Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama and the Dawn of the Dead

ONN reports on the freaky aftermath of the election, as zombie-like programed hoards roam the streets of America aimlessly:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are


  1. Screw it.A Socialist piece of crap just lied, cheated and shredded our Constitution and the laws that protect our nation from foreign influence to steal this election.The Socialist bastard child of father unknown showed his contempt of our nation by taking untraceable laundered conribution from God only knows the hidden sources whether hostile foreign nations or just hostile foreigner and we hear "Congrats" from the Repubs!
    His worshippers openly commit voter fraud and the Repubs say "Congrats"!
    He may well not even be a citizen for Christ sake and the Repubs say "Congrats"!
    He's promised to gut our military and the Repubs say "Congrats"!
    Screw the Repubs, time for a militant Conservative party that will raise mobs of angry Conservatives to counter the unhinged mobs of Liberals, Socialists, Anachists and plethera of other escapees from the Insane Asylum.Time for Conservatives to storm the doors of power and demand our votes be counted til we are hoarse.Time Conservatives played the same screwed up shout down game the lunatic leftists have dominated on the talk shows, "news" and public debate.

  2. Yeah, he makes Slick Willie and Tricky Dick look like rank amateurs.

    I'm convinced now that the whole Born Alive Infants Protection Act thing was a coldly calculated move to discredit his opponents by doing something so pointlessly hideous that his supporters would be literally unable to believe that it was true, thus discrediting any criticism.

    It worked. We went for it like Yogi Bear going for a picnic basket.


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