Sunday, December 09, 2007

NIE Report a Major Threat to The Bush Legacy

If President Bush follows the sentiments expressed in the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program, history will judge him the worst US President in modern times; worse than Jimmy Carter, worse than Bill far. His Legacy will be:
'The President that allowed the worlds leading terror-sponsoring nation to acquire nuclear-weapons.'
It will be written on his tombstone; he will not be able to hide behind the NIE as his excuse for non-action on this crucial matter. All other issues pale in comparison; By historic standards, even Iraq will be seen as a minor skirmish compared to the monumental implications. The entire 'War on Terror' will be seen as a farce if the worlds number-one terror-sponsoring state develops the technological ability to evaporate entire cities, as the President of the United States hid behind the skits of a few Washington bureaucrats who have never accurately estimated anything of such magnitude, to justify his inaction.

The Abandonment of the Jews
Tehran Times: NIE hampers moves against Iran
Iran: Report confirms peaceful nature of Iran's N-program

I don't make a habit of linking to the Huffington Post, but this piece is dead on: Stupid Intelligence


  1. Newsflash: Bush IS the worst president in history.

  2. Guess you're not familiar with Jimmy Carter.


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