Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ralph Peters Vs. Robert Spenser

Two men that the Neocon Express has much respect for are currently engaged in a minor public tiff over strategy in dealing with the Islamic threat. Respected Military Historian Ralph Peters clearly believes that moderate Islam should be backed and encouraged as an alternative to radical Islam and that some “right-wing” forces are out do demonize ALL Muslims, thus jeopardizing our war on terror by undermining our most important potential allies within Islam. Robert Spenser of Jihad Watch answers Peters with a stinging right hook by refuting Peters’ assertions on a point by point basis. The Neocon tends to come down somewhere in between, with an edge for Spenser on this one. I am far more pessimistic than Peters about the ability of Moderates to prevail in what is an internal Muslim struggle largely beyond most Westerners ability to influence, but I agree with Peters that shrill anti-Islamic public sentiments can backfire with portions of the Muslim populations that may otherwise be inclined to support the struggle against the radicals. At the end of the day however, blame for not facing radicals in their midst falls primarily on Muslims, no matter how “offensive” some internet sites may be.

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