Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama in Ramadan greeting: U.S. unyielding in support for Palestine

Barack Hussein Obama used the occasion of Ramadan to reiterate his strong desire to "mend relations" between the United States and Muslim countries, an effort he began with his inauguration speech, followed by his Istanbul speech, followed by his famous bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, followed by his Cairo speech, followed by his visit to Saudi Arabia, etc...etc... In a never ending parade of Muslim suck-up by the President of the United States.

His latest brown-nosing came yesterday in celebration of Ramadan, where he took the occasion to express his "unyielding support for Palestine."

Meanwhile, thousands of "peaceful" Muslims celebrated the release of the Pan Am 103 bomber.

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There is only one thing more disgusting than the site of thousands cheering a man who murdered hundreds, and that is the British authorities who released him on "humanitarian grounds".

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  1. When the "hope and change" curtains are parted, you see the Muslim man Obama manipulating the levers and buttons of his idealogical administration. To all the American Jews who voted for this fraud, when will you ever learn?


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