Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adm. Mike Mullen Gets It?

"I'm one who believes that Iran getting a nuclear weapon is calamitous for the region and for the world... the downside is absolutely disastrous."

Wow, finally someone at least close to the Obama administration gets it. While Obama is busy sucking up to the Mullahs of Iran (and anything Islamic) and his CIA chief claiming two days ago that destroying Iran's nukes would mean "big trouble", at least one sober person in the entire Obama administration seems to understand the deal. Hopefully he will have at least some influence on this pack of starry-eyed lefties.

1 comment:

  1. Hillary Clinton, during elections, gave fiery
    speeches that she would not let Iran have a
    nuke, and US would retaliate if Iran attacked
    Israel- but under President Obama Hussein, Hillary doesn't now utter even a word against Iran. Adm. Mike Mullen has warned that nuclear
    Iran would be a calamity- but President Hussein is unworried and is in no hurry to prevent Iran having nukes.


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