Monday, October 09, 2006

Bolton: An Attack on South Korea or Japan is an Attack on the USA

This article by Robert Kaplan in the Atlantic Monthly is an absolute must read to gain a solid grasp on the North Korean threat. It is long, but well worth the read:

"Korea may be the most dismal place in the world for U.S. troops to be deployed—worse, in some ways, than Iraq. While I traveled on the peninsula, numerous members of the combat-arms community, both air and infantry, told me that they would rather be in Iraq or Afghanistan than in Korea, which constitutes the worst of all military worlds... The threat from north of the DMZ is formidable. North Korea boasts 100,000 well-trained special-operations forces (and over a million troops just north of the DMZ) and one of the world’s largest biological and chemical arsenals. It has stockpiles of anthrax, cholera, and plague, as well as eight industrial facilities for producing chemical agents—any of which could be launched at Seoul by the army’s conventional artillery."

France and Its Muslims: In this leangthy article in 'Foreign Affairs,' Stephanie Giry makes the case that Muslim assimilation in Europe is going just dandy (with a few minor problems). Fortunatly, David Warren of the Ottawa Citizen delivers a sharp rebuttal, illustrating that long-winded articles like Giry's do not nessisarily reflect deep thought.

North Korea? SCORE ONE FOR BILL CLINTON and Jimmy Carter

Harry Reid today announced that the North Korean nuclear test is all Bush’s fault. Good lord Harry! Please scroll down and notice the photo of Madeline Albright, you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. Rusty crusty Harry Reid is, to paraphrase Churchill, an old town clerk looking up the wrong end of a municipal drainpipe. In the depths of his dusty soul there is nothing but abject surrender. As much a curse to this country in peace as he is now in war, a real merchant of discourtesy. A sheep in sheep’s clothing; a seemingly modest man who has a good deal to be modest about. In short, he has all of the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.

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