Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rep. Nadler (D-NY): Obama Didn't Have the Courage to Leave Reverend Wright for 20 Years because Leaving May Have Hurt His Political Career

Rep Nadler (D-NY), the liberal congressman from the upper west side of Manhattan, explains to a group of deeply concerned Jews at a Boca Raton Synagogue why Obama stayed in Reverend Wrights' church for 20 years; "mostly because Obama lacked the political courage to leave." Good Lord!!! Nadler is in Florida as an Obama surrogate speaker:

Of course, there are only two possibilities here: Either Obama stayed with the Reverend Wright for 20 years because he agreed with him, or as Rep. Nadler says, it's because he didn't want to damage his political career. I'm not sure which is a worse reflection on Nadler's candidate?
h/t: Atlas for the video.

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  1. John McCain had the courage to stay even though it meant he would be hurt, some contrast huh.
    I'm no McCain sycophant but cowardice over political future as opposed to bravery over probable death is a stunning comparison of moral conviction.


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