Wednesday, October 29, 2008

DUNE CAPITAL offering $150,000 for Release of the Obama-Rashid Khalidi - William Ayres Tape

I'm still suspicious, but I'll play along for now...
In an earlier post I expressed my concern about the validity of the Dune Capital offer to pay $150,000 for the Los Angeles Times Obama-Khalidi-Ayres video tape. I have since received an e-mail from Mr. Grimaldi. He has given me permission to post it:

Mr. Gelman,

Our activity is limited to Asia and Europe - there would be no reason for us to appear in American media; there have been a few instances where were mentioned by name but those were quickly addressed with a cease and desist - we have a publicist on retainer to keep our investment activities in the private equity space out of the public press to avoid speculation.

I am indeed a Global Macro Multi-strat Hedge Fund Manager. My attorney, Mr. Williams, has been in private practice since 1993 strictly and exclusively representing a UHNW Family in Monaco, again no reason for him to be in the media or on the internet. The funds are "SA" companies for privacy reasons, the parent holdings company (Dune Capital Holdings)is a Cayman Islands Firm.

Hedge funds (very rarely) are registered as Delaware or New York LLCs,there's always a funnel for extra protection and tax advantages -furthermore, I am attaching an overview of how these funds are structured. You may want to research compliance and regulatory issues with the hedge fund industry - Sarbanes Oxley, BASEL II Accord, SEC Hedge Fund Marketing restrictions, etc.

Again, to confirm, we are live people, ready, willing and able to execute on the referenced promise of a reward for the exclusive submission of the Obama footage.

Best regards,

Aston Grimaldi II
Chief Investment Officer
Dune Capital Holdings

UPDATE: I have received a long and detailed e-mail from Mr. Grimaldi of Dune Capital. I am waiting for his permission to post it.

UPDATE: The Hill Blog have NOW interviewed Mr Grimaldi, describe him as a "hedge fund manager": Grimaldi, speaking on the phone in Monaco, said that he would pay his reward out of one of his personal accounts. Grimaldi, a citizen of both the United States and Monaco, said he read about the tape in the International Herald Tribune and has heard from Israeli friends who want to see it. One of the most important things they look at in a potential candidate is the viewpoint on Israeli relations," he said. Grimaldi said it was "incredibly unfair" for the Times not to release the tape. "It shows an incredible bias," he said.

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  1. Grimaldi? Like the royal family of Monaco, Grimaldi?

    Ace of Spades is offering $25K in addition to the $150K.


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