Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Conspiracy Nation

Jonah Goldberg of National Review knocks this one out of the ballpark. The entier article can be found at Real Clear Politics, but we give you a few juicy quotes:

"Haven't you heard? The U.S. government blew up the World Trade Center. Oh, sorry, that's not right. The planes did knock down those buildings, but the White House was in on it. Oh, no, sorry again, that's not what happened. It was the Jews. They razed it without leaving any fingerprints - save for the 4,000 Zionist co-conspirators who were tipped off in advance - in order to frame the peace-loving Muslims of al-Qaida. (Those crafty Hebrews are always coming up with clever ways to make Islamic fanatics look bad, like getting blown up.) Bin Laden's admission that he did it? Well, of course. He's in on it.

Stupidity isn't the right word for these dark imaginings, because some of these conspiracy theorists are very smart people. Nor is it fair to say they are all left-wingers. Indeed, two prominent 9/11 conspiracy theorists - Morgan Reynolds and Paul Craig Roberts - worked in Republican administrations and have strong conservative credentials.

"Conspiracy theorist" isn't quite right either. These are priests of the Church of Conspiracy, a heresy of Gnostic heresy which holds that man is the ruler of history, the demiurge of all events that befall us. Powerful and unseen forces lurk in the shadows. The conspiracy theorists know they're out there, even as the enemy's name changes almost daily: Big Oil, capitalists, Republicans, or perhaps those eternal pullers of mankind's puppet strings, the Jews.

This rough beast slouches toward sedition because it assumes not that our leaders are knaves or even mere criminals, but that they are murderous Supermen with no loyalty to nation, decency or law. Our Constitution is a fraud, a charade for the rubes some of us naively call citizens. If you disagree, you're either fool or "in on it."

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  1. I watched the 'Path to 9/11' here in Britain over the last few days. It was indeed a very well made drama. You are right that they reminded people at the beginning and end that it was based on real events with lots of artistic licence (and time compression). And I can't knock it for being one hell of a drama. Because it was gripping to watch. But, as much as we remind people that it is 'based' on real events, do viewers know which parts actually happened and which parts perhaps didn't? None of that was made clear. Is there anyway for the average viewer to find out? Most don't have the time. Would they even care to discover? I doubt it. Look at the wonderful movie Braveheart. Another example of a supposedly historical story riddled with historical and political innacuracies. It was so good, that even if they'd put a "This is based on events, with lots of artistic licence" nobody would care.

    Who knows what is real and fiction in a movie such as that or the 9/11 drama? With Braveheart, people didn't care because it was rousing. A heroic story of manly fight. Braveheart was referring to events a long time ago, but it still managed in itself to rouse ideas of Scottish independence, and political movement. Tremendous change happened with that movie, even though much of it was plain old 'made up'. It opened up old wounds, and made the hatred of Scots against English, considerable.

    The movie was honest in saying that Wallace invaded northern England and took York. But did it mention that he and his men slaughtered and burned inhabitants of every village on his approach to York? (the English version of events). That is the danger of drama dealing with important events such as 9/11. We can say - "Ah, its only a drama". But in our western world, there is less of a clear line between movie and real life. In the drama, we saw Muslims praying in the background in a kind of spooky demonic drone like something out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, when chanting "Allah Akbar". Muslims don't pray like that. Little details, but ones that can influence viewers a lot if they don't know different.

    Movies and drama are a large part of western culture. They can impact on our minds very much. Much of Path to 9/11 was true, based on what I know of events. Incidents like Ahmed Shah Massoud and his warning to the west that the Taliban was going to take the entire country, and his assasination, etc. Some parts were guess work, and loaded with frequent suggestions that "waiting" or "caring about laws" or "worrying about women and kids who may be killed in the vicinity if we've got the bad guy in our sights" is un-manly, fuzzy headed, and weak. Path to 9/11 was riddled with these suggestions. You could say the path to 9/11 was programming an entire nation to ignore international law and just "do it". - "Its only a drama!!"

  2. Goldberg hits homerun on this analysis of the conspiracy nuts: it is as much a cult as much as it is ideological.
    I visited Ground Zero on 9-11. It is an inspiring place to be. However, the conspiracy nuts there are loud and intrusive. Not one to shy away from this hate-America crowd, I engaged them in debate.
    The first thing you'll find from them is that their arguments are rooted in emotion, bordering on hysteria.
    I asked if they'd read the 911 Commission Report or Popular Mechanics exhaustive rebuttal to the Myths of 911. Not one had, but they were quick to call everything a lie. If their theories were factual, why not walk up the street to NY Times?
    And Bush, moron or sinister conspirator? They said he was both! One pleasant gentlemen invited me to visit his website for earth citizenship. I asked him how long he'd last shouting this silliness on the streets of Islamabad? He thought he could reason with them.
    I asked him, after seeing the video of United 175 hitting the tower, how he could deny evil Islamic hijackers did it? He said he'd after to think about it more.
    I asked another loudmouth, that if Bush did it, why would OBL take credit for it? Why would OBL NOT state that he conspired with Bush? I said he if OBL stated Bush conspired with him, I'd be first in line calling for Bush to stand trial for mass murder! They just looked at me, stunned, and finally, quite.

  3. OBL never officially did, plus his videos were faked. He has been dead for yrs. Look at it this way, Bush's numbers drop and low and behold, a new threat/tape/video surfaces!!

    Kinda makes ya wonder huh!

    Some videos, he has a gold ring on-forbiden in Islam!

    Glodberg is oddly talking about Gnostics, yet he is not a Christian, to my knowledge!!

    Furrther, those of us in 9/11 Truth Movement do not go to Bohemian Grove to perform Druid rituals in front of the Owl god Moloch-like Bush and Co. does!!

    How sad for you shill of the New World Order, you are losing ground nad support.

    Enjoy the ash heap!!

  4. To Mr. Chance, it is true that to the best of my knowladge, Goldberg is Jewish (I could be wrong), so what? Your pointing that out is an indication of where you are coming from. I am not a particularly religious person, but in this case I will quote a great Christian leader: "Everything that Christians have come from the Jewish people. The word of God: Every word in the Bible was written by Jewish hands. The Patriarchs; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Jewish. All the Prophets: Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Moses – all of them Jewish. The first family of Christianity; Mary, Joseph, Jesus – Jewish. The Disciples, the Apostles – Jewish. To quote Jesus: “Salvation is of the Jews.” The point is that if you take away the Jewish contribution to Christianity, there would be no Christianity, period." Somehow I suspect that you are coming from another place, hopefully I'm wrong.


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