Monday, May 25, 2009

World Falling Apart Under Obama's Nose

North Korea explodes a nuke, which will now spark an Asian nuclear arms race; A nuclear armed Pakistan is collapsing as we speak; Iran Is on the verge of producing nuclear weapons while calling for the destruction of another country, and today sent five warships into international waters. Nobody knows if North Korea or Pakistan have already transferred nukes to Iran, Syria or even Hezbollah. We know they were in the process of building a nuclear reactor in Syria. Sunni Arab nations fearing Iran are all shopping for their own nuke programs.

And what is Obama's priority? That Kindergartens should not be built for little Jewish children in certain areas. Obama plans to continue his Islam apology tour in Cairo next week. Stay tuned.

And of course, who can forget this lovely picture of the triumph of fantasy over reality:


  1. Judging Barack Hussein as a week President,
    N. Korea explodes a nuclear bomb and fires
    missiles, Pakistan is increasing it's nuclear
    stockpile, Iran is going full steam ahead to
    building it's own nukes and missiles to carry
    them, middle eastern countries are aspiring
    to have their own nukes, the muslims in general
    are emoboldened to have a Mullah in the White

  2. Ah now it begins, the eight year gap where you forget whose responsability all of this stuff was for nearly the last decade.

    What did Bush do about NK?

    What did Bush do about the Taliban that now threaten Pakistan?

    Oh right, he invaded Iraq, that was the plan that you were all in favor of right? So I guess that'd be why you're going to forget Bush and act as if it went Clinton to Obama just like your wingnut forefathers skip Regean-Bush and go from Carter to Clinton.

    Talk about fantasy vs. reality.


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