Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McCain and Obama Deliver Outstanding Final Speeches

Certainly, I was reduced to tears this evening, both by John McCain and Barack Obama. Both candidates, in defeat and in victory, delivered perfect words under the perfect skies of Arizona and Chicago. The historic moment was eloquently noted as the First African American is elected President of the United States. A deeply inspiring moment for any person who knows and understands history. Obama hit all of the right notes of unity, democracy, freedom and tolerance. He reached out in friendship to the outside world and warned our foreign enemies that they will be defeated. He reached out to Republicans and paid homage to the founder of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln. We conservatives have had a pretty good run since 1980, controlling the White house for 21 years, and Congress 1994 to 2006). New blood and new ideas are needed to recapture the imagination of the American people.

Huge questions remain as to how Obama will govern; will he govern from the center or from the left? This web site fought as hard as I knew how to elected McCain whom I viewed as a far superior candidate in terms of life experience and political persuasion. The American people have spoken by a 51% TO 48% margin, and we lost. Obama is OUR President elect and should be given the benefit of the doubt and supported. Certainly, I look forward to serving as the loyal opposition as the inevitable disagreements emerge. But for now: CONGRATULATIONS TO SENATOR OBAMA ON HIS VICTORY.

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