Thursday, October 30, 2008

U.S. absentee voters in Israel back McCain over Obama by 3-1

I believe these polls are too weighted towards Orthodox Jews and the huge margin is probably more like a two to one, not three to one. The polls, which were conducted by the Jerusalem-based research firm Keevon, starkly contrast with polls among Jewish voters in the United States, which give a comfortable lead to Obama. Experts estimate that nearly a quarter of a million American citizens live in Israel, about 45,000 requested absentee ballots.

It is interesting to note that the Level of support for McCain among Jewish voters in Israel is about the same level of support that Obama enjoys among Jewish voters in the United States. In general, both in the US and in Israel, Jewish voters who place Israel's security higher up on their list of concerns are more likely to vote for McCain, while Jewish voters who place other concern such as abortion and the environment higher up on their list of concerns, tend to lean more towards Obama.

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