Monday, February 04, 2008

Malkin, Atlas, etc... - Dyspepsia on the Right

Reading the hysterical reactions to John McCain by some of my fellow bloggers is truly entertaining. The rhetoric is so far over the top that it is by far a greater reflection on the character (or lack there of) of the bloggers themselves, than it is in any way on John McCain, a true America war hero. A few examples: Atlas Shrugs, carries the "shocking" news that McCain spent much of his prison time in Vietnam shacked up with prostitutes in a Hanoi apartment courtesy of the North Vietnamese Communist regime! Wow! Is there no shame? Seriously, what kind of person would peddle that stuff? Even the Enquirer is blushing. Malkin focuses in on how McCain keeps company with suspicious characters and wants to turn the Southwest of the United States into Mexifornia. Oh No!!! Bad, bad McCain!

This stuff is truly laughable! It reminds me of the Kos kids' hysteria about Joe Lieberman. It's the flipside...the exact mirror image of Kos. It's almost like you can't make this stuff up. Of course, there is a civilized way to promote Romney who seems a decent and good man, rather than engage in hysterical, personal character assassination and laughable smears about his opponent. I can't wait to see these folks campaigning for Hillary or promoting some whack-job third party candidate i.e. Ralph Nader, or a "conservative" version there of.

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  1. Joe: You seem to miss Malkin's point. She said McCain's outreach advistor is a Mexican flunky who is all for open borders with the US and Mexico. I don't know his position on open border to Mexico's south.
    I've seen Juan Hernandez on TV, he's very smooth, a real charmer.
    I'm a little struck, Joe, that you ignore this dude. And McCain picked THIS guy for his Mexican outreach program. Again, if we enforced border and voting laws, our politicians wouldn't have as much to fear about Mexicans voting in US elections.
    F. Garvin.


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