Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Israel: the NIE Report is a Bunch of BS

Once again, the US steps all over it's own %$#!, shoots itself in the foot and delivers a victory for terror and nuclear-seeking fundamentalist crazies. Liberals and Ahmadinejad declare victory. What a train wreck. Even if every word were true (a highly doubtful supposition), its release is still an unprecedented blunder and is in itself a real threat to national security. So the people who couldn't predict a nuclear North Korea, a nuclear Pakistan, a nuclear India, the fall of the Berlin Wall...and just about every major historic event ever, are now the last word on Iran. They spend billions in taxpayers money and are more naive, and less reliable than my nine-year-old and his five dollar a week allowance. They're truly popping the champagne corks from Tehran to the DNC headquarters in Washington. One could only conclude that the intelligence community of the United State is a joke and a national embarrassment....unless of course, all of this is part of an elaborate deception before striking Iran's nuclear facilities. I doubt that, however, because past history is so incredibly incompetent that one finds it hard to believe that they would even be capable of such a move. How seriously can you take an organization that has Barbie Doll blonds (like Valarie Plame) in charge of counter-proliferation? These folks can't even keep a secret from the NY Times for Christ's sake. I have lost faith, I really have.

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