Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Attempted Pogrom In Antwerp, Belgium

Gee, I wonder who inspired their slogan?

Muslim rioters carrying Hamas flags attempted to assault the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp in Belgium today. Police sealed off the neighborhood and engaged in running battles with the rioters who caused much property damage.

Meanwhile, A group of men with Middle Eastern-looking features approached Israelis working at a mall in Denmark. A man in the group then brandished a weapon and fired at the Israelis wounding two.

Below is a classic image of a pro-Palestinian protester in New York. What is wrong with his "death to all Jews" sign? We are dealing with morons and moral retards:

The good news is that you can get your very own "death to all Juice" T-shirt here.

More "love" emanating from the Moonbat/Islamic coalition as San Francisco's Holocaust Memorial is Tagged With: "Israel, There Is Blood On Your Hands"

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