Thursday, December 06, 2007

Neocon Men of the Year...and losers of the Year:

Men of the Year:
Business: Sheldon Adelson:

Son of a Cab driver in Boston, now the third richest man in America. Philanthropist who gives to great causes. We also like the cut of his political jib. Unlike many other Vegas big-wigs, Adelson actually has a few principles that he believes in and acts on.

Education: Liviu Librescu:

Professor at Virginia Tech who blocked the door to his classroom with his own body so that all of his students could escape by jumping out the windows. Professor Librescu was the only person killed in his class as the gunman shot him through the door. A real hero who in death, taught his students the meaning of sacrifice and honor.

Military: General David Petraeus:

Hero of the Iraq war: Turned the war around by waging an effective counter-insurgency campaign, turning a failure into a widely recognized success story; Giving Democrats who are heavily invested in American defeat, serious heartburn.

Neocon Losers of the Year:

Ron Paul:
The pied-piper of neo-Nazi’s, 9/11 conspiracy nuts, anti-Semites, prostitutes, brothel owners, starry-eyed college kids and a wide assortment of other creeps who for some reason are attracted to him.

Dennis Kucinich:

Called the President “mentally ill”, and then announced that he has seen a UFO. Enough said.

Harry Reid:

Dreary, cold and inarticulate, unless he is trashing his own country; Described the Iraq war as “lost”….and by extension US troops as losers.

Nancy Palosi:Has brought congressional approval ratings to an all-time low; huddled with Syrian dictator Bashir Assad and claimed “the road to peace leads through Damascus.”


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