Sunday, October 08, 2006


In a somewhat predictable yet still stunning development…news that has absolutely nothing to do with Mark Folly sending e-mail to male Pages… it is reported that North Korea tested moments ago a nuclear weapon. If proven true, this will change the world as we know it, for the worse. South Korea and Japan will now feel compelled to counter this development with nuclear development of their own, expanding the nuclear club and the likely ultimate proliferation of nuclear bombs, as North Korea will now be in a position to sell the bomb to a third party, including possibly to terror groups. This is truly a frightening threshold that has been crossed. Not enough to wake up Liberals, but close to it.

Madam Albright paves the way for the North Korean Bomb


  1. That picture makes me want to barf.

    I don't know about everyone building bombs, but I know that Kimmy Kins was annoyed that he was being ignored. And wasn't somefocus back on him. The best we can pray for is that he suddenly developes a virulent disease and dies.

    Most important, is that we DO NOT let this go unpunished. And I mean, punished hard core.

  2. I'm going to pinch that pic for my post on this.


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