Saturday, June 02, 2007

Feds Arrest 3 in Alleged JFK Terror Plot

OK so the feds arrest 3 in this alleged JFK plot. The names of those arrested have not yet been revealed. Since profiling is out, would it be wrong if I guessed the names? Lets just say that I don't think the names will sound like Larry Finkelstein, John Smith or Ishakito Yakamoto.

Update: The names of sustpects have now been released: Abdul Kadir, Kareem Ibrahim, Russell Defreitas, Abdel Nur.

Fundamentalists in Gaza threaten to behead 'immodest' women
As Europe Self-Destructs

An Auschwitz survivor who recently was criticized for defending Israel became the first Hungarian to win the Nobel prize for literature. Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy told Imre Kertesz that because of him, “the citizens of Hungary can be proud to be Hungarians.” Meanwhile: UK academic boycott of Israel continues. Those high-quality, prestigious Saudi Universities are fine.

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  1. The ironic thing for Bush is that the more plots that are thwarted, the more liberals will say there is no War on Terror.

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