Thursday, November 06, 2008

BREAKING: The Neocon Express has Not Been Asked to Join the Obama Transition Team

President Elect Barack Obama has put together his transition team and many names are floating around as possible cabinet picks. Obama has promised a bi-partisan cabinet but for some strange reason I don't see my name of the list of prospects and my caller ID shows that the Obama folks haven't even phoned once; Oh the heartache.

Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages

Iran leader offers Obama landmark congratulations


  1. If these were compensated "employees" what about payroll deductions and workmen's comp? Just asking.

  2. The rules only apply to others... haven't you figured that out yet?

  3. Why would you expect the NeoCon Express to be asked to join the transition team? Have Neo Conservatives helped or voiced an intention to help institute any of Obama's policies, or support thereof?

  4. Oh my GOD!!! Anonymous thought this was a serious post. I apologize to anonymous, most regular readers of this blog know my sense of humor. Maybe I shouldn't take that for granted.

  5. Anonymous reflects the true intellectual prowess of libs in general.


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