Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin: If there is a Pulitzer Prize for 'Excellence in Kowtowing,' The LA Times Should Win

I have been trying to reach the LA Times to personally extend to them an offer of $150,000 from Dune Capital for the Obama-Kahilidi-Ayres tape. Unfortunately, there is a firewall around the entire editorial staff. I was able to reach Ashley Powers who is listed as head of their Las Vegas "BUREAU" (probably a dark tiny basement with a phone somewhere). Anyway, I asked Powers for the direct lines of anyone in the Los Angeles Times able to field and consider this $150,000 offer. Powers immediately got sooty: "Sir, that's not how journalism work...sir." She didn't want to be interviewed either. Wow! And these folk call themselves a "news" organization. Anyway, Sarah Palin described the LA Times today as winners of the Pulitzer Prize in kowtowing.

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