Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins: Socialist Elected President of the United States

The networks have not made if formal yet, but the game is over, Obama has won and I am willing to call it. A Socialist with long time ties to radical extremists, former terrorists, anti-Semites and racial supremacists has been elected President of the United States. A man who would otherwise not qualify for a basic security clearance will now oversee all of those who do as commander-in-chief. WOW!

Of course, it is worth noting the historic moment: The first African American has won the White House. That says something positive about America that could NEVER be said about the Europe. It is sad that this remarkable occasion is achieved by a far left extremist with such a troubling list of long-time associations.


  1. I agree. I can't believe such an unqualified person is our next President. Is it important that he's African-American? In my opinion, slightly. I feel a lot of uneducated people voted for him for this reason. Is it unfortunate such a person does hold this historic title though.

  2. I would agree IF the African-American candidate was slow on his feet, unable to answer the complex questions, incapable of debating his opponent. But, as we've seen, he is tremendously capable: he rolled the Clinton machine and he overcame enormous odds to make it to the top. He didn't come from a dynasty like Bush jr; he didn't have many of the connections or established profiles that other seekers of high office have had. In this regard, his 'lack of experience' is a pointer to his skill rather than a reason to condemn him.

    I say wait and see how he performs as President before you judge how 'unqualified' he is. He might surprise us all.

    btw The next post is a gallant concession. Well done, Neocon Express.


  4. The Democrats must now govern. No more taking cover or offering up excuses. If they can't prove they can lead with what's been given to them in this election then maybe people will wise up.

    The unrealistic expectations of the left will start undermining this presidency in the first six months to the detriment of all.

    I'm hoping for the best, but Wall Street doesn't seem to be holding out much hope for this guy so far. Hopefully a lot of people who voted for Obama have the same 401k exposure that I do. It's all about equality and fairness. Right?

  5. There are a LOT of funds that can be diverted into other priorities. People will certainly wise up when they see what can be achieved.

    Just think how much you can do with the billions currently being spent on the Iraq War, for instance.

  6. Obama... Socialist???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

    It's a Good Joke!!


    Salutes from The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

    ¡Viva Chávez!


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