Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fox News Slams the LA Times on Khalidi-Obama Tape

Media War

In complete violation of basic journalistic standards and ethics, the LA Times is refusing to release a tape showing Senator Barack Obama heaping praise on PLO radical Rashid Khalidi (in photo). The LA Times is determined it seems to run out the election clock to cover for Obama.

Gateway Pundit has been doing very good work on this scandal. The tape is clearly newsworthy, it is a reflection on Senator Obama of which the public has the right to judge for itself... before an election. The LA Times seem to think that they are doing some kind of public service by hiding the news from the public. This is how far old establishment news outlets have deteriorated; many like the Times have simply become corrupt shills and partisan bag men. Keep it up LA Times, you are destroying the tiny bit of credibility you have left.

UPDATE: The LA Times acknowledges the video tape in question but says that it won't release the tape because "we promised the source that we would not release it." REALLLLLY! Why would anyone give the LA Times a newsworthy video and tell then not to use it? Why would the LA Times accept such a condition? Are they a news organization or news cover-up organization? For the LA Times, it's less important that the public have access to information to make an informed decision before a national election, than it is to keep a "source" happy... assuming that their excuse is not just that, an lame excuse. Is there a single person on the planet who seriously believes that if the LA Times had such a tape on McCain, they would hide behind such a lame excuse to avoid releasing it? This would not even be a discussion had the tape involved anything embarrassing about McCain, it would have been released long ago.

Update: LA Times had no problem publishing Gov. Schwarzenegger's Candid Moments Caught on Audiotape without authorization. So illegally taped, without authorization audio is OK for the LA Time to publish, but it's not OK to publish when a "source" gives you a newsworty item, and for some very strange reason "asks" you not to use it... does this pass the smell test? Simple answer, NO. 

UPDATE: SCHLUSSEL EXCLUSIVE: Ali Abunimah is Likely Source of Secreted Obama/Khalidi/Ayres Tape; LA Times' Wallsten Plagiarized Schlussel Back in April, Said Politico

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  1. This story is HUGE and I believe that there is going to be such national pressure on the LA Times, that they are going to have to release the tape or at least a transcript of it. I urge everyone who believes in truth in media and journalistic integrity to call the Times and cancel your subscription. If you have ads in that paper, then have those canceled as well. Hit 'em where it hurts!


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