Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Republican Jewish Coalition: Worthless

Barack Obama won over 77% of the Jewish vote despite having associated over the past 20 years with Anti-Semites and Israel haters (as if there's a difference); Rashid khalidi and the Reverend Wright to name a few. Obama had no real record on Israel and he ran against a man with a lifetime record of support for Israel; yet Obama won a larger portion of the Jewish vote than John Kerry did in 2004. GOOD LORD!

My criticism of the Republican Jewish Coalition has to do with the fact that they ran a campaign against Obama at all. That should have been left up to independent expenditures run by professionals. I also believe that unfortunately, the RJC mostly serves as a meal ticket and major lifestyle enhancer for its leadership in Washington at the expense of well meaning contributors at the grass roots level and regionl staff, but that's another story.

What we had in this campaign cycle was an organization that sucked up all of the conservative Jewish resources and took out ads under the highly partisan RJC name which only served to poison the message with most Jews. That may have helped the RJC get a few new members and raise its profile, but it came at the expense of Senator McCain's campaign. In other words, under the guise of "helping" the RJC helped itself but did real damage to Senator McCain's prospects, especially in Florida.

In the Future, the RJC should stick to educational activities, providing forums for candidates and lectures, and a place for Jewish conservatives to meet. They should stay away from campaigning and seriously cut in to the unseemly and exorbitant lifestyle that its leader-for-life (like Fidel) lavishes upon himself at other peoples expense.

A little house cleaning and soul searching would be in order.

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