Editorial
In response to Israel's bombing of the Iraqi nuclear Osirak reactor in 1981:
Wow! How will the NYT ever live that one down?

Eye opening quote of the Day:
"Ahmadinejad reportedly believes in the imminent return of the righteous descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, the 12th Imam, whose appearance on Earth will be presaged by war and chaos. A previous Iranian leader mused that only one nuclear bomb would be sufficient to completely obliterate Israel and the largest Jewish population on Earth. A return salvo by Israel could destroy only a fraction of the world's Muslims. Would this madness be within the realm of the conceivable to Ahmadinejad? consider what he said to his own countrymen when a plane crashed into a Tehran building killing 108. "What is important is that they have showed the way to martyrdom which we must follow."
Mona Charen


  1. How come mullahs are itching for a war

  2. Joe,

    Neoconexpress continues to be excellent source for the current situation with Iran as well as a number of either important issues. I appreciate your comments as well as use of multiple sources.
    One thing contemporary sources have failed to mention is Iran's close dealings with Fatah and its disenfranchised associates--Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc..the list goes on.
    Often not talked about, but the former Noble Prize winner, Yasser Arafat met with Ayatollah Khomeini in the Holy Shia' ciy of Najaf, Iraq two weeks before the US embassy was overthrown in Lebanon. As you know, when the PLO was forced out of Lebanon to Tripoli, they handed control of their terror infrastructure to Iran.
    Since then and continuing today, Iran is deeply entrenched in Palestinian politics, providing support for groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas.
    If you have anymore information on this it would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to contact a number of Iranian journalists in exile with no luck.
    I believe Iran is underplaying the US and Israel as a formidable threat as while as ignoring that that largest threat comes from within from a younger population that continues to repressed and is growing source of internal discontent. Not to mention, that BUSHERER sits on a major fault line. If an earthquake came threw it could turn UAE and the surrounding region into a Chernobyl.


  3. Good Comments MSM,I don't think that Iran is too concerned about the potential enviromental hazards of their nuclear program, bucause the want if for a bomb, not for energy. They have all the oil in the world for energy. I am not entierly familiar with the Mullah-Fatah relationship, but I'm farily confident they share the same goals, i.e. destroying Israel and throwing the Jews into the see.

  4. I wish the world would stop thinking of Jews as expendable. Try to kill the Jews in Israel, and you will all pay dearly. I promise.

    For example, Jews in Israel have developed dangerous biological weapons. Think they won't use them? Think again.

    I'm irritated by all the foolish talk by diplomats and others who think Jews will allow themselves to be destroyed again. This kind of discussion makes me both sad and MAD.

  5. Promethea,
    Good comments. Many thanks,


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