Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Morality Gap Between Palestinians and Israelis is as Wide as an Ocean

Below is a small example of the gigantic morality gap between Israel and its enemies. Palestinian Islamic terrorists who would not hesitate to murder children, were trapped in a collapsed arms smuggling tunnel between Gaza and Egypt. Their lives are saved by Israeli soldiers. I personally believe that such humanity shown by the Israeli soldiers who put themselves at risk is in some ways foolish, and that these terrorists should have been eliminated as a matter of simple justice. None the less, here you have it:


  1. I'm guessing these three will be killed on the battle field sometime in the future. Shortly after they are released by another Israeli act of compassion and goodwill.

    I'm with you, the Israeli soldiers should have just tossed a couple of grenades in the hole.

  2. To anonymous:
    Sorry, but I think your "I'm with you" is misplaced. Am I right, neoconexpress?

  3. It is misplaced... However, I struggle with this. On the one hand the morality of the IDF is a cherished standard that separates it from the evil of its enemies whose moral standards are non-existent. On the other hand, sometimes I am frustrated with standards that can seem sometimes naive, and are viewed as a sign of weakness by the enemy... emboldening them, and leading to even more violence that may have been deterred had a firmer hand been applied earlier.

  4. The IDF would like to appear "humane" by saving 3 individuals, who may have been smuggling food or medicines as well as weapons.
    But it does not flinch at killing hundreds, most of them civilians entraped in the gigantic prison that has been Gaza for the past 2 years!

  5. Yes, a prison of their own making. They could choose to live in peace, develop their economy, educate their children, clean their streets, engage in ligitimate trade and join the civilized world. Instead they support a radical Islamist terrorist organization, lob rockets into another country every day, worship suicide bombers then cry like babies when they are finaly hit back. Israel should pound these idiots until they understand that attacking others does not pay.

  6. Attacking other pays very well,every time they provoke a response from Israel the Europeans and US send millions that end up in the hand of those that provoked the "humanitarian crisis".

  7. -(simple justice)-

    Regarding the recent bombings in Gaza.
    Does justice ever come dropped from a F16's Air to Suface Bomb rack?
    I dont think justice can ever be acheived by this
    form of violence which kills some Violent actors but also kills the innocent unseen inside buildings.( this just stores up more hate which will erupt later)
    The few actors who are launching small rockets are criminals and should be arrested by Police that have hand Weapons for self-defence.
    This is not a noble or glorious form of action but just an easy get out for Israels current polity.

    Good to see that this blog doesnt censor peoples views that are not necessarely purely neo-conservative.

  8. Unfortunatly, there are not police to arrest those firing the rockets because those firing the rockets ARE the police. And they do so with the full support of the Hamas leadership who control Gaza.


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