Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Name One Obama Accomplishment


  1. It's a symptom of a very serious problem with the guy. This is why "dyspeptic" bloggers like Pamela, Michelle, and Debbie are right to press the issue of his sympathies for Islam and his obliviousness to its imperial aims and conspiratorial methods.

    The best part is when the stupid white man says, He's a great oratator like Jesse Jackson.

  2. I'm not opposed to "dispeptic" bloggers exploring the backgrounds of Presidential candidates. But in the case of McCain, they're not exploring, their making silly stuff up about his heroic military service. It's especially galling coming from yapping bloggers who wouldn't have the slightest idea what a 'shot in anger' sounds like.

  3. (The previous comment was all re Obama.)

    Congrats on today's big victories.


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