Monday, January 30, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: The Big Powers Finally Agree to Send Iran to Security Council

Blogs are not really the place for "Breaking News", but this is a big one. In a crucial high-level pow-wow of the big powers (USA, China, Russia, EU...) in London, an agreement was reached to refer Iran to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions. The meeting took place in the private home of British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. It was attended by Condi Rice and the other Foreign Ministers. The meeting lasted well into the morning hours. In a compromise the Powers agreed to schedule the UN referral for March in order to give Iran a few months to climb down from its current position. The Neocon is supportive of this move, which sends a strong and collective message to Iran, and is hopeful that Iran will respond in a responsible manor. Realistically however, This in only the first step, and much more will likely be necessary with all options remaining on the table. This may also temporarily silence the “do-nothing-about Iran” crowd who view the whole Iran crisis, not as a threat, but as a Neocon “war-mongering” invention.

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