Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dick Morris: Most American Jews are Nuts!

Of course I agree with him. As a Jew myself I can get away with saying it openly. American Jews who have even the slightest concern for the survival of Israel are stone cold CRAZY if they vote for Obama!


  1. We can but hope the majority of our fellow citizens that are of the Jewish faith finally come to realize.

  2. Here's a conspiracy theory. Do you think they're putting something in the water to make everyone stupid? How could any Jew vote for Obama? What can they be thinking? Or maybe he has them hypnotized.

  3. Jews are not nuts, but a people who chooses to live among less astute people who, furthermore see Jewish beliefs as a negation of theirs and who sooner or later turn on the Jews over and over since the Pharaoh, obviously such people need their head examine. To me, Jews are stupid, not nuts.

    Seem the type of intelligence requiref to develop the theory of relativity, to be a merchabt in the rag trade of to be admitted to medical school, is quite different from the intelligence to create and develop a stable country of your own amd, furthermore, a country who does not dependo on non Jewish countries for its existence...


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