Friday, June 01, 2007

Their Ugliest Hour: UK Academic Boycott of Israel

God save the Queen: My image of todays UK

Mladen Andrijasevic of Israel speaks for many when he writes in a letter to the editor of Ha'aretz in response to the proposed UK academic boycott of Israel:
"The time has come for Americans to avoid traveling to Britain. It is an infected area - infected with anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism . Like a SARS epidemic it should be sealed off from the rest of the sane world, or what's left of it - the US,. Australia, Israel and perhaps India and Thailand. One could argue that contact is necessary to influence and explain to the ignorant and brainwashed. Arguments do not help. Logic does not help for it is a malaise of the mind that they suffer from. A hypnotic trance of nonsense pouring out of the country that was once the pinnacle of our civilization. How scary. How sobering."
Just as I am ending my personal boycott of France with the Sarkozy victory, it seems that I find myself on the verge of boycotting all things British. the UK truly has become a potent mixture of leftard ignorance and Muslim radicalism. A real intellectual sewer.
UK Boycott a blessing in disguise

An Evening with Christopher Hitchens: This is a must read exchange between Christopher Hitchens (a former Birt), David Horowitz and Peter Collier. really a fantastic read. It's long but well worth it. Thanks to David Horowitz for this stimulating exchange.

Poor Scam: John Edwards is hawking only himself.


  1. bit of an extreme picture but i suppose it strikes attention

  2. >I find myself on the verge of
    >boycotting all things British

    We won't miss you. Addios.


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