Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sweden: Vile Anti-Semitisim is a Simple Matter of "Free Speech"

Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt announced that he cannot condemn a Swedish newspaper article that asserts that Israelis are stealing human organs. Such claims of course are reminiscent of the most primitive forms of anti-Semitisim from the middle ages.

When asked to condemn the content of the article, Sweden's Foreign Minister refused, and fell back on a "freedom of speech" defense. Of course, nobody claimed that the paper had no "right" to print vile anti-semitisim. The question was, what was the position of the Swedish government on such outrageous claims. Apparently their position is one of "neutrality".

Nobody is going to riot, nobody is going to burn down the Swedish Embassy.


  1. Can the paper be prosecuted under libel laws?

  2. Not so subtle differences: this is not an attack or mockery of Judaism, unlike the cartoon row you're referring to which was a point blank attack of Islam. In fact there are very few symbols as sacred to Judaism that mocking them could elicit riots and embassy burnings. Also consider that Israelis enjoy superior standards of living to nearly any Islamic nation, and you see there's very little reason for them to riot, even if they read this obscure Swedish article, and were it not for the blogosphere keeping it alive that would be all the more improbable.

    As to the content of the article, it's a well-known and ancient practice of combat to take souvenirs from the corpses of fallen enemies. Who else than Jews would try to turn a profit on that procedure...

  3. OMG! I encourage everyone to read the comment above by "Ben", as a colorful illustration of the sick mindset that some people have.


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