Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Again! Israeli Hesitation and Confusion Sets In

The past 24 hours have brought multiple reports that the IDF is recommending to suspend military operations for 48 hours and during that time to review the number of possible ceasefire resolutions. Are you kidding me?

Those reports have now been followed by other reports that the IDF are denying having recommended any suspension of attacks.

This is beginning to smell like the last Lebanon war where objectives were publicly laid out and not achieved. Flying by the seat of their pants, ground forces were sent in and withdrawn multiple times. Complete confusion, a lack of a plan and a lack of resolve for a decisive victory were the mindset. Let's hope that Israel has a plan for victory, will execute that plan and achieve its objectives. The mixed messages are embarrassing and send the wrong message to the enemy and the world.

1 comment:

  1. Start a rumor about a nonexistant "lull" in operations and then splatter the bastards when they crawl out from under their rocks, Brilliant!
    Three thousand rockets/mortars fired by ham-ass during the six month "cease fire" deserves a no holds barred, anything goes response.


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